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should there be caulk ? are these cracks normal?

February 10, 2019
We are ready to use our new shower but I noticed there are cracks along the bottom.

Also, Should there be caulk or something else along the bottom. It also looks like there might be come grout missing.

Are these things we need to rectify?
Or is shower ok to use ?

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  • PRO

    All changes of plane should be caulked. The corner doesn't have a big enough expansion gap for caulk. It's grouted by a second grader. The bigger issue is what is underneath that mess. Post pictures of the shower construction process.

  • Susie .
    Yes, it should be caulked where the wall meets the floor. Hope it looks better underneath.
  • dabjg
    Me too !!!
    I will look at some of the photos I took.
  • kudzu9

    "...and was it done right" means, in particular, what waterproofing system was installed for the pan and the walls?

  • Mr. Memes

    @Kudzu9 yes.

  • Corrector

    "these are stones placed in a mortar bed"

    More bad advice.

    As others have stated these flat cut rock do indeed get grouted and

    All changes of plane require an 1/8" sealant filled joint. This means corners and floor to wall PER tile industry standards as set by TCNA/ANSI.

  • PRO

    Corrector is correct. Again.

  • dabjg
    I am sure it was grouted. They used the grout I provided. The color of it may just look like it’s mortar.

    I wanted to know if this was indeed not complete before I get in touch with contractor. Looks like the answer is no.

    Thank you
  • dabjg
    I contacted the contractor and his response:
    “we will handle, very typical once everything dries thoroughly. “
    I questioned him about caulk and he responded
    “No steps missed .Expansion and contraction must occur once dried so touchup like this can be performed “

    Will a PRO please chime in again?
    Is this typical?
  • Mrs. S

    dabjg, did you take photos during the installation? The pros want to see them. Because with missing an obvious step like caulking between the floor and the wall, they presume things about your contractor, and the quality of work. The lack of caulk may be the least of your concerns.

  • Corrector

    "No steps missed .Expansion and contraction must occur once dried so touchup like this can be performed “

    Absolutely NOT true.

  • dabjg
    I wish i would have taken more.

    There was some type of plastic liner underneath what they poured for the shower floor. I will have to verify with my husband and then post.
  • dabjg
    Is this what you mean by expansion joints? I noticed caulking in the comers on another bathroom we have. This is from a bathroom upstairs- built by Lennar Homes/Village Builders 18 years ago
  • Corrector

    You have bigger issues here with visible hardie board that is now sitting in a mud bed and going to be a serious wicking issue. Seams are not taped/thinset.

    Very novice errors and not suprising based on your other issues.

    You dont have A professional tiler on your project im afraid. likely more errors we cant see, Simply put, in the Pro tile world its already A full tearout.

  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    The pic that you posted with the caulk join is what it is supposed to look like. Your job, well, it is a good example of what it’s not supposed to look like.

    The corner caulk isn’t the only error, as Corrector has stated. He is correct in that the job has multiple issues that can not be “fixed” without starting over.

  • worthy


    Both Redgard and Hardie come with simple instructions on how to properly apply. And the TCNA handbook costs a whopping $35. But I guess readin' n writin' isn't a trade requirement lately.

  • Mule Meat

    Ask your "professional" if the shower was Flood Tested before the stone was installed..

    If he/she looks at you funny. Be prepared to do some major overhaul work in a short period of time.

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