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Winter Madness, "seasonal thread" Part 4

The first day of winter is here! As we journey through winter and eagerly wait for Spring..lol

Please enjoy yourselves everyone by posting pics and having conversation...

I know winter can be blah but hopefully this thread can make a difference!

New thread! Have fun everyone!


Thanks everyone for making these seasonal threads possible with great posts and photos!

Thank you all!

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  • lkayetwvz5

    and Hansa

  • lkayetwvz5

    and Sir Thomas Lipton

  • vaporvac

    Jim, maybe you could just grow more Earthsong if it does well for you. One that has been rock solid for me is Pink Pet. I only bought because it was cheap at Menard's and when it flowered I realized I had three cuttings from somewhere of the same. Really a great rose, but, alas sadly lacking in the fragrance department. Can you grow any climbers on your fence. I could send you some New Dawn or Viking Queen. They are also stars. Fire Opal is also another winner with Pink and Red Drift. I put up with the others because these are so carefree.

    Well, I cleaned out my vesitbule and put all the potted non-dorant outside, sprayed them with oil and then moved my rooted cuttings out there as well. I'm leaving the pots for the duration, but will bring the cutting back in when the temps dip again.They all look so happy! Of course, we went from 73deg.Wed. to the 60s with tornado warnings all yesterday afternoon with amazing torrential rain that flooded my front yard! It was so warm, I opened the front doors to air things out. As I'm closing the kitchen door for the night I thought something was wrong with my vision as I saw something in the corner of my eye! A bird.... well it actually ended up being a bat. I tried to catch it and then thought it had gone out the window. I had opened. It hadn't and was dead this morning. It makes me so sad. It's been a long time since I've had one in the house and I wasn't expecting them back so soon. : ((

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    AAAAK! A bat in the house?! And, you tried to catch it?? Vapor, you're a brave soul. I'd have been outta there so fast, I'd have left a vapor trail. Then, I'd never go back in until someone could prove it was gone.

    Jim, have you been convinced to look into rugosas? Scabrosa has big single bright rosy blooms with vivid yellow stamens the bees love, makes hips the size of crab apples in the fall and hardy to z3. Roseraie de l'Hay is my current favorite because of the super strong perfume. It's hardy to z4.

    Vapor's suggestion is so good! An entire row of your best rose would be beautiful. I'm thinking of Pappau's long swaths of one variety.

    I hope Campfire does great for you. We cold zoners love the dependable Canadians. There are a lot of them.

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    I've had and love lkayes choices too. I also love Spinosissimas (Scots roses) too. Something has to work, Jim.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Those are beautiful roses, Ikaye. I love the way you have photographed Sir Thomas Lipton. It's a darn shame that things deteriorated for them. Do you still have the horrible Japanese beetles? That's one more scourge we don't have, and I am so thankful for this.

    Vapor, I'm sure you know that bats carry rabies, and we are advised around here to never touch or get near them, alive or dead. It concerns me that this bat was dead the next morning. I hope you wore gloves if you were forced to handle it. Sorry for being a Nanny about this--that's my job--ha.

    Jim, flowers suggestion of a row of your best rose is a great one. I did this at my previous home, and I thought of it as a short hedge. The rose I used was Royal Bonica, and I still grow one here. It's a sport of Bonica, and hardy as all get out. I've never had any canker on it, and it's green all winter, even the bad winters. Never an inch of dieback. It's clone parent is the famous rose, Bonica, and it's a little prettier that Royal Bonica, I think. It's used all over Europe as a landscape rose, but it's far more beautiful than a typical landscape rose. Royal Bonica is a medium pink while Bonica is lighter and has a little smaller blooms. They are both available from Hortico grafted on multiflora. In my previous home, my Royal Bonicas were grafted on Dr Huey, and the one I currently grow is from Hortico on multiflora. It's vigorous as all get out. I've never had a problem with Hortico roses over the years. You might try a few Drift roses. They are smaller, own root, and widely available. I recommend Apricot Drift (small for me), Peach Drift, a little larger, and Sweet Drift. Why did you dig up your Knock Outs? I thought they did so well for you and were lovely--at least one of them. It had such a long bloom season. Good luck--don't give up. I'm posting Apricot Drift and Royal Bonica pics below. Diane

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Great rose pics everyone! Thanks everyone for the advice! :-)

    Most Drift roses fail in our area...Some Carpet roses do well from what I see around here..

