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combination hood vent and MUA?

February 15, 2019

So I see these flue systems on this old house where they are using concentric pipes basically. the inside pipe takes the exhaust out from the wood stove or whatever and then the outer pipe sucks in fresh air.

Why dont kitchen hood vents use this principal and make make-up air part of the vent?

One of the most frustrating things for me living in the northeast as I try to figure out kitchen ventilation and MUA is the idea that unless I spend a lot of money on a heat exchanger, i'm going to have this crappy uninsulated aluminum baffle somewhere in my house letting cold winter air in all the time, and then when its open im going to be sucking ice cold air into the house somewhere (wherever the MUA system is).

It seems like with a MUA system integrated into the vent, you could have better insulation when its closed (the MUA component could close on the outside, and on the inside....one end by the blower, and the other end with a vacuum line. additionally it would be pretty easy to have the MUA venting out maybe the top of the hood....so the cold air thats coming into the house....is at least coming in right on top of the big heat source (which is why the fan is running in the first place)

Why is this not a thing??

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