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Vinyl Planks for floors and stairs

February 10, 2019
last modified: February 10, 2019

Hi. We are planning on putting down floors on our stairs, master bedroom and the upstairs hallway and a bedroom. High traffic areas and an aging loved one means we need to be smart about spills and other things. Plus we still have two messy boys at home.

We were thinking about Luxury Vinyl planks. All the flooring people we have called said this is the new way to go. From an impression/ value perspective what are the thoughts about this? And if We go this route should we also use it on the stairs? Thanks

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  • PRO

    Vinyl is not wood. Wood adds value. Vinyl does not, and detracts in value if the home is at a certain price or above. Yes, there is high quality vinyl. It's more expensive than medium priced wood. It's still plastic and not wood.

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  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    Who are the flooring people? Thats really strange since only wood will add value to your home.

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  • 3pinktrees

    We live on a hobby farm with 6 active kids. We put vinyl plank in much of our house and it’s been wonderful.

    While I love hardwood, I find vinyl to be a great fit for this stage of our lives.

    I’m assuming that if the flooring pros are suggesting vinyl plank then it’s appropriate for your market and price point. I think you’ll be very pleased with it as long as you pick a quality brand.

  • Bryan Williams

    I put vinyl plank in my home office and plan on doing it in my new home. It is extremely durable, waterproof, and has look of real wood. I agree it is not wood but in my opinion that’s a good thing. The very expensive wood floors I currently have will dent and scratch easily. Just my opinion.

  • cpartist

    What is the price point of the house? If it's a high end house than no vinyl is not the way to go. However if it's a mid priced house then yes, LVT will work. I will say that I have a friend with a high end home on the water who went with LVT and who said to me if they had it to do over, they'd go with engineered wood. My friend said some of the tile are already peeling up and are not wearing as well as expected and this was a high end LVT.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    So the quality of the vinyl is of course important I have it in my walk out basement and would not trade it for anything. Dogs in and out of a dog run, kids in and out of a pool can’t think of anything I would like better. What is your flooring on the main floor becasue if it is real wood I would not mix the two . Where you are putting the flooring it makes sense to use the same as the main floor as for mess you would clean it up immediately no matter what the flooring is.

  • tgsuleiman
    Thanks for the replies so far. We’re in the 500k range in FL. Main areas of the home is tile.
  • lhmarmot

    Put vinyl planks in our new construction - yes, high end with kids and dog. Had engineered wood floors in the last house, "real" in the one before that. LOVE the LVP, so durable and easy to live with - don't want to be a "slave" to fussy floors again. Stairs were a challenge - the trim pieces available in Canada were ugly. They go over the nosing and look like those used in a warehouse or big box store or they were aluminum painted to look like the vinyl planks. However, I know what my aluminum water bottle that has painted wood grain looks like after a few years and certainly did not want to have our trim pieces looking like that. Had to source nosing profile from Germany - as Europe and Australia are way ahead of us in the use of LV planks and tiles. Super happy with the outcome.

  • PRO

    I've never heard of LVT used for stairs!

  • robin0919

    IMO.....they are trying to make a sell. Put money in their pockets!. Get several quotes!!

  • T G
    For a FL home, vinyl seems like a good idea.
  • PRO
    Creative Visual Concepts, Kevin Strader

    We put LVP in our basement after a frozen pipe incident. We're very happy with it. They do make LVP stair treads and risers. I've never seen them in use so I can't answer to the look.

  • Cyndy

    cpartist - what brand did they use, so I can avoid?

  • Suki Kabuki

    We put Coretec Pro Plus in our new house, including stairs, and it is terrific. People think it is wood.

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  • cpartist

    Thanks for the replies so far. We’re in the 500k range in FL. Main areas of the home is tile.

    That means nothing. $500 k in my neighborhood will buy you a shack that needs to be redone. However go 10 miles out and $500 k will get you a mansion in a nice gated community. And yes I live in Fl.

  • cpartist

    I've never heard of LVT used for stairs!

    My friend put it on their stairs.

  • cpartist

    cpartist - what brand did they use, so I can avoid?

    Not sure but it was a high end brand.

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