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To Much Light For My Violets??? Why R Crowns So Hard/Tight?

February 16, 2019

Ok...people asked me to post pictures of my violets that are growing under Aero-grow lights,to find out why the crowns are so tight, and the leaves are crisp and crack easily.

They bloom like crazy, they have deep green leaves, and the crowns are TIGHT. The lights are about 9-10 in away from the crowns, as high as they can go up. VERY little fert. No pests, most violets I put under the lights do this. Some stay loose and just grow and bloom like crazy. All have long necks now, I need to cut the necks and repot, but I am afraid to do it. Such a harsh thing to do. And I don't want to loose my few 'Fantasys/or Russians' that I have.

Any ideas of what is going on with THIS violet?? Is it to much light?? I even put a paper towel over the plant to cut the light even more. Still looks like this. Looks great, but leaves are very crisp/fragile, they crack if touched, and the leaves are cupped under. This one is 'Fishers Leone'. I love the purple/pink spotted fantasy blooms.

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  • writersblock

    I don’t grow violets, but I do grow lots of hydroponic veggies, and that looks to me like the nutrients are too strong for the plant. Lots of flower/fruit production but the leaves seem almost verging on a mild scorch and tight, stiff crowns? Those are often the symptoms that you need a weaker solution.

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  • irina_co

    Too much light, the leaves are huggig the pot, petioles and bloomstalks are short.

    To some extent it can remind overfertilization - like previous contributor mentinoned.

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  • PoohBearLvr

    well I have only fed these violets like 2 times in over 1 year. Plain ol' Miracle-Gro for house plants. So I guess it is the lights. These lights are over 8 months old. Brand new they put out Max. light. At 6 months, they put out much less light, and that is with the lights down at the lowest level. These are at the highest level. AeroGrow seeds packages won't even grow with bulbs this old. They need to be replaced at 6months, or the seeds don't sprout, let alone produce veggies or flowers. Thought violets needed a lot of indirect light. This seems like very indirect light,....but,...some violets love these lights, others grow like this.

  • dbarron

    If fertilizer, it probably is not that you fed them only 2 times, but how strong the solution was.

    If light, then the problem may have been many months ago, since violets retain foliage for very long periods.

  • aegis1000

    9-10 inches is pretty close.

    Also I see evidence of Mildew ... which could indicate too much humidity.

    Do you have a fan blowing in the area ?

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  • PoohBearLvr

    there is no mildew....that is the fuzzy leaves. when i fed them it was 1/4th the recommended amount

  • writersblock

    Sorry, I misread your first post to mean you had them in an aerogarden. No, if they’re in soil that’s not likely to be the problem, more likely the lights.

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