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Notches in Counter for Rangetop

Atlanta Homeowner
February 11, 2019

I’ve got a gas rangetop that is leaking from the regulator. I purchased this refurb from Sears Outlet and have gotten them to agree to give me a refund. I’ve only had it for 4-5 months, but have not been a fan - very poor temperature control.

I’d like to replace this with a different model, but I’m worried about having to cut my counters or replace the counters on either side using my leftover slab. As you’ll see, they had to cut notches into the counters to get the unit to slide back all the way - the face/controls are wider than the actual unit. If I get a new model, I’m worried shaving these off all the way back will mean a gap. The front of this rangetop is 36” and the part that slides back is like 35”. Is this common or is choosing a different model going to be more trouble than it’s worth?

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  • PRO
    Design Loft

    I'm guessing that this notching was done to push the range all the way to the wall? Your stove is a slide-in as well I'm assuming? Unfortunately, this notch should not have been done. A piece of countertop (sometimes refereed to as a Stove Stick) or a metal strip should have been purchased to take up that space behind instead of notching. The countertop was meant to stop at that point of the range on either side rather than notching..

    Unfortunately, many will notch not knowing the difference or not wanting to purchase the extra strip.

    The 1" less that yours is, is common or, a shorter distance at least is common on slide-in ranges, but they're all designed to stop at that point. It will be a matter of finding one that matches yours. You may find one close. You may find one that matches. Hard to say.

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