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Living Room redesign -

Jean Dumond
February 21, 2019

Please help me refresh my living room - I will not change the color of the walls, I can change coffee tables, I can reupholster the sofas because they are in very good shape. Any idea on how to make the living room ready for magazine! carpet can go, I can add or remove furniture. Thanks

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  • jmm1837

    Well, I'm no pro but I'd probably think seriously about getting a bigger rug and new window treatments, reduce the number of cushions, and lower the art work a bit.

  • Susan Davis

    Floor lamp on one end of sofa. Cluster existing art work in a group over the sofa with pieces 5-12 inches above the sofa. Have two back cushions made for the sofa and love seat so they look comfy to sit in. Round glass cocktail table, and rug that covers the whole floor and allows the sofa and love to sit on the rug.....choose a modern theme that adds color and incorporates art colors, Bamboo roman shades in the window with neutral panels on either side of window.

    These are all items that can be found in a living room; see if you can find some inspiration pictures on Houzz that have a similar sofa set up and get inspiration from those pics......good luck.

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  • km kane
    Sorry but that wall color is terrible! Otherwise, bigger rug, plain blinds on the windows and better art and placement of art. I’d yes can afford to reupholster, you can afford to paint
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  • Jean Dumond

    @Kane : what color would you suggest? the whole house is the same color and if I change this color, I have to repaint the entire house, it's an open floor.

  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    Working with wall color as is: flip the sofa and loveseat and remove most of the pillows; put the little rug in the entry (and get rid of what is there now); purchase new, larger rug; find a large rectangular brass tray for ottoman; a brass lamp for the end table; new, larger art on the long wall.

    By changing out a few pieces, you are now working with the wall color. The choice of art will be the finishing touch.

    On either side of window, the large round sconce from Pottery Barn would look lovely.

  • groveraxle

    JudyG is right, but I would look for the art first and use that to inform the rug and rest of the accessories. You might be able to use the art you have, but it all needs to be rehung on the large wall over the sofa after you move it there.

    Also, replace the jabot on the window with regular floor to ceiling curtains.

  • apple_pie_order

    If you want it updated to a more current style but keep the sofas: Remove both floor vases, two decorative pillows from each sofa, the lamps, the throw, the rug, the art, and the curtain valence. Buy a large new rug that fits under the front legs of each sofa. Then pick out new lamps, new throw, and much larger new framed art.

    The wall color is currently out of fashion, so if you want magazine style, it's going to have to change.

  • groveraxle

    I wasn't able to switch your sofa and love seat but here are a couple of rules. Rug should be large enough to hold all front feet of the seating. Art should cover 2/3 - 3/4 the width of the sofa and hang 5 - 8" above.

    Please replace the vertical blinds on the window. Hang curtains on that wall and no art. There is not enough space for art on the window wall.

    Remove about half your pillows. At least remove the ones that prevent you from sitting on the sofas.

  • groveraxle

    BTW, what does magazine ready mean?

  • PRO
    Michelle Yorke Interior Design LLC

    We would definitely look for a bigger rug. Here is an idea from one of our designs that might help. Note the artwork, rug, side table, ottomans, coffee table, and lamp.

  • Jean Dumond

    This is what I came up with so far, please let me know if I am heading in the right direction. thanks

  • celerygirl

    I would turn wall art horizontally and get the same drapes on small window.

  • groveraxle

    Yes to what celerygirl just said, plus get rid of the frames on both sides of the window behind the couch. You don't have room for them there. Those vertical blinds really need to go.

  • plf12652
    And swap the sofa and loveseat....sofa is too big in front of those windows and loveseat too small for that wall.
  • groveraxle

    We suggest switching sofa and loveseat weeks ago, but I'm not sure that's the best arrangement since we haven't seen what's opposite the sofa. You could also try the loveseat across from the sofa, with the ottoman on the wall. Then take your three pieces of art and hang them in a grouping above the ottoman.

    If you could give us straight on shots from all directions, we could help you better, Jean.

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