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Impulse buy!!! Ponkan mandarin...I can't resist a cheap tree in need!

Laura LaRosa (7b)
February 9, 2019

I was visiting a local nursery and noticed that they had a few citrus trees left (they carry them often from RB farms, but the nice, big, grafted ones). This poor tree has seen better days, but is sprouting all over and is huge. It was $125 and I got it for $30! I do not have a ponkan, but have heard good things about it. Now I have to re-home two because I just can't get overstuffed any more with trees. Here are pics of "Lucky" as my daughter called her :)

Middle center - reaches almost to the ceiling fan. I snuck it in the house, but had to spill it to DH, although he is clueless enough that he may have not even noticed a new tree in the forest lol!

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  • persimmonbob

    Laura, that is buy, good for you, look healthy to me. If you have a stick available appreciate it emensly. Bob. Joe Real from an old citrus forum, very knowlegible has over 57 graft on one of his citrus tree. Make room.

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    You got it Bob! I guess I can do that also and just graft different varieties. The nursery has an even bigger one - an ortinique tangor - but I don’t need two more trees and would not have been able to carry it home. :). Yeah it’s really not in bad shape and the price was definitely right.

  • persimmonbob

    I know you can easily discard a half a dozen, I can,t give to nobody, I just notice that I have members in neighboring states that might be interested.

    Plain lucky to have you, you go, I go. Just get the other one to, don,t want you to be sorry, you hear!!

  • nulesm

    That's a specimen Laura congratulations!!! Just don't call it by Lucky he might not notice a tree in the forest but he might have a good memory for names. Ponkan is really good !!!!


  • evdesert

    That’s a really nice tree for $30 Laura. I can’t even get that variety in CA. Super jealous, yet happy for you at the same time!

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Thank you Brian and Evan! I had been eyeing that variety for a long time so it was fate!

  • dnedd1 zone7 LI NY

    Laura I'm like you. I would not be able to sleep comfortably if I would have left that there and at that price. Matter of fact I recently got 2 trees that size I did pay double your price but truthfully I would have paid full price because I was not going to leave them after I saw them.

  • Denise Becker

    Are all those trees citrus?

  • Amanda Tyner

    Wow she’s a beauty! I bet she starts pumping out fruit in no time!

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Dnedd, I am still bemoaning the ortanique and a few others....so sad and so cheap! I just can’t fit in more! Thanks Amanda! Yes Denise, all citrus of many varieties!

  • Denise Becker

    Well darn Laura, I was hoping there were other plants you could move out instead of the citrus. lol. Your room looks similar to my sunroom in that the pots are edge to edge. lol. Because of the amount of trees I have, I had to move a few smaller trees to other parts of the house. Until my trees have produced enough fruit to sample and critique, I won't cull any. I purchased trees based on description, those found in grocery stores, and comments of others. Once I can fairly determine which ones are good and worth the space, I will have to deal with what I have. I think from looking at the picture, you are in the same situation as I because some of your trees look fairly young.

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Exactly Denise! I think I’ve tried most of the fruit except for the kaffir lime and yuzu. I have three that I’m going to re-home - maybe four - to a great guy who also loves them and has lots of space. I have enough lemons, so the baboon lemon is going and maybe the Lisbon. I am also giving him the kaffir lime because the leaves of the Rangpur lime taste identical and I prefer the fruit. I may also give him a limequat, but I’m not sure. Keep in mind I also have quite a few in a sunny breakfast nook in my kitchen, four in my bedroom, and three in each of my kids’ rooms upstairs! Lol it’s crazy. There are a few that I’m really on the fence - for example the variegated eureka. I love the foliage, but I’m only about to harvest the second fruit, which although pretty, is just a basic lemon in flavor. My favorite are probably the oranges - cara cara and various bloods. My kids love the mandarins, and I cook with the sour oranges, lemons, and limes!

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    And the calamondins are invaluable. I love them and use them every day in my water!

  • jenny_in_se_pa

    LOL @ Laura! Addicted!!!!! :-D Nice find! I believe that the Ponkan is one of the parents of Dekopan (Shiranui).

  • Denise Becker

    Wow Laura. I thought all your plants were in the pictured room. No wonder you have to hide anything new from your hubby. My husband has been very understanding about my passion for citrus and I am very tolerant about his collecting tools in the garage which he never uses. At least my passion produces something to eat while his just collects dust. lol.

    How far away are you from GA? If you are on my route to visit my daughter in Raleigh NC, I may take a few off your hands. lol. I can squeeze another tree or two into my bird room. lol.

  • Jeff

    Laura, can I ask where you bought the tree? That's a pretty amazing deal!

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Jeff, it was in Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville. They had another ponkan and a huge ortanique. I mean huge...a very established tree with fruit. All are 75% off. Denise, I live perhaps a bit too far north for you in Annapolis, MD.

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Jenny, I did not know that, but can see the resemblance based on the photos I saw of the fruit. Thanks for the insight!

  • jenny_in_se_pa

    Denise - LOL LOL !!!!!! Fair is fair!!!! :-D

    Laura - I think a couple people here on GW have ponkans. I remember the thread last year where kvetch asked about the difference (good info) - https://www.gardenweb.com/discussions/5229538/flavor-taste-of-shiranui-vs-ponkan#n=4 and eventually got one from Stan per this - https://www.gardenweb.com/discussions/5336222/trees-from-stan-mckenzie-arrived#n=21

    ETA - there are also a couple posts about it in one of your older Kishu threads - https://www.gardenweb.com/discussions/4850719/my-first-kishu?n=27%C2%A0

    Since your tree is mature, I bet pruning it and getting it to fill back in quickly will not be as stressful as doing that on the young trees.

  • Denise Becker

    jenny_in_se_pa Hubby is planning to build a shed in the backyard this spring. Once some of the garden equipment (riding tractor, rototiler, cement mixer, camping equipment, my garden tools/pots) are moved into the shed. It will be interesting to see what happens after that. More tools? lol.

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Thanks Jenny! I’ll look at those threads again. Denise, here’s my other big citrus area... can anyone spot the budgie?? Lol. He loves to sit on the branches and blend in!

  • jenny_in_se_pa

    Denise - maybe he can build you a greenhouse and then that would justify him having "more tools". :-D :D :D

    Laura - cutie budgie. Great place for it to perch (and poop...lol).

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Yes Jenny! Also to chew...one of those branches is shredded. I am not cutting it off till they go outside because if I do, they’ll just find another one to destroy!

  • myermike_1micha

    Laura, you're crazy.LOL I would of done the same thing so I am just as bad. I have many orchids occupying space and now it s a tie for citrus as well. I wish the local greenhouse would put theirs on sale, but never.

    Is a Bungie the same as a parakeet? If so, Maybe I will give mines free range. I was thinking about that.lol Have a great day))

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Hey Mike! Yes, it’s the same thing basically.

  • Dave in NoVA • N. Virginia • zone 7A

    Laura, great purchase! Happy to hear about your discovery.

  • theniceguy

    I got a rescue ponkan for 5$ as well this spring! It gave me 3 really nice full sized fruit this winter. I’m going to take care of it for sure. I think you’ll really like it. It’s a good fruit.

  • Julian H

    That’s super cool what a come up!

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