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Sh-S’s daylilies 2019

sherrygirl zone5 N il
February 9, 2019
last modified: February 9, 2019

We are finishing the S daylilies today. Today’s thought: When someone doesn’t like something, it’s often because they’re not familiar with it, or toooo familiar with it.

South Sea Serenade, a great shade of pink, holds up well all day.

Stell D’Oro, yes I still have one. This one stays because it blooms well mixed in with my hosta.

Soft Hearted Mother, I love the triple edge on this one.

Stephanie Returns, a great performing small bloomer.

Sunday Gloves is a great plant. The blooms look as good at dusk as they do at 8 am And it’s in full day sun.

Storm Shelter was added last season. I really like it, the color is hard to describe and different than anything I have. I have a few S daylilies I didn’t photograph and a few that haven’t bloomed yet. I have to do a better with the photos this coming season.


Comments (34)

  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Sherry: I always like South Sea Serenade and although white is my least favorite daylily color, there's something about your picture of Sunday Gloves that is most appealing. The name also takes me back to my youth when all we kids would put on our best white cotton gloves for Sunday church. I wanted a pair of them a few years back for some project or the other, and much to my dismay I couldn't find any that looked like what I remembered. My how times have changed........My contribution to the S's are:

    Sour Puss:

    Stroke of Brilliance: One of my backbone golden yellows. Dependable, colorfast/sunfast:

    Sweetest Name I Know: A new to me Emmerich daylily that astounded me when it looked like this at 5PM after a day where our temperature had climbed to 107 degrees. It did get PM shade from about 3 PM onwards, but still pretty amazing for a northern bred daylily AND I love the color:

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
  • celeste

    Maryl, I like Sour Puss!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Here are some of my Sh-S's that I grow here in no particular order

    Swiss Mint

    Stumbling Stone

    Smoke Scream

    South Seas


    Starman's Quest

    Swimming with Sharks ( poly)

    Simmering Elephants

    Susan Weber

    Sunset Fire

    Sugar Plum Jam

    Substantial Evidence

    Strutter's Ball

    Strawberry Fields forever .

    More in next post .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Strawberry Candy

    Stolen Moment in Time

    Stephanie Grappelli

    Stella ( of course ) I like this cheery little yellow ....a clump sits on either side of the walk way at the bottom of the side steps of the porch .


    Springfield Clan

    and another shot of Springfield Clan . This one is such a lovely true red

    Spock's Ears

    Spiritual Corridor doing something more than just poly'ing

    Spirit Zone

    Spider Imposter


    Smokey Mountain Autumn

    Small Carbon Footprint .

    I have a few more images but these are only a few of the Si to S's I grow. Seems every one names their daylilies starting with S.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Maryl, I’m a Sour Puss fan also! Signet, Sugar Plum Jam caught my eye today, love the color and shape.


  • signet_gw(6b)


    Stu's Old Pink Spider


    Stargate Angel

    Snake in the Grass Boo

    Soldier's Memorial

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  • shive

    Storm Shelter always grabs me, and so does Sour Puss.

    Stealth Bomber

    Stenciled Infusion

    Small World Snow Owl

    Sweet Prairie Wind


    Summer Celebration

    So Irresistible - one of the few clean blooms on this. It's usually splotchy.

    Sweet Child of Mine


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  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Debra, So Irresistible is a beauty, what a shame it is frequently splotchy.


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Signet: Starman's Quest is quite striking. Also, I too grew Stephane Grappelli. I wondered who it was named for and turns out he is a famous violinist. It was a pretty deep purple with a white edge, but it didn't really take to the high heat here like so many other purples, so I found it a new home. I bet it's beautiful in your climate...........Debra: Stenciled Infusion is luscious, and although I don't care for the red/gold eyed combinations that much, the form and mass of blooms on Summer Celebration is marvelous and I'd be happy to have it in my garden were there room.........Thanks for the comments on Sour Puss everyone. It's a beauty in person with those large blooms. However, it seems only to bloom every other year. Still I keep it in my ever shrinking inventory because it is such a winner when it does bloom...................Maryl

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    Sherry, what a lovely picture of Stella mixed with your hostas!

