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Bathtub or not 3/2 home, deciding to get rid of bathtub or not

February 10, 2019
Trying to decide if we should get rid of the bathtub and make it a shower instead?

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  • K Laurence

    Is there a tub in other bath?

  • nikol090381
    no, the other one is a shower.
  • erinsean

    We did this .. took out tub and have a shower...other bath has a shower also. Have never regretted it...We will be aging in place so this works for us.

  • mark1993

    I feel it’s important to have one bathtub. If not for resale, then for either young children or if someone has an injury.

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Not enough info. (As someone said in another thread, this is like asking “What should I name my baby?” without any other info.)

    Who lives in your house, how long you plan to stay there, how large the bathrooms are, whether anyone has mobility issues or even enjoys taking baths, what is common in your area and more are all important factors to consider.

  • nikol090381
    The house is a 3/2 two adults and a teen currently live in the house. I'm thinking to start doing some remodeling and sale it in a few years from now. I just started looking at ideas and talking to contractors...although I think using a plumber and an electrician might be much easier.
  • Suki Kabuki

    If you are going to sell in a few years, you should keep one tub in the house, especially if it is a home that might appeal to young families.

  • Jennifer Svensson

    Keep a tub.

  • Helen

    There are numerous threads on this if you do a search.

    Honestly, the consensus is there is no consensus.

    People say you need it for resale but the universe of people who would prefer a great walk in shower is probably as large if not larger as those who would prefer a mediocre shower/tub combination.

    There is a really small period of time when children take baths in my experience. Most kids prefer showers after a certain age and infants can actually be safely bathed in a rubber tub in a large walk in shower.

    Do what makes sense for your family now because you are living in it.

    I just remodeled and got rid of the tub/shower combination so I have two showers and no tub. I am not worried that someone down the road might reject my place because it doesn't have a tub because I am enjoying it as long as I live there and I am reasonably certain that the universe of potential buyers will contain buyers who prefer a great shower.

    There is a lid for every pot. Conventional wisdom in my condo is that you convert the office area to a bedroom to increase value. A recent remodeler not only ignored conventional wisdom (as did I to preserve the sense of space and open views) but also made one wall of the only remaining bedroom glass - which is a bridge too far in my opinion :-). However the unit sold quickly for a record price per square foot.

  • senab

    I always say if the walk in shower is large enough you can put in a inflatable tub for the kiddies when they want bath time.

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