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Has anyone heard of Champagne Wave Quartzite?

February 12, 2019

I am looking to purchase a countertop that is "Champagne Wave" quartzite. I have read different things about quartzite. Some say it is harder than granite however the salesperson said that it is not as hard a granite.

I am wondering if anyone has heard of Champagne Wave and and other information on quartzite will be helpful. Thanks.

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  • hkinnear

    here is a photo of the slab

  • Karen Rose
    It’s beautiful! Take home a sample and test it.
  • silken1

    it is gorgeous but the only way to know is to test a small piece. Some granite places give conflicting info about quartzite. True quartzite is harder than granite and our fusion quartzite is impervious to anything I have tested it with. But some quartzites seem to have softer veins of more marble like material. I haven't heard of this one. A good test is to use a small chunk to try and scratch a glass. If it does, it should be true quartzite.

  • mark_rachel

    Test it. Some marbles are marked as quartzite. This looks very similar to Fantasy Brown.

  • PRO
    D Old Granite LLC

    this stone called Champagne is a marble being mislabeled quartzite; easy to scratch

  • hkinnear

    Thanks for the feedback. Is Fantasy Brown a marble?

    We did the glass tile scratch test and the slab did scratch the tile.

  • wilson853

    It is addressed in the link above.

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Some stone places rename stone slabs to draw customers in. Quartzite is harder than granite and most fabricators charge more for cutting it usually by the linear foot. In addition, the stone itself is around level 6. That means it is in the “exotic” grouping and expect pricing above $8 k per slab just for the slab. Then add about that for fabrication plus up-charge for cutting. Just went through this with my client and one slab came in at $12k. The other at 10k. Not in our budget. Nor in most budgets.

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