    Small World Fire in the Hole is one of the brightest in the garden.

    Snidely Whiplash is a grows well.

    This will be the third summer for Something in My Teeth. It seems to be a little slow to get established and I hope it "leaps" this summer.

    Sonoran Desert Rose is a very hardy, tall, vigorous late bloomer with a high bud count.

    I love the delicate coloring of St. Louie Blues.

    More to come . . .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    This picture makes Stabia's color look richer than it really is, but it is a nice daylily.

    Stop the Car was Bob's pick.

    Sun Panda is a nice daylily from Canada.

    Sweet Dixie is from Georgia, as you might imagine. It seems a little tender here.

    More to come . . .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    For some reason my last photo won't load. It was Sweet Potato Yum.

    So that's all for me.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • celeste

    You all have shown some great ones! For some reason, many of my most favorite daylilies are in this part of the 'S's.


    A favorite so it requires two photos....

    SOUTH SEAS, an oldie but goodie that I will always grow

    SMUGGLER'S FIRE, a great garden plant

    SKY OVER SCHUYLER. Love the form on this one

    SMOKY MOUNTAIN AUTUMN... that color!

    SWEDISH GIRL, nice and tall with good substance

    SPIRIT OF THE DOVE, another favorite.

    I have a lot in this category so more to follow!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • celeste

    I will try Part II again.....Houzz is giving me a headache tonight! Hopefully this set doesn't disappear.

    SMILING LADIES....this was a HUGE bloom.....9 inches!

    Usually it measures around 8 inches when it recurves like this....










    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • celeste


    SUN TEMPLE SPIRIT. late blooming

    STARGATE PORTAL, I will always love this one. It began my obsession with purples.


    SUZY CREAM CHEESE, very late blooming

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • celeste

    That last set got weird. I had that huge gap that I got once before so I had to stop. I think I fixed it but now I'm wondering how this attempt will go.

    SPIRIT FOX.....orange is my least favorite daylily color but this one won me over. It is a real performer in my garden and the color is like a beacon.





    SUNAPEE SUNSET, never seems to stop blooming




    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked celeste
  • daylilybedmaker

    Herea are the ones that I growL

    SKYHOOKS: An older Hanson. Large and tall.

    SWIMMING WITH SHARKS: This is a wonderful plant out of FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN. It is a blooming machine.

    SULTRY SPANISH EYES: This is a front of the border plant.

    SMALL WORLD LOONIE TUNES: Nice little bloom out of GEORGE JETS ON.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    SMALL WORLD BRIAN: I had this one on the list to leave the garden if it did not inprove in its performance. It must have heard me, as this past summer it was spectacular. It is rather tall.

    SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME: A very nice polychrome from Klehm.

    SOLAR MUSIC: This is an outstanding plant. Increases well and is loaded with buds.

    SOME SWEET DAY: This one has been slow to get established.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    SOMETHING DIFFERENT: It is a reverse bitone.

    SONNY JAY: This Bennett intro is new to my garden. I am anxoious to see it this year.

    SOUTH SEA ENCHANTMENT: I nice pink that Mr. Bennett used quite a bit in his hybridizing.



    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    SPRITUAL HORIZONS: Many blooms and proliferations. A good grower

    SPLENDID TOUCH: A very tailored bloom.

    STAR OF FANTASY: First year blooming for me.

    STARGATE PORTAL: Nice bloom. This was taken in the pm (6:30) after a hot day. It does better with partial shade.

    STARMAN'S QUEST as a poly. A wonderful grower and blooms over a long period of time. I had a huge clump and divided it this past fall. It also has great branching.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • daylilybedmaker

    STARTLING CREATION: It is startling when it first blooms. Very tall.

    STARTLE: Giving a strong bitone look.

    SUBLIMINAL CALLIGRAPHY: An older Hanson. It is an intersting mix of colors. It is a strong perfomer.

    SUPER MODEL: Dive this one some room. Makes huge fans and increases well.

