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Echeveria plant | mealy bugs and root rot

Andrew Sparacino
February 18, 2019
I just uprooted this Echeveria because I noticed the leaves starting at the base of the plant were all falling off and rotting. It looks like mealy bugs are all growing in the tightly packed leaves. Do you have any recommendations on how to deal with this issue? Specifically getting into those hard to reach spots of the plant where the bugs are infested? Also is the base of the plant rotted or just browning?

Any and all comments appreciated.

Thanks all!

Comments (2)

  • SoCal Stewart (San Diego, Ca Zone 10A/10B)

    For mealies in those tight spaces I use alcohol in a spray bottle. It’s the best way I’ve found to get into all of the nooks & crannies.

    Regarding the stem, it looks dead to me. Like maybe it rotted at some point. If that is the case there is no coming back from that. You can always behead it and treat the top part as a cutting to try and save your plant, or save as much as possible. Otherwise the whole thing will be a goner.

    There are lots of threads on this forum with advice on cuttings if you search.

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Tyler's correct - you have to cut that stem to fresh, non-dead tissue to save the plant. Cut, set aside, and then after a week or so, place onto fresh, porous soil and mist the cutting every few days.

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