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kitchen help, please :-)

February 10, 2019
Hi there!
I’m desperate for more counter space as I cook everyday. We redid our kitchen 5 years ago and I love it. The only problem is I need more counter space. Our kids are old enough to use counter height stools without me worrying so much about them falling off.
I’m thinking about something like the picture (L shaped) I’m attaching but open to ideas. I’m willing to take out the sliding glass door and replace it with a single glass door so the counter can run up to the wall, if need be. Also, thinking if putting in a second small sink but I’m not sure my kitchen is to small to do this. Would it look odd? For reference, the kitchen is 10’ x 15’ 4”
Would love to hear you thoughts and or suggestions! Thank you ;-)

Comments (9)

  • PRO

    Why is the table blocking that doorway? If you don't use it, consider closing it off with a continuation of that wall - it would allow you to expand your kitchen!

    To lighten up this room, consider Glacier White Corian countertops. They are bullet proof with anyone and will look nice and clean and brighten up the room.

  • stacy_pon
    Hello! Thanks for your feedback—the table is in the doorway because I pushed it out of the way in order to take the pics. Usually it’s right under the light fixture. What are your thoughts on adding an island at the end?
  • winstonshannon
    Yes yes yes to single door! You will love your kitchen! you could place open shelfing...or floating shelf one the wall. It seems like kitchen is not really finished you can add cabinets under counter which would really feel better.
  • Punkydoodle007
    I think it would look very nice to add that island up to the wall as you described. Just be sure there will be plenty of space to walk behind the stools when they are pulled out and being used. You want to keep a clear path to the single door you put in. However, it might be easier and less expensive to close up that entryway if you don't need it and expand your counters and cupboards that way.
  • Punkydoodle007
    In addition, you could probably add a breakfast bar on that side too if you wanted.
  • Pam A

    You seem to have room for the swing of a single door, and you DO need more counter space. Could you consider a movable island/cart type thing that you park where the "missing" sliding door is? My reason for suggesting it is that you might struggle to match the current cabinet finish and a separate island would be something you don't expect to match.

    Gorgeous light fixture, BTW.

  • stacy_pon
    Great suggestions! Unfortunately, I have to have at least a single door in the kitchen because it’s the only door that would lead out to the backyard and deck. Good point of mentioning the space needed behind bar stools and the swing of the door, I hadn’t thought of that. As far as matching the island to the cabinets, we had the kitchen redone 5 years ago and the materials used are still available. I was also entertaining the idea of perhaps having the island a coordinating color like I’ve seen in pics.
  • kim k
    I think you’ll find if you can move your stove farther down that wall you’ll have more prep space since most of us spend our time prepping in the area between sink and stove, regardless of how much extra counter space there is in the kitchen (unless it’s across from the sink or stove). If you can draw up a measured floor plan with the current door and doorways we can better help you figure out if you have the space to fit a peninsula with seating.
  • mark_rachel

    I would consider closing the doorway that leads to the dining room & pushing your fridge down & extending your countertop down.

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