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Lighting, hardware and mirror advice for bathroom

February 12, 2019
last modified: February 12, 2019

We are remodeling our hall bathroom that serves guests and is used by our daughter. I'm stuck on my lighting and mirror choices and hardware for the vanity.

Floor is a 6x12 herringbone pattern using Bedrosian's City Silver tile with the peaks facing towards the vanity.

Vanity is a custom made dark vanity covered with Stevenswood Midnight Echo. Vanity is 60 inches wide and 34 inches tall. 4 drawers on the right, middle cabinet with a drawer below, and a right side cabinet with shelves. We are thinking about darker hardware on the cabinets for a sleeker look.

Countertop is white quartz that looks like marble (Venatino)

We have planned a 36x48 mirror with a simple rolled edge. The mirror will be mounted to be flush with the top of the countertop backsplash.

Question: Is my mirror too boring? The vanity will be higher than it is now so the mirror would be flush with the countertop backsplash.

Shower/tub is white Subway look (made by Whitewater) shower surround with a deeper than average acrylic tub with apron. Image shows shower wall and separate image of our tub.

One sconce on each side of the mirror plus one recessed light in the ceiling and one in the shower. I can't decide on the style and finish of the sconces.

Question: My favorite light looks best with black but I'm not sure that would go. It does come in brushed and chrome. This light is 4x21. What do you think?

My next favorite is this one but I'm not sure it would provide enough light if we upgraded to LED bulbs.

Third choice is this

We haven't chosen the wall color yet but thinking about Benjamin Moore China White or White Dove or Pale Oak.

I'd love advice on the mirror, what finish for the lights and which one you like and if you think darker hardware on the vanity would work. I might also do some floating shelves about the toilet for accessories as my daughter really wanted a dragon themed purple bathroom and I say no. She could put whatever she wants on the shelves.

Comments (8)

  • PRO
    Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design

    like your favorite sconce and i think it will provide good fill light for your daughter's face if she applies make up now or at some point. Tope light only creates shadows on the face, so you need the fill lighting.

    As for the mirror, clean and simple is OK but it needs to have style. Look here: https://www.rejuvenation.com/catalog/categories/storage-utility/mirrors

  • Parje1

    Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

  • lindacottonwood

    Parje1. Where did you find your favorite sconce? I like it a lot.

  • mayflowers

    I like your choices and agree that the first sconce is the most interesting and works best with the vanity.

    I would make two suggestions. While I love the floor tile you selected, it might be a little too dark with the vanity and the white counter and tile. Bedrosians has a lot of nice floor tile so I'd revisit the showroom for a lighter gray.

    I would do all slab drawers and doors like your inspiration photo. It's busy with the different door/drawer configurations and I wouldn't accentuate that by using Shaker on the bottom drawers and doors. It's more modern to do all slab. I would continue the clean line on the bottom by adding a bottom drawer to the end cabinet, unless it's a trash or laundry pull-out. Or I'd eliminate the drawer under the sink base and have full-height doors. The interiors of sink base drawers are usually very shallow. I don't know that you could even store towels in them. Be sure you know what the interior height will be so it will hold what you plan to put in there.

    You might also consider putting the drawers on the right if you're right-handed. If the vanity is attached to a wall, put the door cabinet on that end.

  • Parje1

    Thank you. Unfortunately, the vanity will stay. I do appreciate the suggestions. The advice has been most helpful. My husband designed the vanity with our contractor. We aren't able to do drawers on the right side. This vanity sits flush to the wall. Our daughter will open the drawers on the right on the current vanity when the door is closed when she wants to hide out and we can't open the door. Nothing is shaker. I realized my photo isn't the best idea for the cabinet style. I've been to 5 different tile showrooms, brought home dozens of floor tile and my husband won't budge from his favorite choice. It's not quite as dark as in the picture. I think it will be okay. I really wanted a mosaic. This is more the style of our vanity but with 4 drawers on the left, middle section with a drawer (I was out voted on doing away with the drawer below the middle cabinet) and a single cabinet door on the right. I have measured all the items that we store. I double checked because Mayflower is right about making sure things fit.

    Here is our final light choice.


    And we decided on a polished 36x48 mirror that floats one inch off the wall.

    I'm hoping it will all pull together. This bathroom has been really stressful. Our kitchen was so much easier to remodel. Thanks everyone.

    This is our inspiration photo

  • Karen Rose
    I think you have made great choices. I agree, a bathroom has been more stressful than the kitchen. I am 75% done with my master bathroom remodel and have second guessed every single thing! I think seeing things half done makes you do that, it will all come together at the end. Post pics when done!
  • mayflowers

    I've had that experience also of the bathroom being more stressful than the kitchen remodel.

    Your vanity drawing shows a five-piece drawer and door. I called it Shaker but it could be another door style. What it isn't is a slab drawer like the top three drawer fronts. Check with the cabinetmaker if he's making it according to the drawing and you are expecting all slab fronts.

    You'll have a filler piece on the wall that allows you to open drawers. I used to do the same thing to hide from my bully brother. Not a good memory.

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