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On the subject of make-up ...

Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real
February 10, 2019
last modified: February 10, 2019

This month's Elle Decor features the Two Faced (hip makeup brand bought by Estee Lauder for a billion+) founders' house in SoCal. It's decorated by Mary McDonald and embraces color in a big way. I kinda like it; not to live there like it, but enjoy looking at it.


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  • whatsayyou18

    FYI, Joni Webb recently had a blog post featuring a couple of their homes: https://cotedetexas.blogspot.com/search?q=too+faced

    Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real thanked whatsayyou18
  • dedtired

    The house that makeup bought. That tells a story in itself. I like the master bedroom a lot, but that blue in the study is too much for me. Then we switch from mega- color to black and white. Odd.

    Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real thanked dedtired
  • ilikefriday

    I could really relax in a place like that. It makes me feel right at home. Well, right at home minus the several million dollar difference in price between their home and mine. I love it.

    OK maybe not right a home because my home is not opulent and is much more lived in but I could definitely get cozy there.

    Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real thanked ilikefriday
  • tartanmeup

    I love it. The exuberant colour, the lavish materials. Yup, I could get used to it. :P I don't recall ever seeing any of Mary McDonald's work that I didn't enjoy.

    Now reading Cote de Texas' blog about J&J and it confirmed my hazy recollection that Too Faced does the infamous Better than Sex mascara. Except it isn't. Better than Sex, I mean. It flakes. Another overhyped beauty product. A billion + $ just for that ONE company. Can you imagine how much all the companies owned by Lauder and L'Oréal must rake in, combined?!?!??

    Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real thanked tartanmeup
  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I love the brightness and the energy of the place. It's a bit too glam for me to live in. It's refreshing and energizing to see a house with so much personality, for sure.

    tartanmeup, Forbes estimated, Liliane Bettencourt's fortune (L'Oreal's heiress) at $44B when she died in 2017. She and her daughter fought bitterly over control of that money for many years with the daughter claiming the mother was not sound enough to control that large a fortune, and was being fleeced by trusted members of her entourage. It was a very sad spectacle.

    The Lauder family's worth is estimated at $17.9B by Forbes. The Lauders control 87 percent of the stock in their family's company.

    Make-up, skin care, fragrances, hair dye, I can imagine the profit margins are quite high and the customers keep coming back. Men are also becoming beauty counter customers, Then you add Botox and all the pharma beauty products into the mix, and boy howdy is looking good a big market. You can buy a lot of Herve Van Der Straeten chandeliers and lacquered walls for those bucks.

  • IdaClaire

    I think much of the house is completely fabulous, but I have a strong visceral reaction to the hot pink touches. They make me physically wince, and I'm not one who is color averse.

    Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real thanked IdaClaire
  • Fun2BHere

    I want the lot that the house is built on, but you can keep the house and its contents. I have no desire for a showplace, however beautiful, where you cannot sit on the chairs.

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