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50 Million Shades of Gray

5 days ago

I thought I knew what I wanted. Gray porcelain tile floor, white cabinets, gray counters, white backsplash. Easy, right?What I’ve discovered is that there are 50 Million Similar Shades of Gray to choose from. I’ve narrowed it down to 2. Both Cambria. Carrick vs Greystone. The Carrick has a higher end marble look, but is it too dark? #THISSHOULDNTBETHISHARD


Comments (14)

  • lilsophie

    I feel you pain. I am having the same problem picking paint colors. :( Good luck.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Gray today is like avocado green in 1977. The end is near. If you really love it, go ahead. Just be sure you will still love it when everyone on tv is gushing about the new, new thing.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    the darker one goes better w/your flooring. I just spoke to someone who has a dark gray quartz in her kitchen and she said it's hard to keep clean-looking. it shows all of the fingerprints, smudges and oil/grease marks have to be cleaned thoroughly or it just smears.

    what about Fossil Brown?

    or the recycled glass counters w/the 'fossil' additives? Wright Dune is beautiful.

  • cawaps

    I think the one on the right works better with your cabinets and floors.

  • Karen Rose
    Lol at the Michael Scott joke. I think the darker looks better too. I feel your pain, I just had the same issues as you. I went with Cambria Highgate but it’s a much lighter countertop.
  • PRO

    What about DON'T do that gray floor? How about that? What about a nice real wood floor? An engineered wood floor? Or even a tile that is "wood" in tone? Better het a great looking timeless slate. SOMETHING? At some point, we're doing to need a dumpster the size of Texas to rip this stuff out, and cart it away. Sick to death of it, and know that gray in engineered is fading fast into a SUNSET.

  • Sammie J

    I like the darker one better.

  • felizlady
    A kitchen remodel is a big expensive production. Are you sure you want to keep gray counters for the next fifteen years? There are so many grays with so many undertones.....and the lighting in your kitchen only adds to the undertone issue. What looks perfect under store lighting may not be perfect with home lighting. Bring home a sample of the counter material so you can see it in your kitchen morning, noon and night before you commit.
  • mark_rachel

    I agree with Beth. VERY HARD to keep clean. I do like the darker one, but I would rethink your design. Everything is looking depressing with all the gray.

  • threers

    Too much gray....after you do all this work, you will be asking us how to brighten up your room.

    Use your favorite colors; not the ones that are "in" like your grays. Why not wood floors? or look like wood floors? Spend sometime looking at photos of other kitchens for ideas and don't forget to consider using the best and most appropriate lighting you can afford. GoodLuck.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Contrast is your friend.

  • pippabean

    What Jan Moyer said above.

    Nothing wrong with grey counters. But go with hardwood flooring, either neutral (no stain) or with a rich warm stain. No fake driftwood grey engineered wood.

    Grey is not on the way out like avocado because it's the most neutral of all colors and there is a shade that goes well with every other color on the rainbow.

    But grey EVERYWHERE is out and should never have been "in" in the first place, as that's when grey gets depressing, boring and cold.

    And what Zalco said: think and add contrast. It's what makes a space come to life.

    Go with hardwood, white cabs and grey counters and your kitchen will look cool and classic. Choose the counter when your hardwood flooring and cabinetry is in and finished

    Good luck.

  • mark_rachel

    You need something to warm up the space so it's not ALL prison gray.

  • PRO

    Hello, we love the pairings you've chosen and believe either design would be a stunning choice! If you'd like to read more about the dos and don'ts of utilizing grays in a space we recommend checking out our blog Amazing Grays: How to Achieve Gray Kitchen Perfection.

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