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flooring 3 1/4 hard wood versus 6 inch engineered wood floor

February 11, 2019

size of wood flooring....3 1/4 hard wood versus 6 inch engineered wood floor

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  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    What is the question? 6" will be more popular when it comes time to sell the house. We will need more details to help you further.

  • carmellasaber

    I'm sorry for not being clear. We are in the process of building a brand new townhouse and torn between the timeless look of hardwood 3 1/4 inch planks as opposed to 6-7 inch engineered wood look that may be a trend and not as timeless?

  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    In many older parts of the country there are plank floors over 100 years old. If you go to Europe they are even older. I would focus on a product that can be refinished again in the future so you can change the color of the stain if you like. Here is a helpful article on how to pick a quality engineered floor <- link

  • SJ McCarthy

    When it comes to "trends" vs. "timelessness" you want to look at your personal timeline for selling. Are you planning to sell in the next 5-7 years? If so, go with the trend and ignore your own tastes. If you sell in a few years then you are not buying/constructing the home for yourself. You are creating it for the NEXT buyer.

    If you are in it for the long haul (7+ years) then you put in the floor that makes YOU happy and that makes YOU smile and that makes YOU feel better about your choices. If you want flooring that can be "extended" into other areas for a later remodel (like in 10 years time) then work with the 3" product. It will be around for a long, long, long time. Wide planks are trending HEAVILY right now. They come and go.

    And if you are in there for 10+ years, you will want to have the option of refinishing so that when it comes time to sell, you can update your floors for $5/sf instead of having to pay someone to rip out and replace the floors ($10+ per square foot for a job like that).

  • PRO
    Johnson Flooring Co Inc

    Do you want a background floor that provides a nice backdrop for your furnishings and decoration or do you want a floor that draws more attention? I'm more a fan of the former so I prefer the 3-1/4" solid.

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