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need help choosing perimeter countertops to match quartzite island

madonna regala
February 18, 2019
last modified: February 18, 2019

bought a slab of allure quartzite for our 9'x4' kitchen island. narrowed down choices on perimeter countertops to a very simple carrera white quartz or a quartzite one with a bit more design called namib sky. i really like the namib sky but thinking it might be a bit too busy with the allure or take away from the island. any thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated. this is the allure quartzite

and this is the namib sky quartzite

and this is the white carrera quartz

and this is the rendering of our kitchen layout to give an idea of the proximity of island and perimeter counters

Comments (27)

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I would do a very simple no pattern quartz for the perimeter IMO that island counter is very dark so keep the rest light maybe even white I hope the island cabinets are the same color as the rest.

    madonna regala thanked Patricia Colwell Consulting
  • madonna regala

    thank you for taking the time to reply. yes, all the cabinets are the same grey color include the island cabinets.

  • waverly6

    Ooooh! I love them together! They complement each other really well. It could have been too much but you nailed it here!

    madonna regala thanked waverly6
  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Hmmm - I like the drama... I would probably do the more dynamic one

    madonna regala thanked Debbi Washburn
  • rnonwheels

    have you decided on a backsplah material? What type of flooring? I am trying also to picture black countertops in soapstone?

    madonna regala thanked rnonwheels
  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    I would go for the drama. It works.

    madonna regala thanked Zalco/bring back Sophie!
  • luckyblueeye

    Your dark island top is amazing! Keep the perimeter simple and add more interest with back splash if needed.

    madonna regala thanked luckyblueeye
  • alanalinette
    Not even close - Namib sky! And please post pics when complete. Those two look like they’re made for each other.
    madonna regala thanked alanalinette
  • silken1

    I love that Namib Sky. I think it would be great so long as it and the island top are the show pieces and the back splash and everything else is pretty tame. Make sure you test pieces in your kitchen at different times of day along with the cabinet door.

    madonna regala thanked silken1
  • Dawn Martinez

    Love your slab for your island, it goes well with your cabinet color, and it should be the centerpiece of the kitchen. I like the idea of leathered granite in black or soapstone in black or very dark grey for the perimeter. I did a quartzite for my island in a light white color, I learned the hard way it acts and performs like marble, so it's not an easy surface - but it is beautiful. For countertops that require a lot of use, for cooking, prep, etc I wouldn't do a quartzite unless you simply don't care if they age interestingly, with etching, etc. White quartzite honed performs a bit better. So I'd stick to a better performing surface for perimeter workspace, something like Caeserstone (which I did in a color called granite).

    Hope this helps.

    (trying to upload photos for you, but having trouble)

    madonna regala thanked Dawn Martinez
  • cpartist

    As long as you keep the backsplash very quiet, I think you can absolutely mix the two. Skip the boring quartz.

    I did a quartzite for my island in a light white color, I learned the hard way it acts and performs like marble,

    Then it wasn't quartzite, it was marble. Real quartzite is harder than granite and it doesn't etch or stain. However lots of stone yards label marble as quartzite and that's what happened to you.

    For countertops that require a lot of use, for cooking, prep, etc I wouldn't do a quartzite unless you simply don't care if they age interestingly, with etching, etc

    As said, quartzite doesn't etc, stain, etc. Only marble does. I have quartzite and they perform beautifully. No etching. No staining. No scratching. Nothing.

    madonna regala thanked cpartist
  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Quartzite is stronger than granite- you need to test to ensure that is what you have, though.

    Love the quartzite. I would not do the quartz (but I almost never choose quartz, so I am biased against the material.)

    madonna regala thanked Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real
  • suzyq53

    The combo is too much for me.

    madonna regala thanked suzyq53
  • PRO
    Mint Design Studio
    I really like the namib sky with your dark quartz. As long as everything else in the kitchen is really simple it will be fine. Your floors and backsplash need to be simple, white tile and the flooring shouldn’t be busy.
    madonna regala thanked Mint Design Studio
  • Rachel Nye

    I would do all Namib (sp?) sky. It's like a beautiful piece of art and will be a real statement on the island also will bring a lot of light into the room. We love our quartzite we had installed, it's a workhorse.

    madonna regala thanked Rachel Nye
  • Rachel Nye
    oops saw that you already bought the darker island, is there enough for the perimeter?
  • Dawn Martinez

    cpartist, thanks. Yeah we have had a lot of issues with our stone, and it does act like marble. We were definitely told it was quartzite, so perhaps you're right and it was indeed marble; anything to make a sale I guess.

