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Women's shoulder-pads???

February 11, 2019

Are shoulder-pads coming back?? In today's email from SAKS, it sure looks like padded shoulders to me!

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  • Faron79

    And here it is. Why can't a pic be inserted in an initial post????

  • msmeow

    Faron, I don't know about shoulder pads, but I bet you'll look great in that leopard print! LOLOLOL.


  • skibby (zone 4 Vermont)

    I disagree. I don't think either of those would do anything for you Faron. Keep looking. :)

  • Faron79

    OMG!!! Too funny!

    It was actually a serious question, believe it or not! I try to stay somewhat "Literate" on many subjects. I view myself as somewhat of a "Renaissance-Man"!


  • PRO
    Lars/J. Robert Scott

    I've seen them on Monae, but they made her look like Michael Jackson from the 1980s, and I rather doubt that this will become a trend, at least off the stage, but I could be wrong.

  • 3katz4me

    I hope so. I'm still saving some ancient clothes I loved that have shoulder pads, high waists and pleats. Just couldn't part with them and thinking just maybe I'll live long enough that the look will come around again in my lifetime.

  • lyfia

    3katz4me - high waists are back so you're halfway there.

  • cawaps

    I would not be at all surprised if they are coming back. They've been out for almost 30 years and the fashion industry does go in cycles. There's a lot of 80s/90s nostalgia right now. They got a bit extreme at their peak, but in their milder forms they weren't THAT terrible a trend.

    Next up, big perms and mullets.

  • aok27502

    I was flipping through some pictures from the Grammys, and thought the same thing. Meghan Trainor had huge shoulders. I'm not posting the picture here because she also had a LOT of cleavage.

  • tartanmeup

    Bring 'em back, I still need them. :)

  • girlnamedgalez8a

    I am with you tartanmeup, Oh I also heard that BIG hair is coming back.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Memphis style is coming back in home furnishings, so shoulder pads make sense. Speaking as someone with naturally big hair, hooray!

  • IdaClaire

    Bring em back! My hair is ready!

    Sorry ... laid up on the heating pad with a bad back and obviously I've got too much time on my hands.

  • tartanmeup

    If ever frizz becomes fashionable, can someone shoot a memo? :P Rita, what's the correlation between Memphis style and shoulder pads?

    Too funny, IdaClaire! lol I need that shirt too. :)

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    tartanmeup (love that name!) Here is an example of Memphis style:

    The Inspiration

    Here is Memphis style in full swing; the quirky look combines super-saturated colors with kitschy prints. Read on to see the current, muted interpretation of this trend.

    -From House & Home

    This piece about Memphis has great pictures and is really well done.


    From Wiki:

    On December 1, 1980, Ettore Sottsass organised a meeting with designers, and in 1981 formed a design collaborative named Memphis. The name was taken after the Bob Dylan song "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" which had been played repeatedly throughout the evening's meeting. They drew inspiration from such movements as Art Deco and Pop Art, including styles such as the 1950s Kitsch and futuristic themes.

    The group produced and exhibited furniture and design objects, annually from 1981 until 1988. The result was a highly acclaimed debut at the 1981 Salone del Mobile of Milan, the world's most prestigious furniture fair.[citation


  • tartanmeup

    I see. :) Well, I love bright colours but that particular style is not for me. I don't even recall ever coming across it before. Thanks for the info, Rita.

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    I kind of liked the bright colors and color blocking, but my hair does not do big. It just doesn't. I lived in Texas during big hair, and even big hair was bigger in Texas lol.

  • Springroz

    heidi was wearing shoulder pads and (what looked like from the kitchen) mutton sleeves at the Grammys.... my shoulders are broad enough without them!!,

  • lovemrmewey

    Done well and in the appropriate styles, they actually flattered ones' appearance, I thought. But I did remove many, also. But big hair - oh, I'm ready!

  • l pinkmountain

    Would not be the first time I found myself rolling on the floor laughing at a style coming back. Some women can benefit from shoulder pads, but they were way overdone and I didn't much care for that look. Typical of American consumer culture taking a good thing and beating it to death.

  • Faron79

    I'm reminded now of a hilarious Will&Grace episode, where Karen convinced a female "friend" to have her shoulders done! Something about.....it was "the year of the shoulder"!!! God it was funny!



  • rosesstink

    I adored the big shoulder pads. 1) I was thin at the time and boy did those clothes look good on me and 2) They reminded me of Kate Hepburn and 1940s glam. I remember being asked, right at the tail end of the shoulder pad craze, by a couple of female coworkers what I did with the pads that came in clothing. "Wear them!" They thought I was nuts.

    Big hair? Absolutely not.

  • pennydesign

    The only thing I can say I kept that has shoulder pads was my Burberry trench coat....Am NOT about to donate that to goodwill....

    I do wonder if a tailor could remove them and if it would still look okay.

    I'm in Texas...Big hair is still here. TONS of hairspray. Also the ponytail through the baseball cap thing.

    And yes, you will see guys in the mall wearing stetsons and cowboy boots. Still can't come to grips with that ;)

  • Faron79

    I haven't been in Dallas since Sat January 5th! Took off about supper time??


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