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two toned cabinets, what color for floor-to-ceiling pantry?

Terra L
February 15, 2019

I'm renovating my kitchen and putting in navy blue lower cabinets with white wall cabinets. I'll have paneling around my refrigerator with a cabinet above and a floor to ceiling tall pantry cabinet to the right. What color should I do the fridge paneling and tall cabinet? My contractor suggested continuing the two tone, splitting the paneling around the fridge at the counter-level and same with the pantry cabinet (navy drawers on bottom, white cabinet doors above the drawers), but I think it will be best to do them all one color. What do you guys think?

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  • tqtqtbw

    Do you have a photo or sketch? Without see the context, I'm thinking all in white. with the right wall and no other uppers on that wall, the blue would be nice. I would not make the pantry cabinet two colors.

  • damiarain

    Definitely seeing a sketch of you space is the best way to give advice. Looking at photos of other two-toned kitchens you can see folks generally either do the tall cabinet in either white or blue but not both. I think the white version keeps the space the brightest... The last picture is an office space where the tall cabinets are in fact two-toned..

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Definitely do not split the tall cabinets. If possible, the blue would be my choice, but it will depend somewhat on placement.

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    Don't split it. I've seen it both ways. I'd say it depends on what color you want to be more prominent. You can't go wrong with either.

  • DrB477

    Don't split it. People do it both ways although I'd say keeping it the lighter color is a little more common and a little safer choice, but either way looks nice.

  • PRO
  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    I don't like the split either... are working with a designer who is using a kitchen design program? They can easily show you what each option would look like. I think it depends on the layout... I am leaning towards the blue....

  • luckyblueeye

    I'm also doing 2-tone and I have chosen to go with the darker cabinet around the fridge. I know that I will deal with the crown changing color, but for my design the darker one completes the kitchen and makes the flow better into the family room. I would not even consider the split color.

  • rantontoo

    Are you having trim pieces at the cab tops and ceiling? If so make sure you understand how the two different colors of the upper portion will look when those pieces meet. If you do not get clear about that, you may not like what you end up with.

  • emho23

    Absolutely not the split color. It will look like a checkerboard.

    We have a similar thing and are doing the darker color for the pantry, but it's not next to any other uppers. I think the right answer depends on the specific situation.

  • PRO

    No split. Pick one, depending location and layout.

  • artistsharonva

    Don't split,please. I prefer the bases darker & lighter above with taller cabinets the lighter to make the room look bigger & brighter.

  • Rob390

    Agree with the taller cabinets being lighter. Our builder was going to go with darker without thinking about the brightness of the kitchen until we said "we are going with white for the fridge/oven cabs, right?"

  • PRO
    Sabrina Alfin Interiors

    You can pick either color, but be consistent throughout. Currently in production on a kitchen with stain grade cabinets and paint grade cabinets. The base cabs and tall cabs are stain grade; the uppers and island are paint grade. But you could definitely do the reverse, too, i.e. make the tall cabinets and the uppers the same color, with the second color for the base cabinets.

  • qam999

    Don't split.

  • jacqtopia

    I wouldn’t split either. Here’s a pic of a two tone kitchen I was in a few weeks ago Just another visual for you.

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