  • pgsd

    We're also looking at Allure quartzite and really like it. On the other hand, you might test your Namib Sky as, while beautiful, I wonder if it's actually marble or dolomite. Better to figure that out before deciding/buying/installing it.

    Check this out: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/3249032/experience-with-namibia-quartzite

    I LOVE the white/grey look but have found all marble-look white/grey "quartzite" (super white...) have failed the glass-scratch test so are actually dolomite/marble. I've found stone yards often mislabel their slabs so now test everything. Very disappointing as while that's the look I really want, I need something that doesn't etch.

    Let us know how it turns out!

    madonna regala thanked pgsd
  • Dawn Martinez

    pgsd, exactly the challenge I ran into with buying what I thought was white/grey quartzite. I think I was sold a type of dolomite. Very disappointing indeed.

  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Folks need to be careful when purchasing quartzite, dolomite, marble etc. To lump all these into one group or type of maintenance is a problem. Many people are buying quartzite these days... some are harder and more durable like granite while others are more like a marble. You must get a sample piece and test it...it is the only way you will know if it will withstand.

    Good luck!

  • sunfeather

    Would a lot of the Namib pattern be removed by cutouts for sink and cooktop? I'm not into busy countertops so I would choose the lighter one. - but I think the Namib looks nice if you want the dramatic look. It would be helpful to see what you've chosen for your floor and backsplash. Nice cabinet choice.

    madonna regala thanked sunfeather
  • madonna regala

    appreciate you all taking the time to reply. wish i could reply to each comment individually just after each comment but unfortunately doesn't look like i can do that.

    @rnonwheels -flooring will be luxury vinyl plank; considered black countertops but i really like how white really brightens and opens up a room

    @mint design studio -my flooring might be a bit busy, but i'm likely doing simple, white 3x9 (or larger) subway tile for backsplash

    @rachel nye -i might consider doing all namib sky if the stone yard would refund me for the allure slab i bought. although i bought it cuz i absolutely love it, so i'm leaning more towards keeping it. don't have enough to do perimeter counters. thanks for the pic -i love it. is it a calacatta or white volakas?

    @sunfeather -some of the larger chunks of grey looking clouds would probably end up being removed with cutouts for sink and cooktop. i'll see if i can post a pic of the flooring. likely doing a 3x9 or 3x12 subway tile for backsplash

    this is the flooring we are using:

    and possible backsplash:

  • Jora

    @ madonna - We just installed the same flooring you posted above in our kitchen and adjacent family room. Although our space (and flooring) was light originally, this particular flooring has really brightened the area.

    I also vote for namib sky (hands down) against your island countertop. They are MADE for one another.

    For those that say the perimeter should be kept simple, we need to remember that when the counters are installed no one will ever view them from above...something to keep in mind.

    madonna regala thanked Jora
  • waverly6

    Just to clarify my answer. I'm referring to the first 2 together. i fell in love with them so much I didn't even notice the last whatever it is you posted. That tells you everything right there.

    I may also be part of the 1% of the population who hasn't fallen under the spell of the "manufactured white quartzite" movement. Heresy, I know. I like natural products.I like real marble, quartzite, granite, wood. If you are going to put in something that looks like something else, why not just put in the real thing any way. The real thing has so much" life" and intrinsic beauty that just gives me pleasure every day. I have corian/caesarstone/whatever that the builders and previous owners put in and hate it every single day.

    madonna regala thanked waverly6
  • Rachel Nye
    our's were called Fantasy Gold/ white quartzite. Good luck please post pics when complete.
  • sunfeather

    I'm interested in seeing your cabinet knobs/pulls :-D. Your cabinets are similar to what we are putting in our master bath.

    madonna regala thanked sunfeather
  • madonna regala

    @jora -would love to see pix of your flooring

    @waverley66 -thanks for clarifying and i am seriously considering the namib sky mostly because i love the design, but i do also like that it is quartzite opposed to the other countertop i'm considering which is quartz, although i'm totally ok with that as it is what i originally decided i wanted my counters to be (not to try and look like any other natural product but because it was most durable and required least amount of maintenance)

    @rachel -i will post pics as soon as it's done.

    @sunfeather -i just spent the last 4 hours looking at cabinet/drawer pulls and knobs. thought i was gonna do the bin cups on the drawers and simple pulls on the cabinets. i have black stainless steel appliances so i've been on a mad hunt for black nickel or something similar for the hardware. so far i'm considering these, but having a hard time finding a brand that makes both styles in the same finish so i may need to just do a brushed or satin nickel or order samples and see if they match close enough.

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