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Makeup. At what point are you a sucker?

February 10, 2019

I wanted a new lipstick so I wandered into Blue Mercury forsome help choosing a color. They led me over (like a lamb to slaughter) to a counter where a woman was doing colors, etc. She suggested a color. I tried it and liked. Then she said Do you need some blush? I did so she suggested a color which she pronounced La Vye In Rose. Okey dokey. I stifled a laugh and said I’ll take that, too. I know Blue Mercury carries high end lines so I knew this was going to cost a bit but I kind of choked when the two items rang up at $70. I always rationalize makeup purchases because they last a long time. This, however, was over the top. Here’s what I got for my $70. Back to Clinique for me. This brand is Surratt.

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  • Funkyart

    I wear primarily chanel cosmetics so the price didn't shock me (lip color + blush at Chanel isn't a whole lot more than you spent-- but a bit more). I too am a sucker for new products and suggestions though-- so I typically shop in spurts. I reorder my staples when needed but I go to the counter go once or twice a year when I *need* or deserve a splurge.

    I like Clinique blush but not many of their other products. Oh, I also use their men's cream shave!

    ETA I really like the multi-tone blushes-- yours is a very pretty color range

  • dedtired

    The blush looks multi toned since the plastic container is closed. Inside is about 1.5 square inches, 1/8 inch deep of plain blush. I’m sorry but it didn’t cost more than $1 to manufacture that. I forget what I paid for a Clinique blush but there is ten times the amount in the container.

  • eld6161

    It's the quality. I use mine up and don't toss after a certain time frame either.

    I have learned to not be talked into too much. Once, in Bloomingdales, after everything was rung, I asked to remove two of the items that I really didn't need.

    I’m sorry but it didn’t cost more than $1 to manufacture that. Here's the thing, you are paying for the "unique" formula that someone had to research and manufacture. Where was this sourced? From my DD, who is involved in sustainable, organic, fair trade production, I can see how cost can climb dramatically.

    That said, I am sure you will look stunning! Enjoy :)

  • DLM2000-GW

    I'm not a sucker for expensive make up at all. I mostly use drugstore makeup brands and a few items that are a bit more expensive. It's just not where I want to put my money if I don't see or feel a significant difference and I don't.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    No sucker here either. But don't feel too bad, upselling is what the salespeople are trained & expected to do and it works!

    These days, it's not so hard to find good quality cosmetics for reasonable prices. I'm always on the lookout for sales too.

    I stick to the 'natural' types and am very careful to read ingredients, so it's easy for me to pass up a lot of popular high end brands - especially if they do not reveal their ingredients.

    I also take advantage of Sephora's deals and freebies, since I have their free Beauty Insider card. I haven't spent more than $16 on lipsticks in the past couple of years and have a number of nice makeup items I got for nothing.

    The Sephora freebies are also just the right amount, in just right colors, so they get used up before they go bad.

    Perhaps I'm good at resisting sales pressure because I was once a salesperson in a department store, working on commission. My dad was a consummate salesman as well and taught me a lot.

  • Feathers11

    I was the ultimate sucker early in my career when I worked around other young women. As I've gotten older, I've learned it's more about application techniques than the products themselves.

  • Fun2BHere

    Two years ago, I decided that it was time to update my make-up. I had been wearing the same look for most of my adult life. I'm more in the slap-it-on-in-5-minutes-camp rather than the perfect-your-face camp, so I don't shop for cosmetics regularly. I just pop in to buy refills of my standards. However, I let the make-up ladies give me a makeover and choose whatever products they wanted. An hour later, my wallet was screaming in agony as the register totaled...gulp...$625! Two years later, I still haven't needed any refills so I guess it isn't so terrible if you average it out, but at the moment of purchase, I thought I had gone insane.

  • Sheeisback

    I used to spend more on makeup (and had too large of a supply) but many drugstore products work well for me so it feels like a waste of money anymore. I wear makeup every day unless I'm really sick. I find I most often have to purchase mascara and eye liner on a pretty regular basis so I can't see spending a lot on either of those ever. I do use some high end items but mainly for special occasions. Eventually I may end up buying more expensive foundation and concealer on a regular basis. Hoping I don't ever find the need to.