    I only dug out 2 Double Ko's to try something else in those areas...We still have 6 D. Ko's...Yep they do great but would like to try other colors ..lol...So instead of adding more roses which only leads to more troubles here, I cut back on the ones I had to try others...lol...When I said, roses do not do well here I meant...most roses other than D.ko's...Earthsong does well... MOTH does well but had DM last year...Even D' Ko's canes get cankered in our wet winter but they grow back fine and perform well....I Just get overwhelmed with bad insects and disease etc. etc. etc.at times...lol

  • vaporvac

    You guys are crackin' me up, but thanks for the concern!!! One of my friends actually runs a bat rescue and people call her from all over the country to resucue bats so I had discussed this with her prior. She won't let me in her house as she actually keeps some in an enclose area until they can be released! She also does the same with some sort of bird, but I think she's given that up and is even down to one bat. It's really cute. Now if it were a mouse or Ben, I'm not sure I could even sleep in my house! Yikes! . I didn't actually need to touch it either while trying to catch it or after it died. I plopped one of the soda tops I use for cuttings over it and slid a cardboard underneath and picked it up that way. My mistake was using a milk jug top and magazine the first go around which being soft allowed for a space for it to escape. I think it just wore itself out looking for escape over night and was hungry. They really need to eat alot to support their activity level... it's crazy. We have a bat device so we can hear them... it's really cool and they are all around us and we don't even realize. Hope I'm not freaking anyone out! : )

    Great ideas for Jim. I don't know if Moses reads this thread, but I recall him mentioning that he used to grow many Rugosas as well, so maybe he'll pipe in with his suggestions. Also, maybe start a thread on the subject. I just KNOW there are at least a couple of roses that would do great for you, but they may not be new varieties. Did your MOTH croak with the fungal disease? Many of my Weeks roses aren't looking so hot and got BS anyway. Violet's Pride looks to be tip hardy, at the moment. Let's hope Campfire works out for you.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Well done with the bat disposal, vapor, but who the heck is Ben, heheh? Are you talking to your phone again?

    I hope you give one of the Bonica's a try, Jim. They are tough roses. Diane

  • vaporvac

    The Michael Jackson song......

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    MOTH canes are also cankered from wet weather vaporvac but I'm mainly cutting it way back because it had Downy Mildew last year...Getting rid of those DM canes and sit back and see what it does..lol

    A Bat! lol

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Well, I know that bats are basically good guys, eating a gazillion harmful insects, but I just can't warm up to that face. Jim, I just checked and Bonica is also available from David Austin, Wayside Gardens, and Heirloom (at an inflated price--geez). You should check out the Google images of Bonica. Gorgeous.

    Vapor, who's Michael Jackson? Diane

  • jc_7a_MiddleTN

    Lol we found bats inside a huge industrial hvac facility at work and it cost $30,000 to get them removed!

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    Jc, too bad you didn't know Vaporvac was a bat whisperer. Bet she would have done the job for a few select rose bushes.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Michael Jackson Nanadoll....

  • vaporvac

    Ben, the movie? Soundtrack Jackson 5? You are not going to make me say the word are you Diane!? LOL! :-) yeah, that. Looks scary with those little teeth but my friend's little bat was so cute drinking out of the little Beaker bottle. I don't know that I would have remove the bats but I know someone who could have for a lot less than $30,000! She would have relocated them too.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    We have mostly non fragrant roses or roses with little to moderate scent...The more roses here or more fragrant roses invites Japanese Beetles...something I do not want on top of everything else...lol...We usually average 6-8 JB's per season which is low.. Last year we averaged about 40-50+ JB's so the numbers are slowly rising...I feel blessed for having low numbers of JB's over the years... But that could change in a instant...

