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Red fragrant roses for arid zone 5 high altitude intense sunlight

February 10, 2019

So I'm in zone 7 but am slowly going to be adding roses to my garden at a vacation place in zone 5 very high altitude where it's not hot but the altitude makes the sunlight intense and wind and altitude suck all moisture out of th e air. I've been planning on old garden roses thinking they are best built for these conditions and I have endless space so I am free to grow huge shrubs. My husband does love his red fragrant roses though so I'm hoping to add some for him but they have to be be winter hardy to zone 5 at least and handle the arid climate with very bright sun that I think could fade color quickly...although again it's not super hot there so heat isn't the issue . Any ideas?

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  • vaporvac

    I can't personally help you, but would suggest you give Matt a call at High Country Roses and see what he suggests. Denver is exacty the situation you describe. Where is this Z5 place?

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  • pat_bamaz7

    I grow Illusion, Rhode Island Red and Dame de Couer which would all fit your fragrant, non-fading red in full sunlight criteria. HMF shows all three of those as hardy in Zone 5, but I wouldn't know on that or the arid heat part...ours is a very humid heat. Vaporvac's suggestion of checking with High Country is an excellent idea.

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  • vaporvac

    Northland is another, but I know it's VERY dry in the Arvada area where HCR is located.

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  • Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA


    Why don't you talk to Mark Chamblee of Chamblee's Nursery, Tyler, Texas? He sells a drop dead beautiful red HT, Dame de Coeur, which is an older HT, which is remarkably heat resistant. It's worth giving this rose a try. I have it, and it is making tracks, great expectations.

    Also, ask Mark for other recommendations. 903-882-5153; 800-256-7673.


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  • pippacovalent

    Thank you all!!

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