SOS--Crafters? Diy-ers? Please-help needed with repair to ceramics..

March 2, 2019
last modified: March 2, 2019

Hi all you talented this happened :( It's the top to a Temple jar (you can see the base to the right)

I've superglued what I could (fortunately, the ceramic isn't too porous for this and it's holding well.)

I know it looks messy now, but I plan on filling the cracks and smoothing and painting...

Which brings me to the bit I need help with. Sadly, there's a big hole. I don't know where the piece is that fits here. We've look all over...

I need to fill this so I'll back it with something and then fill it, but I need something that will air dry...easy to work, can be sanded and shaped, etc.

Here's the mystery hole that needs patching..It's about 2 by 2...

I know you all are thinking it's not worth it, but so far it's cost me nothing to try.

If anyone has any ideas for the stuff I need, can you please let me know? Hopefully, I can pull this off..I know it looks cr@ppy now, but it will work... I think :)

Thanks so much in advance!

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