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Do You Own Double Ovens? Who Has The Quietest?

February 17, 2019
last modified: February 17, 2019

I have everything figured out except the wall ovens (buying Bosch fridge, dishwasher and induction cooktop). Looked online for info and not finding much.

I do not want to spend 7k on wall ovens so Wolf, Viking, Bluestar and Thermador are out sadly (unless I won Powerball last night, I have not checked my ticket yet lol).

I am reading the Bosch double ovens are loud and blow hot air out at face level. One person went so far as to say she could feel it blowing on her neck when standing at the island.

I noticed they did have a Jenn Air double oven on sale but the sales lady quipped "They think they are like Wolf." Hmm....

How about Electrolux double wall ovens? Are they quiet?

Other question-does it matter if handles on appliances match? Round vs flat? My saleswoman said it might look odd having flat fridge handles and very round handles on double ovens (they are at opposite ends of the kitchen). She said mix and match is ok but the handles should somewhat match if you want a uniform looking kitchen.

I had GE Profile double ovens in former home and while nice the fan was quite loud. Maybe they all are?

Looking for reports from those of you who own double ovens! Please let me know if you like your double ovens and the noise level and functionality.

Thanks so much!

Comments (26)

  • mle0782
    We just finished remodeling our kitchen and I ended up with Kitchen Aid double electric/convection wall ovens. So far they have been great and frankly, are so quiet that my teenage daughter left the bake mode on and my husband left convection on because they forgot to turn the oven off and it was so quiet! I did a ton of research as I cook and bake all the time! I looked at showrooms, talked to everyone I know who really cooks, took a poll at work, scoured on line reports,talked servicing folks, etc. The real bakers (at all price points) had workhorse double electrics and Kitchen Aid was the most common amongst recent as well as remote remodelers (two avid cooks even put a KA wall oven in in addition to Wolf ranges). I live in the midwest so that may be a factor as well? Check out the Yale Appliance website. I found it to be infinitely helpful —they are independent and do their own servicing so they have tracked service rates.
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  • BT

    Also find out warm up time... Some takes 20 minutes to warm up....

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  • NewEnglandgal

    BT, KA or Electrolux?

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    A few years ago we bought a Whirlpool double oven. Installed, the guys turned it on, and left. Within 30 minutes I asked them to come back, that thing was so loud! They explained to me why modern ovens even make noise. The next day I came on here to Garden Web--to Appliances--as well as googled "loud ovens" and learned that Bosch was a quieter choice--and had knobs which I like/need. Sure enough, the Bosch in our kitchen since then is much quieter..though not silent.

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  • mom2sulu

    We have 3 year old Bosch double ovens--they are loud and hot, but I can deal with that. The bigger issue is that they heat unevenly. I have to rotate my pans. We have also had issues with the main board in the convection oven and had to have it replaced. Needless to say, we do not recommend them. Love our Bosch dishwasher though!

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  • ghatta
    I have 2 LG single wall ovens under my island. I like the way they bake and had a regular LG electric single range in our old house. My new ovens are NOT quiet and also have cooling fans after they get shut off. They were much noisier than we expected. I do a lot of baking so we have to listen to the noise.
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  • PRO
    RES 3d Sketches

    I have two Jenn-Air down-draft ranges side by side which gives me 6 burners and a griddle with two full sized ovens.

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  • Rachel Nye
    I agree with the Kitchenaide, we just got a new dbl convection and it's great! Not loud and excellent performance
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  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    i like my kitchenaid, but I also have to move pans around for even browning. I set the timer for just iver half, and move the pans. its four years old. fairly quiet. the fans run a long time after use.
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  • Fori

    Your salesperson is correct in that while the appliances don't have to match, you don't want them to have radically different designs if they are close together.

    For example, I have a sleek sci-fi Miele wall oven fairly close to a bulky pro-style range. If not for the 1990s black leatherette fridge between them, they might fight. :P

    (All ovens with electronics will have a fan going. The Miele isn't bad, but it's not nearly as quiet as the oven in the gas range which has no electronics to cool, or the 30-year old electric wall oven it replaced.)

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  • shead

    I had an Electrolux Icon double oven in my last house. It cost $3K five years ago. It had convection on both ovens and had the easy glide racks as standard which I absolutely LOVED. It was a very quiet oven, IMO. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one again.

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  • iamtiramisu
    We have an Electrolux double oven that we put in when we remodeled few months ago, so far so good. I don’t think it’s loud at all, you can tell when the fans are on to cool but it’s by no means loud or distracting. This kind of thing can be somewhat subjective though.
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  • NewEnglandgal

    Thanks for the information! This is my kitchen plan (with some changes being made, one being drawers under the cooktop) so you can see my refrigerator is far away from the double ovens so I didnt think handles would have to match...now I am thinking they should.

  • Michelle misses Sophie

    On that kitchen plan, it looks like your fridge is up against a wall to the right. Is that the case? If so, be aware you will be unable to open the right door far enough. At minimum you'll need a filler panel to the right of the fridge.

