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should I paint beige walls

Carmen Pangelinan
February 16, 2019
I have been watching a lot of fixer upper/ house shows hgtv. I am seeing that beige looks really bad in other homes...does it look bad here as well?
Should I paint the walls a grey or a white?
WhaT would you do?

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  • Annie Glugover

    I would paint them gray and paint the wall w the fireplace an accent like dark blue. Or wallpaper it.

  • Carmen Pangelinan
    @annie, I am afraid that the grey would then take on a baby blue undertone. My agreeable grey in my office did that and I now have 6 different paint samples to try to fix it.
    I know people on hgtv make the fireplace wall special. Maybe I can shiplap it (cover the cords at the same time? )
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    The TV could be hung just above the nantel. No siplap and as much as I love gray IMO you have enough gray happeneing in this space so if you want a change try a gray/ green or just simple white then add some color with pillows , accessories of maybe even art.

  • cat_ky

    No shiplap, and please move the tv down a bit, it doesnt look all that great up there. I do agree, that you already have enough gray in the room. If you want the fireplace wall to be a feature wall, then you could paint it a dark accent color. I think navy blue would look good in your space, and, although, I am not fond of white walls, I dislike beige even more, and I do think white walls, with some accent colors in accessories and pillows, would make a huge difference in your room.

  • Carmen Pangelinan
    Colors for the walls
    I will take a look at idea for an accent wall...I am a visual person.
    All these paints got in the same order
  • Carmen Pangelinan
    @cat ky should the tv be where the sound bar is? Or lower?
    I decorate it for Xmas so I still need room for the garland..
    The sound bar doesn’t even work anymore so I can nix that
  • Carmen Pangelinan
    I will be staring at these swatches.
    The other photo didn’t show the beam that is oddly designed. An accent wall might draw a lot more attention to it...
  • cat_ky

    I would lower it as much as you possibly can. Its way to high for decent tv viewing up there, and it just looks not very good, when you view it from the side tipping out like it is in your first pictures. If there is room, in your room, for a nice tv concole, longer than the tv itself, I would move it down there, and put something decorative on the fireplace wall.

  • calidesign

    There are no bad colors - just bad uses of colors. Beige can look great. The issue I see with your room is that all of your furnishings and accessories are black and gray. I would add some warmth to the room by removing some of the black add adding a small bit of another warm color that you like. You can do that with a rug, artwork, accessories, drapes, a long bolster pillow for the sofa, etc. Even just switching out your black coffee table for a warm wood could make a big difference.

  • tartanmeup

    I agree with calidesign. Your beige walls look fine. What struck me when I saw your first picture was how tightly spaced your four frames are on the wall. They're a smidgen too close together vertically. I think you should be aiming at two inches around each frame.

    If you're tired of your wall colour and want a change, I'd be looking at a warm white or cream. And no, I would not do an accent colour on the fireplace wall because of the beam you pointed out.

  • PRO
    Fairway Style Living

    Hi, Carmen--

    Agree with the two posters above: there's nothing wrong with your current wall tone. Do you know what it is (from additional leftover cans in the garage or elsewhere), and have the ability to get more of it for the inevitable touch-ups that life requires? For me, that would dictate a color change more than anything. So often we as designers may walk into a room that's been 'done' - even recently - and see scrapes and dings that are a part of everyday life, but that the resident can't touch-up because they don't have the knowledge about or access to the materials to keep their surfaces in tip-top shape. If that's knowledge and access that you have, I think that's going to keep these walls fresh-looking for a long time as they are.

    If your desire is to change it up for a cool wall tone, that's something else entirely, but from what we've seen, I think your room looks great as-is. Light warm neutrals are an inviting background for a space like yours. I wouldn't be in a hurry to change that up. Trends come and go but good choices endure.

  • PRO

    I would advocate for you selecting a color that is lighter than what you currently have on the walls. Might be considered a warm grayish white. Not as dark as what you currently have but not white. A cleaner color to make your furnishings stand out.

  • Carmen Pangelinan
    I just forced my husband to lower the tv down 6.5 inch, leaving just enough room for Xmas garland.

    Also, so I felt I had to paint this room because I painted the down stairs bathroom, then the washer room, then the upstairs hallway, then the kitchen and dining/ open room aka office....and this beige just didn’t harmonize with the New Agreeable grey.
    The agreeable grey was giving off a blue cold color , I just repainted the dining room with revere pewter to warm it up, because I like the green undertones better.

    So I almost picked a white, but no responded by 7 am lol so I started painting revere pewter in the room you see as soon as you walk in. The living room is to the right when you first walk in.
  • Carmen Pangelinan
    @fairwaystule living. No we do not know what the colors on our walls were each and every time there’s a ding we have to get a piece tested
  • PRO
    Fairway Style Living

    Hi Carmen--

    Great point. Then, I'd suggest getting a sample of BM French Canvas like Beverly recommends above. Since it's lighter than Revere Pewter, you'll end up with a slightly more neutral background for your furnishings. Test it out in a few different locations within your room that receive different amounts of light throughout the day and see how you feel about it pairing with your furnishings, trim and other surfaces.

    Regardless, with a fresh coat now you'll know what the paint codes are to be able to keep it looking flawless over time - a substantial win over playing paint-chip roulette with a mystery color that may have faded.

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