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need help picking barn door for pantry

February 16, 2019
Would love some advice on what color for the barn door that will cover our pantry. We were thinking reclaimed wood or white but now. It sure.... ugh. Our remodel picture is included.

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  • Angel 18432

    White with a raindrop glass panel to give it some interest.

  • nidnay
    If that is your pantry with the beautiful brick interior, I would do glass doors.
  • MRE15
    I also agree that a glass door or a frosted glass would be beautiful!
  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    I'm afraid barn doors in houses are a trend that has come and gone, even though you may still be able to buy them. I just wouldn't.

  • M Miller

    A barn door does not go with the rest of the decor of your kitchen. Barn doors in a kitchen are also passé. They are also noisy. First thing in the morning, before coffee, and when the rest of the house is sleeping, do you want to be sliding that door. And don’t believe the people who say nylon rollers are quieter. They may be quieter than non-nylon rollers, but they’re not quiet.

    You’re kitchen is lovely. The barn door would stick out like an elephant.

  • reidmiddleton
    Thanks for comments. Very helpful!
  • pennydesign

    Curious about the brick in the pantry. Is it the pantry? How will you affix shelving or will your storage be freestanding?

    I do agree that barn doors won't do your lovely kitchen justice....However, that's just my own opinion.

  • M Miller

    “My goodness. The kitchen has all kinds of elements in it... a farmhouse sink but dated soffits. Contemporary flooring but canned lighting. If he/she wants a freakin' barn door, who cares if it's a trend or not?“

    Feathers11 - that was quite a post, starting out by saying the OP’s new kitchen has dated features. I do not agree that her soffits are dated. Not sure what your mentions about the apron front sink and canned lights were saying, but it sounded like you don’t like them, without explaining. You combine ”barn door” with “freakin’”, So you sounded like you don’t like that either. All told, you were negative about much of the kitchen which is not what the OP asked about, while chastising the posters who tried to give sincere advice that the barn door was dated.

    The kitchen looks really great, and there are people who would kill to have such a spacious and welcoming and lovely kitchen. While I said barn doors are passé, I mentioned the practical consideration of the noise that they make.

  • tiggerlgh
    I would want to show off the brick so I would go,with a glass door. Your kitchen looks great!
  • reidmiddleton
    Great advice everyone. Didn’t realize Barn Doors are the new Bell Bottom pants! :-) Thank you.
  • Feathers11

    M Miller, my intention with my original post was to point out that the OP's kitchen had other elements that have been called out before in this forum as being dated and/or trendy, including farmhouse sinks, soffits and canned lights. And I wanted to support their choice of a barn door if that's what made them happy, because words like "trendy" and "dated" are subjective, and some of the comments thus far weren't addressing the OP's actual question. Upon further review of my comments, I realized that perhaps mine weren't constructive, either, and would be misconstrued. So I removed them. But thank you, kindly, for reminding me that, once posted, words are permanent. That you would take the time to drudge them up and repost them speaks volumes. Probably not in the way you intended, but in a very good lesson on my part.

  • reidmiddleton
    Feathers, no worries at all. I posted to get honest feedback so appreciate that. We were limited in what we could do with the soffits because of ductwork but you should have seen the before! Shocking. Anyway my point is your comments didn’t offend. :-)
  • zimmer
    I have a sliding barn door in my bathroom (moving a wall made it necessary for clearance issues) it’s made of actually barn wood on a black metal track. (stained to match my maple cabinets) Never had issues with any noise at all. If you want a barn door do it! Do you have any other wood elements in the house? Stain the wood to match, or paint it the colour of your cabinets.
  • Feathers11

    Thanks for your reassurance, Reidmiddleton. To restate my original comments that were not part of the repost above, if I were doing a barn door there, I would match it to the trim (white) because the hardware would stand out more. I like good hardware.

  • reidmiddleton
    Thanks Zimmer. We have reclaimed wood console table and coffee table.
  • Bri Bosh
    We moved into a house that has ALL barn doors in the basement. Not our choice but it was done for space considerations. We found a product that silences the doors and keeps them from slamming shut and open. Highly recommend! Good luck!
  • M Miller

    Fair enough Feathers11, well said.

  • mxk3

    I like barn doors - they fit the style of my house/décor - but in your kitchen I don't think that aesthetically a barn door is a good choice.