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  • iamtiramisu
    Our layout is almost the same except our sink (single basin) is under the window and the fridge isn’t against a wall. We wanted a clear open space for prep and entertaining and didn’t want to have to worry if dishes weren’t dried and put away immediately. Your fridge and ovens are a pretty decent space apart, I wouldn’t worry about being matchy with the handles - but maybe it’s just me since we didn’t worry. Everything is stainless so my feeling is as long as the finish is the same no one is really going to notice handles are different unless they are looking for it. No one has come into the new space and said “omg the handles on your LG fridge and the Electrolux ovens are different. Eewww.” No one will notice unless you point it out.
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  • NewEnglandgal

    Michelle there is a filler piece between the wall and fridge so the door can open no problem.

    iamtiramisu Thanks for the thoughts. It is just the two of us and we rarely entertain except when my kids come (not what I call entertaining lol). Not many dishes and I am type a with clutter so dishes get done immediately.

  • waverly6

    On your kitchen plan, You have to turn your head to look at the one appliance if you are standing in front of the other. You are never going to have the 2 handles in the same plane of vision. I wouldn't worry. Secondly, in my kitchen, (finished many years ago) not only do I have different handles on just about every appliance. I have 2 different kinds of handles on my cabinets. One is the stainless bar pull and the other is artisan crafted copper organic shaped handles which flow around the kitchen in a wave pattern. (hard to adequately describe) My kitchen won 2nd place in the NKBA kitchen competition the year after it was finished and has been featured in magazines and on TV. Maybe because my kitchen is so eclectic, and includes a lot of art throughout, it works but I don't think you need to worry.

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  • cpartist

    I don't understand what they were saying about the Bosch. My Bosch 500 is quiet and nothing blows out at me.

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  • cpartist

    so you can see my refrigerator is far away from the double ovens so I didnt think handles would have to match...now I am thinking they should.

    If you care more about looks then yes get matching handles and appliances but if you care more about function, stop worrying. The only people who worry about things like that are salesmen trying to sell you a package because they get bonuses for selling packages.

    In my condo, I had a Samsung fridge, a KA dishwasher, a Sharp MW and a Bosch oven. Guess what? NOT ONE PERSON NOTICED THAT THE HANDLES WERE ALL DIFFERENT.

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  • ccwatters

    Don't overthink the handles. It's a bonus if they happen to match, but getting a good-performing, reliable appliance is more important than the look of handles....plus I promise you will never notice it again once you are in the kitchen using it and past the design-stage of it.

    Looks like it's going to be a beautiful kitchen! Do you have additional pantry-storage elsewhere?

    PS - Hope you won that Powerball :))

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  • NewEnglandgal

    Waverly I cannot picture your kitchen but I bet it was really cool and interesting.

    CP Maybe they are just talking about the Bosch 800?

    ccwatters I did not win Powerball. Hrrmmpp.

    The cabinet on the end by the oven (facing out) will be a smaller pantry for most used items and another actual pantry closet around the corner (by the ovens). There is a doorway next to the small pantry that goes out to the mudroom, laundry room, garage and an entryway. In the entry way hall is a big closet that will be my pantry.

  • dadoes

    As my dad would say "if anyone notices that [something like appliance handles not matching} they're looking too hard."

    They had mismatched colors and brands for years and no one ever ran away in disgust during family/holiday gatherings at their house, LOL.

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  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    my kitchen is a mix... bosch, kichen aid, and Samsung. buy what you feel good about.
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  • mom2sulu


    Just wondering if they have changed the Bosch ovens as mine are a few years older than yours? I have the 800 series and while they don't blow air into your face directly, they are definitely loud and emit heat into the room when baking for long periods of time.

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  • NewEnglandgal

    mom2sulu I believe this was the complaint about the 800 series and CP has the 500 series.

    Pretty sure I am going to get the KA...or the Electrolux. I heard Bosch refrigerators were expensive to fix, that parts were expensive. I realize there is so much more to this than looks and size.

  • Pinebaron

    Except when the hood is on max, every applliance in our kitchen Is extremely quiet and that includes two dishwashers, and even though we went with a combination of brands, their handles and looks all match, and also match our pulls.

    Now back to OP’s question, our JennAir double wall microwave and oven combo JMW3430DP (Pro Style Euro Handles) is very quiet and love its completion jingle, else we’d not even notice it was on. It is super fast and took us a few days to get used to how fast the main oven heats. Even the microwave is a full oven with broil capability etc. Our JennAir range also has two ovens.

    DW loves cooking and she compliments the kitchen every time she cooks; that’s huge for me.

    For us, it was imperitive every appliance be super quiet, else, due to the size of this house and hard floors throughout, even the slightest of sounds seem to amplify. As everyone should too, we did a tremendous amount of research into reliability, function, features and aesthetics of everything we bought. Below is a pic, you can see the double wall oven on the far right; the cabinet also has a JennAir warming drawer on the bottom.

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