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Aglaonema is sprouting flower buds that quicly die off

Hidde Strikwerda
February 18, 2019

Hello everyone,

As the title states my aglaonema is continually starting to sprout flower buds which then die off within 2 weeks. Afterwards new ones sprout and also quickly die off. I have added pictures.

Does anybody know what might be causing this behaviour and/or what it is signaling?

Kind regards,


Comments (6)

  • Karen S. (7b, NYC)

    I believe these are short lived blooms that don't last more than that. Sounds normal from what I've seen.

    Maybe consider changing the mix but why? That'll probably stop the blooming for a while. Sounds like your expecting something different. Perhaps you could say what you're hoping for.

  • Hidde Strikwerda

    Thanks for your comment Karen,

    I am happy to hear that you think this sounds normal. I actually was not sure what to expect, because I could not find any information on how the blooming of the aglaonema works. I just assumed it would be bad for the blooms to die off quickly, because it seemed to me, like that would be too short lived.

  • J Williams

    sounds sort of normal to me too.

  • Karen S. (7b, NYC)

    Glad you're relieved abt it Hidde, I realized afterward another point to make, which will be even more reassuring.

    These plants are foliage plants, grown for their patterned leaves which vary in pattern by variety, not for their bloom. Their larger family of Aroids, like Peace Lilies (Spathyphyllum) & Anthuriums have a similar style of a rather 'plain' style of bloom.
    See the similarity in the style of bloom of this Spath (Peace Lily)? Tho' these are grown for both, foliage & bloom.

    I seem to recall it's abt the same 2-3 weeks 'til the blooms get browning edges & start fading.

  • Hidde Strikwerda

    Thank you for the extra reassurence Karen :)

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