  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    the brick is beautiful. will the shelves be on the opposite deeper wall? do you really need a door?
    if so, i also vote for a door with some glass.
    barn doors aren't for everyone, but sometimes they're a good solution.
  • PRO
    Fairway Style Living

    Hi, Reid--

    Great work so far. Like others have said, since your pantry includes a really outstanding brick feature, I'd definitely consider showing it off with a glass insert in whatever door choice you make. TBH, I've not been a historical fan of barn doors - a craze I felt didn't help most rooms they were inserted into - until I saw another application.

    As Feathers mentions, using a door panel that matches your existing door schedule (panels and finishes to match your other swing doors in the house) with barn-door hardware can be a more compelling choice. That's the type of barn door I'd recommend here so as not to introduce another wood texture adjacent to your wood (wood-look tile?) flooring, but since you've got the brick in the mix, I'd keep that as your feature there and just use your door choice to frame it. In a tight space, a pocket door would be an asset, if the wall plan allows for it. Cheers on your project!

  • reidmiddleton
    The shelves are on the other wall that you can’t see...it’s tricky because we like the brick but don’t want people to see our cereal boxes(!). Appreciate the awesome feedback!
  • reidmiddleton
    What isn’t shown in the picture is there is an entrance into the room to the right of the pantry entrance... and that entrance leads to the front door so as people come in they will enter this room by the pantry and if there’s no door, see all our dry goods
  • PRO
    Fairway Style Living

    Hear that - plus, you'd have to be lighting the character wall in there all the time for it to be seen, versus keeping it as a great surprise for entrants. I think a sliding pocket door, if workable and in your same swing door profile, would be a great solution to fit in here and not eat up the footprint that a normal swing door requires.

  • greenfish1234

    A word of warning. I did this with a glass door for my pantry, built 3 years ago. I'm so glad I didn't do a reclaimed barn looking door. I dont have room for a swinging door, so it made sense, but I do think think that even just the hardware is "dated." But worse than being dated, which I can totally handle, is that they cost big money and they don't work. I never close mine , it is essentially decorative only. I would prefer a sleeker, hidden track or a pocket door. You have room for a door to swing so I would do a regular, painted glass-paned door. Lovely kitchen!

  • PRO
    Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors

    I would do a white door with the same millwork design on your glass front cabinets

  • pennydesign

    Reid, would it be possible to have doors inside that area along the one wall where the dry goods will be?

    I really would want to see that brick feature from the other areas. If you leave it open, it would simply mean entering an area (current one) and opening a door. Not TOO much additional trouble.

    I think it adds a lovely additional interesting feature to the space...

    Should you think it odd to just have a brick hallway for the heck of it, maybe there's room for a wine rack at the end or against the wall?

  • Side3

    I would leave off the door so you can see the amazing brick and put the pantry supplies in a nice enclosed storage cabinet. Maybe with frosted glass doors. Something like this, but a more opaque glass or even wood cabinets. Behind closed doors and neat, but not blocking views of the brick.

  • Cheryl Hannebauer

    I think frosted glass would be nice here.

    here is our pantry doors, angled wall between kitchen & Foyer


    the doors open into the pantry & is a spilt bifold

    our barn door is in between our mud room & kitchen enterance


    All our interior doors & window trim, baseboards are done alder & the ceilings are T&G fir, if you would like to see more, go to my page, idea books- New Build/Gabe.

  • artemis_ma

    I think a barn door would not work here.. mind you, I am one of those who DO like them, where they work.

    I think the glass doors, frosted or otherwise, over pantry cabinets, really only work if you have china or such that you want yourself and guests to view. I'm thinking your pantry is for PANTRY items.

    You could do a bifold door, or perhaps a regular door with a frosted glass top, for the entrance into the pantry proper?

  • live_wire_oak

    Skip the brick. Put in a swinging door. That way it will actually get closed. Barn doors dont. They stay open.

  • Laura Grosmaire

    I'm with the person above who suggest a white door with the same type of millwork as on your cabinets. It could be a sliding type barndoor (if you must), and as someone who has a barn and horses, I don't always considered rustic unfinished wood necessarily a barn feature. X style designs are often used on stall/barn doors for strengthening features. I would keep it (+ hardware) understated, though. Just sayin'

  • jess1979

    We have two barn doors because of the limited space in the rooms. We do not have any problems with noise or them stopping. They work very well and look nice in the space they are in. But if I could have put in a swinging door we would have. Picture the metal track that will be on the wall that you will be looking at.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    i don't mind a barn door, but in that spot, I think it would be a pain.

    why not a salvage type of wood door?

    either of these would be perfect. love the vintage glass too.

    or double doors (great way to get some color in there too)

    if you still want the slider, try something like this

  • reidmiddleton
    Great stuff all. Thanks for the pics Beth!

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