    One product I keep buying on repeat is MAC lip pencil in Whirl. I have for years. It looks like the color of my lips and it works with any color lipstick/stain/tinted balm, even reds. I put the lip color on, then line, then slightly overlap the color onto the pencil line and I don't end up with weird lip line as the color fades. I don't like to fill in my lips with liners. I wear this daily.

  • always1stepbehind

    Unless the new one looks much better than Clinique...take it back. I have dept. store blush and drugstore blush but neither stands out from the another...One of those being Clinique and yes, they do last forever. Even drugstore make up you can return so I don't mind trying it out.

  • Bunny

    I try not to be a sucker when it comes to makeup. My general go-to is Clinique which is more than drugstore, but reasonable. If I can't find a color I like at Clinique, I'll consider something else. In fact, I'll pay a much higher price if I feel it is the perfect shade for me. That's money well spent.

  • arkansas girl

    I've never even heard of that brand before and I watch a lot of youtube makeup girls (gurus). My latest favorite makeup is the CC cream that they carry at Dollar Tree. One dollar and it's perfect for my skin and a perfect color match! It was a recommendation from a lady on youtube so I figured I only had a dollar to lose and I'm happy I tried it.

  • IdaClaire

    Dedtired, can't you return the products for a refund?

    I was a sucker years ago and let a pushy Mary Kay saleswoman talk me into buying a bunch of stuff I didn't really even want. I would imagine many of us have felt suckered at least once or twice (or more) by the beauty industry!

  • sas95

    I used to work for a drugstore cosmetics company. Sometimes there is a huge difference between drugstore and high end. Sometimes there is a small difference. Sometimes there is no difference except packaging. I use a mixture of both. I find that for the most part, the higher end color cosmetics come in nicer colors. Plus there is the help you get at the store, which I sort of consider as part of the price.

  • dedtired

    I’m sure I could return them. I’m not crazy about the color of the blush. I doubt I will, though. I’ll keep them as a reminder not to get fleeced again. Honestly , if I really loved them I’d probably buy them again. I have some Trish McEvoy products I like, and they were pricey, too. I just can’t see what makes these products worth the money, research or no research.

  • arkansas girl

    I just read a couple reviews at Makeup Alley and the two people that reviewed the blush said they loved it. Said it was expensive but would probably last forever since you don't need a lot. It's been my experience with blush, that I can use a blush forever and you can barely even tell that it's been used.

  • czarinalex

    Back in the 80's, I worked for a sister company to Lancome. The Bloomingdales nearby had a Lancome spa and they gave us a 25% discount on services and products. I treated myself to my first ever facial. (I was about 24 or 25 years old). The esthetician lined up a bunch of facial products for me to use. It came to almost $300. with the discount applied! I made very little money at the time and I almost didn't say anything. I couldn't do it though, just paid for the facial and left in a hurry. I was so embarrassed that I never went back.

  • Joaniepoanie

    I like trying new things (and do get suckered) but after all these years, like DLM, I really can't tell the difference between drugstore and department store. "They" say if you are going to splurge on high end, splurge on foundation, so I usually use a department store brand for special occasions and drugstore for everyday. But it's not like I'm getting compliments when I wear the high end brands so maybe I'll just stick with "high end drugstore"....haha.

  • tartanmeup

    Ooo la la! Surratt is Troy Surratt, a well-respected makeup artist in the fashion industry. You're mainly paying for the name and the development required with a niche brand.

    Just before Christmas, I splurged on lipsticks from a makeup artist. I don't even wear lipstick but I adore this woman I've never even met and figured if she's launching a lipstick, I need to have it. Had to pay import duties too. All in all, an embarrassing splurge and a lesson learnt. You're not alone, dedtired. :) Enjoy the makeup. I'm sure it feels and looks wonderful on you!

  • 3katz4me

    I'm not. I used to use mostly Clinique products but have gradually gravitated to the drugstore brands.

