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Not a rose, but can you help?

Rekha A
February 11, 2019

My camellia blooms are damaged, I posted on the camellia and tx forum, but have not gotten any response yet. Trying here as I would like to try to save some of the blooms at least. Thanks a lot!

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  • kingcobbtx7b

    You said you posted in the Texas forum, so I am assuming you are in Texas. That would appear to me to be freeze damage to the blooms.

    Camelias are cold hardy and all that, but if there is moisture in the petals and you get hit with a hard freeze like we just had it will damage the blooms.

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  • Rekha A

    Thank you, I live in the Houston area, we did not have any freeze this year. It is puzzling, I have a couple of other plants nearby, different variety, and they seem fine

  • kingcobbtx7b

    hmm if it isn't freeze damage: It can also occur from a light frost or even large amounts of moisture, I am thinking moisture may be the issue but here are some other possibilities.

    Botrytis (Grey Mould)
    This is one of the most common airborne fungal diseases affecting camellias. It causes premature aging of blooms and brown spots especially in the centre of flowers. To confirm the presence of botrytis turn the affected flower over and look for grey hairlike growths around the base of the flower. Botrytis may also result in pink circles on the front of the flower as in roses. Botrytis is a seasonal event commencing around late April with sasanqua flowering and continuing throughout the entire season. Cool, moist and very still conditions favour botrytis and, infrequently, these are constant enough to make this disease a big problem for home gardeners. Keeping potted plants spaced and maintaining affected bushes trimmed to allow better air circulation make it unlikely problems will occur. If chemical control is required most rose fungicides such as Triforine or Mancozeb contain agents to combat Botrytis.

    Weather Damage

    Frost is more likely to damage the flowers resulting in browning off and shrivelling. Although rainfall can also cause this affect, frost damage can be more pronouced. Lighter coloured cultivars are particularly suseptible to frost and weather damage and should be sited in a more easterly aspect and not facing towards prevailing, wet or frosty weather directions.

    Drought: Severe drought conditions and all the stresses related to them such as, inadequate watering, heat stress can result in the underperformance of your camellias. This can equate to some levels of defoliation and poor flower-set or qualtity. However, established camellias have proved themselves to be extremely drought tolerant

    Here is a website for you: https://easttexasgardening.tamu.edu/camellias/

    An outside possiblity is camelia petal blight, but I would still lean more towards wet or frost damage. But I am just trying to help you eliminate possibilities. Even if ya'll didn't freeze, depending on where the plant is located it could have been damaged. I had an Esperanza plant freeze when I lived in Galveston and my neighbor's plant right behind me was completely fine.


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  • Amanda Zone10Socal

    They look sort of like the rose buds do when they’ve been munched when the buds were small, could it be that?

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  • Rekha A

    it does looked chewed out, but not sure what is doing the chewing

  • SoFL Rose z10

    Do thrips attack Camilla’s? Cuz that looks like thrips damage to me.

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