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Need help decorating family room and eating area.

Kelly Dennis
February 9, 2019
The credenza & kitchen table are custom made so they need to stay. The room is so big & it feels like the wood needs to be broken up. I’ve ordered an area rug with muted multi colour for living space. I’m stuck with what to do about end tables. Is the little table on the right too much. Light fixtures brushed nickel with wood

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  • lupins4

    Nice room!

    A rug will be a nice addition to the family room. Unfortunately the rug under the table is too small. You need something that is big enough that your chairs are still on it when you pull them out.

    Those end tables are too small for the sectional/room. You need something with more weight to it. Also, look for a bigger TV stand.

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  • grapefruit1_ar

    End tables/lamps and a floor lamp will help add heft to the room and provide much more flattering light. I would look for different " art" over the fireplace, a real painting rather than a mass produced print. Then I would add curtains!

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  • celerygirl

    Credenza is too small for TV.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    kelly, while I understand about hand made items, your tv is too large for that console. a console should be larger than whatever is hung above it. the tv should be about 2/3rd's the size of the console.

    look at this one. this is the size you need for your tv

    can you move the console to another part of the room and hang some art over it?

    And your dining table rug is way too small. You could use a rectangle rug if it's better for you.

    let me show you a few examples of a room with the same corner fireplace set up that you have

    This is an Ikea unit. shows you how to do placement, and artwork around the console. you don't have to get something like this, just showing you about placement.

    Imagine if it was just the tv and the unit. no pictures, plants, chair etc, and how dull and out of place it would look. You have a large wall to work with, so keep that in mind.

    here's a good example of a sectional placement on a good size area rug, chandelier over the center of it, and matching chairs and sofa table.

    something like this unit, built on your wall would look fine. look into doing Ikea hacks.

    this would look great with these colors. you have the perfect wall for a unit like this. look at the furniture placement, light, tables, colors, etc.

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  • always1stepbehind

    Can you switch the sofa table and console...even if it's just to try for length under the tv.

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  • groveraxle

    You need a much larger media console to ground the TV. It will also help the room feel more complete. If you're going to use red for an accent color, commit to it. Don't throw in a random gray or brown.

  • Hansen
    Another vote for switching the credenza with the other table and getting larger end tables. Love your art.
  • groveraxle

    Teal would be another great accent color for your yellow sofa. Your ottoman looked way too crowded so I exchanged it for a smaller wood coffee table.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    yes. perfect rug for the dining set

  • groveraxle

    Gold and teal rug, gold roman shades:

  • ctlane

    Have you tried rotating the sectional as in Beth's examples. They seem to acknowledge the fireplace whereas your sectional has its back to the fireplace.

  • Peppapoodle

    I think turning the sectional would look great! It appears that you have a floor outlet, where you could add 2chairs w table & lamp. Or even a tasteful recliner/table &clamp. You need some lamps so you don't have to use overhead lights. Try switching the open console under your tv-add small bench/ottoman if you need to hide the wires. This could also be pulled out for extra seating. Maybe the current tv console could go under painting on the back wall-with a lamp!! :)

  • loobab

    You are fortunate to have a large room!

    As for the side table next to the sectional, it's not too much if you need it.

    If someone often sits there, they do need a place to put there drink and/or a snack. Maybe you need the table for a lamp, too.

    The one you have there now may a bit small, it looks like just the box of tissues takes up the whole table.

    Before you purchase a new one, why not wait until your area rug comes so you can get a good idea of what type of end table will suit?

  • Joy Peace
  • PRO
    Manhattan Home Design

    Hey, Kelly! You're doing a great job with your family room. Consider incorporating a floor lamp for some additional overhead lighting and to offer a warmer and cozier look. We're here to help you!

  • l pinkmountain

    Beth H as usual your inspiration photos are great! So helpful to the MANY posters who have that angled fireplace issue. I have it in my house, so I get how it seems tricky! So happy though that because of it, I don't have to have my TV over or right next to and competing with my fireplace on the same flat wall!!

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