  • catticusmockingbird

    I've purchased a couple expensive items (Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown) based on positive reviews here. Was disappointed both times.

  • jmck_nc

    I do not wear makeup. But, I decided I should try to learn how to apply it so that I can try to look more professional (job search after many years) and also since my son is getting married in October. I know that people look much better in photos if not real life with skillfully applied makeup. I went to Sephora and spent $150+ on basics. The next week I brought it all back, recognizing that I'm just not a makeup person and I'll pay someone to do my makeup for the wedding. I just don't have the interest. I do religiously follow a skincare routine and my skin looks pretty good for my age. I wear glasses so you can't really see my eyes or eyebrows anyway ;). I figure I'm not gonna change at this point, so back went the stuff I knew I would never use.

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    No sucker here usually. All I ever wear anyway is a spot of eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick.

    I did, however, buy lipstick as a result of a Mary Kay facial and I think it's the best I've ever had. I like the color, so I bought 2. An unheard of luxury for me at about $20 per.

  • Fun2BHere

    I forgot to say in my earlier post that I've gotten lots of compliments on the new look. People ask me if I've had work done or say I look well-rested. I guess the splurge was worth it.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    For me being a sucker with makeup is having a drawer full of products. So long as you use what you have, the cost amortizes out pretty well in my experience. I buy much more expensive makeup than some of my friends, but all of my makeup fits into one tiny bag.

  • aprilneverends

    I dunno. The thing is I don't enjoy buying some stuff, or rather, shopping for it. Like bras-hate all this process..found a model that I like and buy it when I need it in black and nude. Zero desire to try smth else. Same with cosmetics. I usually find something( should be good ..and if cream should be fragrance free and whatnot, because I become more allergic with years) and stick to it. Until time comes to replenish-and then I'd buy same exact thing if I was pleased. Some things I never seem to run out..like blush..I have two and I bet one of them is there for more than 10 years..I know should be thrown out probably, but I still use it, so..

    If I develop allergy or they discontinue a product-then I get irritated because I need to find smth new. And I don't like the process.

    Some things I stopped using with age but used them every day when younger. Say eyeliner and lipstick. And powder. Too harsh a look already. I use only eye shadows, and this..hygienic stuff for lips, so won't be dry)) I've a lip gloss for occasions, but I usually get all of these as freebies. Lip glosses, small mascaras..(mascaras, I do use)

    I use same foundation for years(one is for winter, one for summer)..both by Lancome..same concealer..Lancome, again..makeup remover on the other hand should be Aveeno and Neutrogena..I can try more mascaras by different brands, that's 'cause I want some very subtle for everyday, some, waterprooof etc..Maybe I haven't found the one I'm all crazy about.

    Eyeshadows, I stick to Urban Decay lately. I understood having right brushes is important thing. I'm pretty good at applying makeup, I do it very fast too-years of practice lol. I don't change the look until I need to (say I became 40 instead of twenty)) , I can go bolder once in a while, because occassion or something. But overall I'm leaning much more subdued than when I was younger. When I was younger I was very anxious to always have makeup on. Even when taking out the trash:) which is only half-joke..

    I never ever do facials because my skin is very sensitive. I don't like others touching my face. Actually I don't like cosmetic counters at all. I minimize my time there as much as possible. Mostly I buy online because I already know what I need. Then they send me all these freebies (I try to buy during promotions) and I give them to my DD or they just sit there or I stick them in my purse because they are small-it's convenient to have a lip gloss and a small mascara etc. wherever you go, but if I really know I'll need it, vacation and all-yes, what I use, it all fits in one cosmetic bag,

    So..I guess I need cosmetics, certain products, I do use it, when I buy it it'd be pretty expensive, but I won't buy it often, not because I'm so savvy, but because I don't enjoy this. Try this, try that..then I'll end up with some allergy..nah.

