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Pantry size- step in?

February 16, 2019

My husband and I are building a house and right now we have a standard closet on the back side of the kitchen as our pantry. We COULD move the pantry into the kitchen itself but the size would be ~3' x3'....is that too small for a step in pantry?

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  • acm

    yes -- once you add 12" shelves in an L-shape, you will barely have space to stand (2x2'). maybe consider a pantry cabinet for most stuff? they hold an absolute ton, and this more distant closet could hold overflow stuff plus some cleaning supplies or whatever...

  • girl_wonder

    Too small to step into. (have you tried mocking this up? Just mark the space on the floor and step into it. How does it feel? Tight, right?) What about a pantry cabinet with sturdy pull-out drawers? If 3 feet seems too deep, you could put storage on the inside of the door (like your fridge) and make the pullout drawers a little shallower.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Get your cabinet maker to make true pull out pantries you will be amazed at how much stuff you can put in a pullout 18” wide and 24” deep Do not do the doors with the shelves that pullout it is a hassle to have to open the doors to access.There are all sorts of choices and make a lot more sense than a tiny walk in pantry which BTW you could not have in that space at all.

  • dan1888

    A low cost option to price in is 11-12" shelves on the back wall and 8" or so wire bins on each of the two 18" doors. You would only need a 24" x 36" space if that would help.

  • PRO

    I once had a very small step-in pantry. I think it was about 3x4 with shelves on the back wall and the side wall, but only from about 30" up. It was still very, very useful.

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