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Is anyone familiar with or used a Guardsman furniture protection plan?

March 5, 2019
I am buying a fabric couch and am wondering if this additional protection plan is worth it. From reading it they will come to your house if you get a stain on your couch and clean it.

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  • markliman
    It is good for five years and covers stains and accidental damage. I think that said it was $250 maybe a little more.
  • Mrs. S

    I'm sorry, I haven't heard of this plan. But I generally believe that this type of insurance/warranty service plan are generally money-wasters instead of money-savers.

    Instead of this, I recommend (depending on the cost of the sofa), using your own good sense to prepare for how long the sofa might last. Such as: choosing a fabric with a "W" designation instead of "S" (I believe that means cleanable with water-based cleaners instead of solvents); choosing a fabric that perhaps isn't a true solid, so that stains won't show so much (some fabrics appear to be gray, for example, but close actually have flecks of other colors); choose a fabric that has a very high Wyzenbeek double-rub number, so it will last.

    Be aware that stains are only ONE thing that could determine the eventual death of the sofa. Breakdown of cushions or frame, poor choices about depth and comfort of sofa, tears (puppies anyone?), and the ever-popular whatever-it-is that is "not covered under the warranty".

    We bought a custom huge sectional maybe 4-5 years ago. In a house full of teenagers (who do not always obey the rule about no food and drink in the TV room), and a lot of rambunctious dogs, the sofa fabric looks great! No visible stains, no rips. If something does spill on it, I would probably dab it all up, and maybe spray some Resolve on it. But I chose the fabric VERY wisely, after reading up on every attribute.

    Lastly, I'm going to point this out: after you contact the warranty person with a stain, and the stain has set there for a few days or a week, then what do you think that person knows about stain removal that you can't find out yourself on the internet with a couple searches? The trick with stains is to get them out right away before they become set. You need proper products on hand.

    So, I'm not an expert, but I would not spend money on this type of warranty.

  • Laura Mac

    I agree with Mrs. S. I purchased a stain protection from Jerome's, and it was a waste of extra $$$. I hate the couches, and I think my son and I react to the chemicals they use for stain protection. We both sit on it and itch and turn red. Not worth the extra cost or chemicals.

    Save money and buy a better quality couch (made in NC or USA), esp if it's one you will use daily.



  • markliman
    The couch I am buying has a performance fabric called crypton. I am buying it from Ethan Allen.So it's supposed to be easier to clean. The plan is to repair stains, rips, springs, etc. I don't think it is a a treatment they apply to the actual couch. Thanks for the comments. Sounds like I should save my $$$.
  • markliman
    The fabric on the couch I bought was a grade G.
  • Mrs. S

    I am pretty sure that the grade is just a pricing category, and may not correlate with toughness/stain resistance of fabric. Ask about the double-rubs and the cleaning designation for that fabric. Of course they have that information, and if they won't give it to you, that tells you what you need to know.

    They need to provide you with the stats on the fabric you are purchasing. Also, it's going to matter where you place this sofa. In front of a TV when you have kids and dogs (like my house), or in a little used master bedroom sitting area?

    My other comment is that there are many, many threads in this forum about what makes an excellent sofa. If this is a high dollar purchase for you, I'd read some of them. I have a personal opinion, based on my family's lifestyle, that a sofa doesn't need to last for decades and decades. Where I live, it is less expensive to buy a new, good-quality sofa, than to reupholster.

  • Jo
    I purchased this plan when we bought our new furniture for our family room. This was quite a few years ago. We do not usually buy these plans but decided to upon recommendation of the sales person. It is very comprehensive. We had an issue with one of the chairs - it got uncomfortable to sit on. They came out and fixed it and it has been fine all these years later. We decided to buy since we spend most of our time in our family room and our guests always seem to end up in this room. The salesperson told me that someone spilled red wine all over their leather couch and it was covered under this warranty. Hope this is helpful.
  • nhb22

    We have the Valspar Guardmans 5 Year Gold Complete Plan on two sofa's Total cost is $199. Although we have not used the plan, we are thinking of calling to have squeaky springs on both sofa's checked.

    The sofa's are made by Smith Brothers and we have had them 2 years. From now reading reviews, I think that it's going to be a hassle trying to use the Guardsman plan. We may just call Smith Brothers direct to see what they advise.

    We purchased the sofa's from Grand Home Furnishings (formally Grand Piano.) One good thing about the plan being purchased thru Grand. If after 5 Years of never making a claim, Grand will give us the $199 back in a store credit.

  • Nicole Fabiani
    We purchased with our new sofa. Well my son just sharpied our couch still waiting on guardsman to come and clean it. They will cover up to 30,000 in damages hopefully they come through and get the stain out.
  • markliman
    When reading reviews online (not on their website) they are not positive and seems like they find reasons to not cover damage.
  • tatts

    Why would you wait for Guardsman to come and clean the Sharpie off your couch? Just do it yourselves in a few minutes. Use isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip. Done. It's so simple that it boggles my mind that anyone would pay insurance for such a thing and wait for people to come clean a simple stain.

    They wouldn't be selling it if they weren't making a good profit on it--the profit that comes off the top and out of your pocket. The same goes for insurance from Best Buy, etc. Consumer Reports does not recommend such insurance.

  • Nicole Fabiani
    Because it’s a very expensive couch and if I make the stain worse they won’t replace my cushions!
  • markliman
    Nicole...how long did they say it would take before someone comes to clean it?
  • Nicole Fabiani
    Mark.. they have had the paperwork for just about a week I know they told us we had about 30 days to file a claim from the time of the incident. At this time they are processing it and unfortunately it’s processed in the order it’s received. I’ve been in touch with the store we purchased it from and they seem to be sure guardsman will take care of it without any issue. They cover up to 30,000 on damage from stains to rips, pet damage for 5 years. So it might be something that will give you piece of mind with your purchase.
  • Nicole Fabiani
    Mark.. they finally called later today to schedule cleaning so all in all it took them a week to get back to us not bad. We have used another company before which took almost 30 days
  • erinsean

    When we bought our leather furniture we were given a Guardsmen kit that contained leather cleaner, leather preserver, spot cleaner and a sponge. Didn't know they had a service...but rather DIY for free.

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