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Tub faucet repair

Shuber Wah
February 9, 2019

Any tricks to getting this faucet apart?

The copper (I think) pipe which the spout fits on has this plastic threaded piece on the end. I don't know where this came from. The inside of the spout look intact.

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  • kudzu9

    What are you trying to accomplish here? What is the needed repair?

  • klem1

    kudz don't you routinely take your faucets apart when you change air filters and clean the gutters?

  • Shuber Wah

    I have a seal kit to put in this faucet, I can't get the thing apart. The outer ring won't turn. I took the spout off to check out.

  • ci_lantro

    You need to get the repair kit that includes a special wrench/ tool. It's a u-shaped thing with a couple of little dogs on the end that engages the two slots on the outer diameter of the plastic part where the stem is located.

    Delta repair kit

  • Mule Meat

    Easy now... You must remove the larger chrome ring before the "guts" can be removed.. Looking at the ring. It should turn counter-clockwise to remove and may take a pair of channel locks to remove. The brass slotted ring can only be removed once the chrome ring is off.

    The plastic piece in the tube spout can not be removed. The larger white piece can. But not the part that screws into the metal threaded part of the spout.

    When I run into an old shower valve that has started giving someone problems. I find it much easier and much less hassle to just replace the entire valve.

    One I ran into last week at work..

    What I found behind the access panel.

    What it looked like once finished.

    I have three or four of those type of shower valves in my scrap bucket. I will dig one out tomorrow if possible and photograph one being taken apart..

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