    SWEDISH GIRL: This is a great old one.

    That is it for me.

    David (Zone 5)

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked daylilybedmaker
  • AaronK79

    So Many Stars

    South Seas

    Spell Fire

    Stardust Lady

    Stardust Lady - showing more of the eye

    Strawberry Candy

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked AaronK79
  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Wow so many beauties starting with South Sea Serenade and continuing all the way through!

    Stella D'oro. Sherry yours really does compliment your Hosta(s).

    Stella Stars

    Stella Stars is a much paler yellow than SD.

    Strawberry Candy

    I did not bother to post Summer Wine as the pic was terrible.

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada
  • lilykate7a

    So many pretty S lilies. It is indeed a popular letter for names. I have many as well but these two are on my phone. I have promised myself to be better organized this season although I do give myself a pass with all my family issues requiring months of caregiving.

    Sweetest Name I Know-as Maryl said, it is pretty sun fast. This is in a bed with not only full sun but full Western sun and beside a heat absorbing brick wall.

    This is on rebloom for Sunday River. I had 3 rebloom seasons with it. It did not stop until frost.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked lilykate7a
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Kate, Sunday River is spectacular, I can only dream about rebloom like that!


  • signet_gw(6b)

    Lilykate , both of those are just lovely! I had not heard of either one so now I have to go look them up and hope that they are at least SEV's cuz I sure would love them in my gardens . EV's dont seem to do well at all here . I do have a few but have lost more than I care to count . Conditions here are quite severe weather wise with extended droughts in the summer and fall ....drying winds ALL the time from the farmer's open fields ....summer and winter ....little to no snow cover and lots of rain in the winter that then freezes when the polar vortex hits ........it is tough being a daylily here and couple that with the extremely heavy blue clay ........and I am always astonished that anything grows around here .

    The next trick is to find them in Canada .........fingers crossed .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • signet_gw(6b)

    Well after viewing all the beauties you have all shared I have decided I need to dig yet another garden ......sheesh.......so many beauties so littel time .

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked signet_gw(6b)
  • tarheelgirl_7b

    So many beauties in this group!

    Here are the ones in my garden:








    Will post more in the next comment...


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked tarheelgirl_7b
  • tarheelgirl_7b


    SNOW CRYSTAL - reblooms well



    STEAMROLLER - strong rebloomer


    Thanks for looking!


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked tarheelgirl_7b
  • lilykate7a

    Lori, I have Strikingly Dramatic and Stunningly Different in my garden but they have never displayed the pretty patterns in your pictures. Strikingly Dramatic has also been extremely slow to multiply. i would like to see them look like yours!!


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked lilykate7a
  • Brad KY 6b

    Lots of beautiful blooms. I'll comment on a few, but not the ones I have and am posting; you'll know I like the. Sherry: South Seas Serenade; Marly & Kate, Seetest Name I Know; Signet-Sugar Plum Jam; Nancy & Bob, Stop the Car, Stabia; David- South Seas Enchantment; Celeste-Swallow Tale Kite, & Spirit of the Dove [which has been on my list since the first time you posted it], and Lori, Stunningly Different.

    Smiling Ladies, mine is often quite huge too.

    Smoky Mt. Autumn, a real favorite. Love the mix of so many nice colors, great form & bright.

    So Lovely

    South Seas

    Sovereign Queen. Very pretty but often too short and not enough buds. It is on final notice!

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • Brad KY 6b

    Spider Miracle. Took many years to find the right spot for it. It has done well for the past 2 years in its current spot.

    Spiritual Corridor

    Spoken In Parables

    Stealth Bomber

    Strawberry Candy

    One more set after this...

    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b
  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Brad, my fav is Smokey Mt Autumn. I remember it from your previous posts, I love colors too.


  • Brad KY 6b

    Strutter's Ball

    Sugar Magnolia. Tall and large, the way I like them!

    Sun King

    Swirling Waters

    That's all for me. I'm a bit behind, T's sometime later or tomorrow.


    sherrygirl zone5 N il thanked Brad KY 6b

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