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Could I get some constructive criticism on my living room design?

February 10, 2019

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  • Sam

    Hi there! Could I get some constructive criticism on my living room design? I really like the rug combo but unsure if I can make it work with my current couch color. I'm looking for feedback and suggestions/improvements before I pull the trigger to buy, Thanks!!

    EDIT: Just to clarify, I only own the couch, everything else in the picture except floor color and wall color can be changed. :)

  • Lucille

    All of it together looks like a random assortment of colors.

    Sam thanked Lucille
  • Sam

    okay, thank you for your comment. Would you think it would be better to do a different rug or pillows or both?

  • grapefruit1_ar

    Is the couch the tan/brown color? I think that they gray walls are throwing this off. There are too many colors to make it work as shown. Can you show an actual pic of the sofa in the room?

  • cawaps

    I agree it would benefit from a tighter color palette. Something like this:

    I replaced the gray wall with BM Manchester Tan to work better with the warm colors in the sofa and rugs, and replaced the tropical leaf pillow with an orange pillow to work better with the rug. The tropical leaves weren't working well with the other elements in either color or style.

  • sableincal

    Cawaps's replacement of gray with light tan/beige is an instantly great improvement! It pulls the other colors together and produces a warm, pretty atmosphere.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Most of it goes well, but the green leaf pillow. Stick with the beige/browns and use the light blue and red as accents and be sure to sprinkle those colors throughout the room in thinks such as lamps, artwork, etc. It will be fine.

  • Sam
    Wow it does look a lot better with the tan walls!!! Regretfully, it’s a rental so the walls have to stay Grey. :(

    Do you think there is anything we can do to work with the grey w/o us having to buy Grey accessories/furniture? Here is a pic of the couch we have (bonus: dog)
  • Sam
    Here is also a picture of the living room we are working with. It had to be redone because our house was damaged in hurricane Florence.

    This is the view when you are looking from the kitchen.
  • pennydesign

    You have a lovely house...It's a bit sad that homeowners (your landlord) are under the false impression that gray is the color to paint without taking into account the other colors in the room.

    Of course people here can help you make it work together, but not without bringing in a bit of gray to make the walls look like a deliberate choice.

    You could add color in the rug, too.

    So, start with the rug..then add your preferred color with accessories...

  • Yayagal

    I like this last rug Pennydesign posted. I think that would do the trick.

  • Joy Peace
  • cawaps

    In the photo of your room, the wall color looks much warmer than the gray in your sample board, and doesn't look so terrible with the sofa. It's definitely something you can work with.

  • PRO
    Open House Home Staging & Redesign, LLC

    I actually think your initial idea looked great. I like the pop of fresh green in the pillow, and it appears to echo a color in the carpet.

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