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Shower or Bathtub?

February 11, 2019

If you could remodel your bathroom today, would you select a walk-in shower or bathtub? and why?

walk-in shower

Comments (9)

  • Susie .
    I know that a tub/shower combo is considered a “full bath”, even if the shower is super nice, but my husband hates stepping over the tub to get in the shower - and slipping is just easier in a tub/shower combo. I like having a bath once in a while, so we did put a combo unit in our daughter’s room. Haven’t used it’s the almost 2 years we’ve been here!
  • functionthenlook

    I would love a walk in shower in the master. My hubby and I don't like baths. But there must be a bath somewhere in another bathroom.

  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    More people seem to take showers than baths.

  • PRO
    Retro Steam Works

    I removed my tub and made a walk-in shower, it looks nicer and it is more user friendly; and no more ugly doors or curtains...

  • PRO
    Michael Lee, Inc

    Walk-in shower for sure!

  • bikertoni

    As I get older I realize a tub is not needed. Also find shower only easier to use. Last remodel went with shower only with seat and grab bars. I do maintain a bathroom with a tub for when the young kids visit <8 yrs old.

  • PRO
    Hudson Reed

    Tubs are great for relaxing and unwinding as an occasional treat but a walk in shower is great for convinience and much more eco-friendly. On average, a tub uses around 40-50 gallons of water where as a 10 minute shower only uses around 25 gallons. A great solution to bringing that relaxing experience into your walk in shower is to purchase a shower bench or seat. These are affordable, stylish and can easy fold away when not in use. Hope this helps!

    Hudson Reed USA

  • aprilneverends

    It's personal.

    When I was a kid we (and everybody else I knew) had only free standing tubs and I was fine with it

    When I was a young Mom we rented a small place with small shower only-not great for after childbirth.. and not convenient for bathing a toddler..but I made do.

    Where I'm now-I was incredibly lucky in that I could remodel and put in both a big shower with bench, and a drop in tub with a place to sit and all.

    I use both, but tub, I use every day. I'm that exception where it's easier for me. Safer than shower. even though we made our shower as safe as humanly possible.

    So I personally-if I look at houses..and there's no tub in the master..I'd be sad.If it's free standing I won't be too happy either:) It'll influence my decision, depending also on whether I can remodel or not. Even if we travel and look for hotels, whatever..I do highly prefer for a tub to be there.

    Things change with time, and they won't neccessarily change for everyone the same exact way. And it can be hard to predict how they'll change.

    If you do it for yourself..go with what you need/like/ feel comfortable with.

    If you're interested for a resale..you'll get someone like me too. Once in a while. Or not. Again, hard to predict.

    But it's good to have at least one tub somewhere else, as mentioned already.

  • PRO

    Walk-in showers with a quality glass enclosure. More practical (unless you just really prefer taking baths). It also makes a small bathroom appear larger.

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