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Your dream, kitchen: If finances and space were no object?

February 15, 2019
last modified: February 15, 2019

I've been thinking about what a "dream kitchen " has and how realistic is is to marry form and function in it. What one would have if money and size had no limitations. For example, my dream kitchen would have a huge badass gas range with big shiny knobs as the focal point of the kitchen It just LOOKS so good. Reality Check, Form always follows function so I wouldn't put one in a remodel as it's a bear to clean and to lift the grates each time. The low ovens are also not as convenient as wall ovens.So...... I would go with a 36 inch, easy to clean, induction cooktop with wall ovens. Not my dream look.

Other dreams: it has to have a great view, lots of light and windows, tons of work space (long, wide island, lots of storage space, art display space, open plan, convection steam oven appliance garages so every small appliance is right in place, easy to use without dragging it out, but hidden when not in use. Pantry. Self cleaning Ok, well that's a real fantasy but maybe vacuum insets in the toekick, Stone floors with a grate in the floor and a mini hosepipe. then air dryer vents which come on and dry the floor. Cabinets rest on stainless steel bases so the water doesn't damage the wood.

So thinking about my ultimate dream kitchen before reality sets in and what and where to make cuts. What is YOUR dream kitchen?

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  • shivece
    My dream kitchen has a gas cooktop, whisper quiet exhaust fan, two wall ovens, Sub Zero refrigerator, wine refrigerator with several temp zones, wet bar and liquor cabinet away from main workspace, big pantry, plenty of storage, good work and parking areas, accessible bookshelves for my cookbooks, beautiful stone on island and counters, fireplace, view, island with comfortable seating for 4-6, nice double sink, quiet dishwasher, microwave, trash compactor, good recycling storage, convenient place near water for fancy coffee maker, room to display some art, place to store a little step stool since I can’t reach top shelves, great lighting. I cook, so I also want it functional and not too big, so that most used items are only a few steps away from the main work area. Could be challenging to fit it all in and keep the work area small enough for my taste.
  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    I love having an island--mine is only 3'x5', so I'd like enough space for a 4'x8' island with seating on at least two sides, and generous aisles. Marble top, because it's beautiful, and because I do a lot of baking. Double oven, or large range and additional wall oven. I'd like a compact prep and cooking space, prep sink on island, with a separate clean-up zone and convenient dish storage outside of the main prep space.

    Large windows over huge apron sink, stacked cream Shaker cabinets with all drawer bases, some uppers with glass doors, some open shelves, integrated vacuum in a toekick.

    Large vented hood with enough CFMs to straighten my hair on a humid day.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    I wanted the great stainless, pro style, gas range all the while I lived with electric coils. Then by the time i could live my dream a bit, I discovered GW and learned induction had improved since my childhood ( not the induction process itself that improved, but the glass tops used to look absolutely horrible back in the 70s when I saw the, very scuffed and dirty looking- while the top itself does not heat, the pan does, and it scorched the avocado green cooktop my friends had.)

    At any rate, once I learned about the advantages of induction, I had no choice but to go with that instead of my sculptural, gas beauty. I was unenthusiastic about my choice until I started using it, awesomeness galore. I have never looked back. In my ideal kitchen Miele would make a 48” induction range. I would have a big table instead of an island and a butler’s pantry with floor to ceiling glass cupboards so I could gaze and admire all my dishes. Or I would have a perfect galley kitchen, with all the storage and countertop space needed and a lovely breakfast room nearby.

  • luckyblueeye

    Huge windows with lots of light, large area/s for prepping, good flow with wide aisles, wider than 30" range, endless wine in the cooler, and a kitchen full of happy people.

  • tiggerlgh

    One with a chef that cooks for me every day. They can pick what they want in it! :)

  • mabeldingeldine

    Fun question! I've had radiant smoothtop, gas, and now induction, but I'll go back to gas. Dream kitchen would include lots of windows, few if any uppers, nice wide aisles, all drawer bases, large single stainless sink, light colored solid-surface countertops, a 36" gas cooktop with stainless top (Thermador?), a Miele wall oven and Miele steam oven, walk-in, island with casual seating, pantry/baking center, and hardwood floors. What am I forgetting?

    EDIT to add: a silent, powerful hood, and, HT to MamaGoose) integrated vacuum in the toe kick.

  • waverly6

    Does a silent powerful hood exist?

  • emilyam819

    Are 3 sinks ever too many? I’d want a cleanup sink, a medium sized prep sink, and a bar sink farther away with glass cabinets for my pretty martini glasses. Also beverage fridge. More pretty cabinets for nice dishes and pottery, whicch I use often but all can’t fit in the 6 feet I already have!

    In a more compact house, I’d want an L shaped counter with appliances in the right order and a beautiful long farm table instead of an island.

  • MountainView

    This is all I need:

  • luckyblueeye

    MountainView, that range is pretty amazing ;)

  • MountainView

    It's a kitchen fire! Call the Fire Department!

  • cpartist

    MountainView, that range is pretty amazing ;)

    What range?

  • cpartist

    Honestly, I absolutely have my dream kitchen.

    Everything has a place. I have the most incredible quartzite, incredible stained glass window, windows on either side of my cooktop, fabulous off white shaker cabinets (some with glass to show off my collections), induction cooktop, wide aisles, both a clean up sink and a prep sink, great hanging lights, more than enough prep space and space for baking and I even have empty drawers still. Oh and it works like a dream. It follows Ice/Water/Stone/Fire.

    Every time I walk into my kitchen, I smile. Actually my whole house makes me smile. I'm very lucky!

  • Toronto Veterinarian

    I love my new reno, but if I could have had more space (and fewer condo restrictions), I'd have a slightly larger island (maybe 5'x7'), a much larger pantry (at least 8'x10'), with more outlets and ventilation (in the pantry). I'd keep my 30" induction range in the island, but I'd love to add a wall oven as well as a second dishwasher. Oooh, and more outlets on/under the island too.....I didn't specify that when I got my kitchen re-done, and I should have.

  • waverly6

    @cpartist, do you have a link to photos of your wonderful kitchen ?

  • cpartist

    Waverly here is the link to my kitchen

    And here is thelink to my whole house

    waverly6 thanked cpartist
  • waverly6

    That is beautiful, ,cpartist. I can see why it is your dream kitchen. Every detaii, well thought out. Taking it all in,

    Thanks for sharing.

  • cpartist

    Thank you waverley.

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