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Marble shower issues?

February 21, 2019
Have any of you installed a marble tile shower? I am thinking of large marble tiles and am wondering about cleaning grout without damaging the marble. Any thoughts out there?

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  • job438

    Soft Scrub, water, dish detergent, soft brush and rinse well. I've never had a problem; however, if you have a glass enclosure, read the directions before using any other cleaners. Some can etch the marble. Even on the glass (hard water) I use the Soft Scrub mix with 0000 steel wool.

    These are not suggestions nor directions...just my satisfactory experiences after using my shower for 25 years. Oh, and by the way. the bleach pens work beautifully in tight corners.

  • karenlizzo
    Thank you so much for the great tips!
  • PRO
    Avanti Tile & Stone / Stonetech

    There are enough porcelain tiles that faithfully mimic marble that I do everything to discourage marble in a shower. It stains, it discolors and can be a nightmare. I don't like "callbacks."

  • Mrs Pete

    I'd also go with porcelain tiles with a granite look. They're so much easier to clean, and they'll save you a ton.

  • Nancy in Mich

    Go to the top of this page. Do a search for "Marble Shower" and choose "in Bathrooms." Spend a few hours reading about all the complaints we have seen in this forum over the years.
    Maybe there was a better quality of marble available 25 years ago than there is today?

  • PRO

    Your three best friends are: A VERY well ventilated bath, a squeegee, and a micro fiber towel, because a marble shower should be dried after each use

    After that, its PH neutral cleaners recommended for marble, a soft scrub brush, or a microfiber and a bit of elbow grease. Grout is a couple tbsp undyed dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and good old water, a soft brush, elbow grease and DRY.

    If you're short on commitment to a daily upkeep? Use a porcelain tile. Period.

  • karenlizzo
    Jan Moyer and others - thank you so much for the time and advice. I am particularly grateful for the description of my commitment level. While I might happily wipe down my own shower tiles, I have no desire to resent my husband’s failure to do so...so ceramic tile it is.
  • K Laurence

    Smart decision Karen.

  • PRO

    No law states the only pretty baths are marble. That said? It is quite safe on the counter top : )

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