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exterior opinions

Michelle MacDougall
February 11, 2019

I'm looking for suggestions on my house exterior. we plan on doing stone part way up and either Hardie board or vinyl siding. I'm wanting opinions on siding color. we were looking at mitten siding in "sapphire blue". but I'm unsure on what to put in the gables.

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  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    If you have stone on the front of the house, carry it all the way around on all exterior walls.

    What does the drawings show?

  • PRO
    Virgil Carter Fine Art

    "...I'm unsure on what to put in the gables..."

    I don't think I'd put stone in the gables. How about using your chosen siding material?

  • Michelle MacDougall
    No I didn't want to put stone in the gables. I was questioning whether or not to use a different material. even the vinyl but in the shake style for some texture or something?
  • PRO
    Virgil Carter Fine Art

    Less is more when it comes to most residential designs. I don't think your house really can use three exterior materials very well.

  • PRO

    I see the porch gable has changed, and you eliminated the full roof return on the garage wall -- or maybe it's just not yet built.

    I do think you need something above the garage doors to help break up the large expanse of siding.

    we plan on doing stone part way up

    Part way up from where to where? I would wrap it around the foundation, but no higher.

    I posted some renderings in this thread showing various siding options.


  • Michelle MacDougall
    PPF yes they added the gable! and i think it helps balance a bit. yes they still have to build the "eyebrow" above the garage. stone around foundation is what we were thinking so thank you. I was debating between using the same color or vinyl but in the shake style in the gables. or just use the same vinyl throughout and maybe add wood gables
  • Michelle MacDougall
    PPF thank you for the thread. it doesn't look too busy I think as long as what's used in the gables is the same color. thank you for not being negative and being helpful. now I just need to finalize my siding choice. the windows are being put in this week.
  • cpartist

    Are you (hopefully) just using the stone for the base and around the whole house?

  • Michelle MacDougall
    yes we were just going to do a stone foundation look. why do you feel it will be too much with the stone?

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