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KITCHEN POLL: What catches your eye?

Scott Hall Remodeling
February 14, 2019

Overall Style
Lighting Fixture
Other? Let me know in the comments!

Comments (15)

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    How bad the bricks look with the gray jumped out at me. Love the huge stainless farm sink.

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  • PRO

    The SPAM.

  • D E
    the farm soul print
  • THOR, Son of ODIN

    The poor layout, and difficulty of cleaning.

    4" backsplashes with granite??? 2005 called and wants their spec home back.

  • M Miller

    The kitchen and the brick-walled area are like 2 different homes; hard to believe they are in the same home and adjoining. No cohesion or design flow at all.

    And what Thor said^^

  • melle_sacto is hot and dry in CA Zone 9/

    I like the brick and gray with black together!!!

    The layouts of Kitchen 1 and 3 are disappointing. I wouldn't want to work in either space. Hard to know what's going on in Kitchen 2 layout-wise but the brick feature is neat and seems okay since it's not part of a workspace wall.

    Edit -- now I see they are all the same space. Well the kitchen side is pretty disappointing considering how much this must have cost. The brick/door side is great!

  • jmm1837

    I like the brick wall. That's about it.

  • sushipup1

    The spam.

  • Mrs Pete

    Things that jump out at me good and bad:

    - Those bricks are wonderful -- a feature so few people have -- yet the kitchen colors do nothing to play up this unique feature. Warm colors would make the most of those bricks.

    - Oh, the arch in the brick! Love it! I'm not a huge fan of black, but those black doors work with the brick. Don't the owners need something for privacy? Thick luscious drapes in deep, rich spice colors would look so good here. Why-why-why didn't the owners repeat this arch with a BIG window over the kitchen sink?

    - The layout is off-balance. That is, it's heavy on the refrigerator side /tall cabinets ... light on the other side /no cabinets. Replacing the trendy farmhouse print with an upper cabinet (even another set of open shelves) would go a long way towards balancing the room ... it would also get the coffee clutter off the counter. I would've taken the white cabinetry around the refrigerator to the ceiling -- but that would've made the kitchen even more off-balance.

    - Lots of nice drawers in the cabinets, and the cabinets are lovely ... but I'm never a fan of mismatched color trend. Not in the cabinets, not on the countertops. FOUR different colors /materials in an average-sized kitchen? What were they thinking? The blue is lovely, but it does nothing to play up the brick, which is the space's best feature; the white kind of disappears /is a non-entity.

    - The granite on the exterior cabinets is nice.

    - Is that long island overhang supported?

    - Electrcial outlet on the end of the island -- good.

    - I like the dark chunky hardware. Looks solid and functional.

    - Ick to "Cafe" sign on the wall. If they really want this sign (why? do they sell sandwiches here?), it'd make sense to place it on the other side of the room ... as it is, the sign and the doors are the only two strong black pieces /and they're side-by-side (okay, black windows, ehh). Again, balance.

    - Walls are choppy /no cohesion: windows, tile, print, drywall. The eye jumps from place-to-place.

    - Naked windows need valances and/or blinds.

    - Love the big sink. What size is it?

    - Hate the range shoved into a corner.

    - Hate the microwave in the island ... who's going to want to do deep knee bends to set the dial /retrieve food? If you want the microwave in this position, a drawer makes sense.

    - What's the chandy on the brick side? Do you usually have a table in that spot? If so, why the island seating too? Banquet seating in that brick area -- again, bringing in deep, rich spices through colored cushions -- could be fabulous.

    - I'm ambivalent about the looks of the island chandy, but do those bitty light bulbs produce enough light for working?

    - I agree with those who say this space will not be easy to keep clean: bridge faucet, open shelves, lots of stuff on the counters. Ease of cleaning may not be a big deal to everyone, but it's a big deal to me.

    - Does the homeowner also have a pantry? I don't see all that much storage here.

    Overall thoughts: This looks like the homeowners had a great space; however, they ignored that space's strengths /the need for function, and they filled the room with all of today's trends. Since they did use the trends well, they're probably thrilled right now -- but in a couple years when Farm House has "moved on", they'll be itching for a re-do.

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  • PRO
    Scott Hall Remodeling

    Here is another shot

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    What catches MY eye? Spam. YMMV

  • felizlady
    The lack of upper cabinets on that wall, and the beautiful light fixture.
  • threelittlelights13

    Whoa! There’s a lot happening here! But this could also be a very regional design. It’s got that industrial look that is more urban meets farm.... I don’t know. It’s like an attempt at the Brooklyn look.

    I think the previous posters have covered the design weaknesses, but Scott the workmanship looks great!

  • artemis_ma

    How uncomfortable those stools look for anyone with even a twinge of a bad back!!

    As far as aesthetics... I liked the brick wall best, tired of white/gray. But that room isn't really functional. Workmanship might be good, but functionality?? Naw, not so much here. I've lived for 25 years in a bad kitchen, and simply having aesthetics isn't going to move me an iota.

    I am tall. I need functional uppers, and not just shelves my cats will nest upon. A poor selection, frankly.

  • Monique Barrow

    For me there's too much going on in this kitchen, there are too many lines ( open shelving, inlay of the cabinets, barstools, lightfixture, the small tiles behind the stove, different pulls and knobs etc.) and decorations. I think there are also too many different materials.

    I do like the lack of upper cabinets and the light colours

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