  • arkansas girl

    I've always been very INTO cosmetics and hair products. What I've found for myself is that I am usually quite disappointed when I splurge and buy expensive and find it to be none better than drug store stuff. I've grown out of being INTO cosmetics etc though as I've gotten older. I used to watch the youtube beauty gurus and run and buy something they suggested and then didn't like it any better than what I already have. I have tried so many high end hair products and am always let down. I finally tried some Matrix Biolage conditioner and I do really like it, it actually works for my very fine and fragile hair. As for the shampoo, I've found nothing that I like any better than the Suave shampoo that costs less than $2 for a big bottle of it! It does not dry my hair, gets the build-up off and leaves my hair feeling clean but not stripped. I have wasted so much money on hair conditioners that don't even detangle my hair and then a half used bottle just sits there wasting away in the cabinet.

  • arcy_gw

    This reminds me of the commercial for some make up brand that makes the statement at some point you don't have to care anymore. Mary Kay is the most expensive make up I have ever purchased. It will remain so. Sometime in my 30s I quit eye shadow/lip stick/foundation. No one seemed to notice.

  • salonva

    I am and have been a 3 minute slap on makeup lady forever. I have, over the years, tried high end splurge=y and drugstore brands. I honestly find very few of the $$ brands to be any better as far as quality. I think there are a few that work better for me, but most of the time it's really a question of color.

    I use almost exclusively- drugstore brands. I adore Cover Girl Outlast lipstick ($8). I have been using it for so long and amazingly, they haven't even discontinued my favorite color (although I do try out other shades, 626 Canyon is the bomb).

    I do think Lancome sometimes is a bit better than most.

    Someone on here mentioned Jordana eye pencils and they are superb (at Walgreen's).

    When I have been tempted to ask in the store for suggestions they always suggest too many (and of course too pricey) products. Maybe I should just try it out but the thought of spending so much really would bother me. so I guess you got away cheap Ded!:)

  • DLM2000-GW

    arkansas girl you can use that leftover hair conditioner to shave your legs. I buy cheapo conditioner for that purpose. Of course it lasts forever because you need so little but at least you can start getting something out of the products that don't work for your hair.

  • Funkyart

    I agree with Rita.. I do purchase higher end cosmetics.. and while I am drawn to trying new products, I don't have a huge stockpile and I use pretty much all that I buy. I am pretty clear on the colors and finishes I like. The items I haven't been using as often are eye pencils-- and in fact, since all the issues with my eyes, I haven't been wearing any of them. I don't blame that on the product. (I am not wearing ANY eye makeup now post surgery-- but I will go back to everything but the pencils in a month or two)

  • Springroz

    I was always a Trish McEvoy girl....I had a lady at Neiman’s that would call me when they were doing specials, or the artists from Trish were going to be there. She retired, and then We moved, and I didn’t even wear foundation for a year or so. The horses didn’t have an opinion on whether I needed it or not....

    Then, 3 years ago or so, I discovered Lemongrass Spa mineral make up. it doesn’t turn my phone funky like liquid did, I can go out in the heat, blot perspiration off my face, and not lose any! It feels like nothing. Their eye cream was the first time ANY eye cream had not burned my eyes. Since they ALL previously had, no matter how expensive (Darphin was the worst) I thought it was just my normal.

  • Sueb20

    Several years ago (close to 10 years now) I won a $500 gift card to Bloomingdales and decided to use it for something indulgent — so I spent almost the whole thing on makeup. I have to admit, I felt quite fancy — I think it was the first time I ever actually sat in the chair and had my face “done” at the cosmetics counter. I did a similar thing (no gift card) at the Chanel counter a couple of years ago but the only product I really loved that I bought was the lip color (the one with the color on one end and the gloss at the other — still love it as it’s the only thing that stays put on my lips, but I wish they’d made more colors that work for me).

    I do think it’s worth a splurge if the products really make a difference for you. Or heck, if they just make you feel a little special. :-)

  • cyn427

    I hardly ever wear any make-up-relic of the 60s hippie natural thing I guess. I do splurge on my creams, cleansers, etc. which I have used since the early 70s after studying in France, although I changed brands two years ago (still French products though). Hard to find a sunscreen I like though.

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