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What’s your favorite off-white paint?

Jennifer Svensson
February 17, 2019

We are looking to repaint our interior walls an off-white color. So many choices. What’s your favorite? We dont have a lot of natural light but big windows and they seem to reflect a very slight green tone to the walls due to the greenery outside.


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  • w0lley32

    My favourite off-whites are BM White Heron, Chantilly Lace or Oxford White.

  • jen ukutegbe
    Just painted main living/dining/kitchen Magnolia Home ‘Shiplap’. It’s a warm white.
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  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Could you post some photos inside please. I would want to see sone furniture, flooring and lighting. Then I can help you with a white.
  • Bunny

    "Off white" is widely open to interpretation, but mine is SW Antique White.

  • Jennifer Svensson

    @flo mangan thanks. I don’t have any furniture yet. We lost all in Hurricane Harvey. But kitchen cabs are as shown below, but all walnut apart from horizontal wall cabs that will be high gloss ivory. Will use a white countertop, maybe Cambria Britannica. Floor sample below as well. Its an oak floor, 6” wide. porcelanosa Tortona palazzo. It’s an open space between kitchen/living/dining/entry.

    Another dilemma I have here:


  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    We lived through Harvey too so I surely appreciate your struggle. We didn't have any damage so we were lucky. 1/2 mile away they were hit with that tornedo. They are still recovering too. Takes sooooo long. OK, back to your question. You will have to do samples or better yet purchase samples from samplize.com, because the various whites are going to be hard to figure out. I suspect you will need something pretty white but not too stark. I would start with samples for BM Chantilly Lace. It has an LRV of 90, so quite reflective, but in the GY Hue family so could work well with your wood choices. Another alternative is BM Simply White OC-117. It too has an LRV of 90, but it has more Chroma so will be slightly different from Chantilly Lace and it is in the Yellow Hue family. The last suggestion (so you have a spectrum to choose from) is SW 7042 Shoji White. It has a LRV of 74, so it will come over slightly warmer and that could work well and it has a Chroma of .84 so a bit more depth of tone. I would start with those 3 and see where that takes you. Hope that helps. The kitchen on your other thread is looking really nice, so hang I there. The end is in sight!!

  • Jennifer Svensson

    Thank you! Yes, it’s finally coming together- I’m so so exhausted. And excited!! Thank you for your suggestions- I will do just that, try some samples. I think you’re right in the money- I like it fairly bright but not stark. Before we had SW Zurich white in the kitchen and we liked that one, but could go a little brighter. We now have SW pure white and I hate it. I looks like watery skim milk. Would it be best to wait until the floor is in To try the samples? (It comes in from Spain in about 6 weeks)

    thanks again!

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    I would definitely wait for flooring. But if you didn't like SW Pure White, then you probably will need to go with the more "reflective" and that would be Chantilly. The other two I mentioned will probably be too soft for your taste. You will get a lot of "creams and yellows" from the flooring and woods so perhaps that is why the Chantilly might be best. BM Super White (PM-1) has a .21 Chroma which means very little tint and an LRV of 87, so it is very reflective. You will just have to try in your light with your elements. That is really the only way to be sure. But those samples from samplize.com are fantastic. So much easier than buying sample pots, buying sample core foam boards and painting them, etc., then disposing of the leftover paint. When you can catch these on sale they are around $5 each. Bargain! They are pretty nice size too. They are about 12x12".

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  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    I have BM Simply White in my FR -- 3 of 4 walls with a dark brown floor. In this space it doesn't appear "off white", it reads as quite white -- in fact, the first time I walked into the room after it was painted it was a bit of a shock and seemed too white, I don't see the yellow -- but if I hold, say, a piece of typing paper up to it I can see that it isn't, and the yellow tone shows. I very much like it in this north facing room; it does exactly what I needed -- a light, bright, not cold atmosphere.

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  • tartanmeup

    I'm confused. OP is asking about off-whites and people are suggesting BM Chantilly Lace, Oxford White and SW Pure White? Those are all whites in my book. Off-white to me would be something like BM Bavarian Cream, Cloud White, Cloud Nine...

    But yes, Samplize! Alternatively, tester cans and inexpensive art canvases. :)

  • Jennifer Svensson

    @tartanmeup thank you for the suggestions. someone mentioned above that the term off white is understood differently by different people which is probably correct. And I’m really open to suggestions. I just want a pretty, rich, not too stark or yellowiah white.. :) easy! LOL.. I really appreciate everyone pitching in, it’s gives me a starting point! And I will def. check out samplize!

  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    "Lots of natural light” is coming from what direction?

    For instance West light:

    B.M. Patriotic White

  • Jennifer Svensson

    There’s not a lot of light, like in that the sun shines in And warms up the walls. There is light in the sense that we have a lot of large windows but for some reason I still find it dark and cool toned inside.. I think it has to do with how they build houses in Texas. Where I’m from, Sweden, we get a lot more direct sunlight into the homes brightening up the space.. anyhow, our windows are facing mainly south, west and north.

  • PRO
    MS Colours Inc

    Windmill white by fine paints of Europe

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  • zippity1

    i have some sw antique white also looks like butter on the walls my ceilings and walls that aren't antique white are sw windowpane with lots of white woodwork

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  • Jennifer Svensson

    Thank you for all the suggestions-I’m loving it!

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    BM Swiss coffee

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    Perhaps if you decide first if you want the white to have any hint of color, which, and how obvious to the eye -- since off whites can be slightly blue, green, yellow, orange, lavender, or gray.

    "Rich" to me usually implies a yellowish tint between cream and butter (natural colors). Behr Cottage White is a rich white, that works well with many other warm colors in my experience, but might be slightly stronger than you want.

  • Bunny

    zippity, my SW Antique White looks like sunshine.

    BM Cloud White is lovely. I have it on my kitchen cabinets.

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