    We also have Rose Midge which past 2 seasons have been milder in the backyard...Probably cause of all the rain we get now compared to other years... NOW for some reason, our Double Ko planted out front has a great Spring bloom but nothing after that because of Rose Midge...I'll play around with control this year but its getting real old...lol...

    Thrips, rose slugs, etc. etc.

    Wet conditions that cause cane canker on alot of roses...

    Severe fungal diseases...

    So adding a bunch of new roses is out of the question for us... LOL....I'd like to find a nice balance using just a few different colored roses! If that's possible...lol...

    I'll figure it out one way or another...lol....Its just when you think you have it figured out something comes along and upsets everything! lol...Like for 4- 5 years our Double KO canes came through winter fine... Now that our weather conditions have changed and got wetter that went out the window...lol...Black canes now! Makes you want to scream! lol

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    Are you ready to cry uncle on all the suggestions? Sorry, here's another one. Ping Lim roses are bullet proof and have won awards. I only have Calypso by a fortuitous mistake. It's a healthy continuous bloomer. A lot of Mr. Lim's roses look like your style. http://www.rosesbyping.com/the-roses

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    That looks like me (minus the beard) after deer have struck. I don't have any of your plagues, Jim, but I have critters like voles, the occasional gopher, and deeeer. I forgot we do have thrips. Everything loves to feed on roses, whether it is a microscopic fungus, or a big, old mangy deer. Roses just taste too darn good to every pest known. I wonder if you could just put gloves on and pop those few JBs you get. Do they hold still long enough to pinch them good? I did this with hundreds of blister beetles several years ago, and wiped out the entire infestation. It took some time and a relentlessness for a week or so, but I found the little popping sound quite enjoyable as the beetle met his just reward. They've never returned in any greater numbers than a couple of dozen, and some years there aren't any of these nasty beetles. They loved yellow flowers like calendula, but left the roses alone.

    Vapor and Jim, I'm just an old fogy pulling your leg about Michael Jackson. I remember watching Thriller, and seeing the previews for Ben (I didn't know The Jackson Five did the sound track). But to me, ancient of years, the best Rock ended around 1968. That will provoke arguments. Diane

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    There was rock after 1968?

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    A few days of 60's and even two that creeped into the 70's has spoiled me...lol...Today is 32 degrees and snowing... :-/ ...lol

    Thanks Flowers for the PIM Lim advice...I'll have to look into those....

    Oh Nanadoll if deer start invading me I'd be in a straight jacket...lol... Sorry you have that problem cause that's a very un-fun one to have...:-O

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Jim, that's a flattering photo of you--not. You find some weird stuff to post. Kind of livens things up around here. I'm sorry about the return of winter weather you're getting. I saw the hi-low predictions for Pittsburgh, and knew it was going to be colder for you. Yesterday, Stanley, ID, was the coldest spot in the nation with -20F. This is fairly common for the little mountain town. Our weather is pretty nice currently. Yesterday, I actually did some gardening chores-pulled back compost from the roses, added some fertilizer for acid loving plants, and scratched it in. First gardening chores I felt up to. What sent me inside after an hour was my aching back--I was working bent over with my "claw". I'm so flabby and out of shape from sitting around for months, that it's going to be a process getting up to speed. Today, I'm seeing my gardening friend, and we should hit a few stores with garden centers, plus Edwards Greenhouse.

    Have fun today, everyone. Diane

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    Yikes! We can all count our blessings we're not trying to grow roses in Stanley, Idaho! Their gardening season must be the shortest in the US. Diane, you have to do those low to the ground jobs in small increments for your back's sake. I'm so glad you have a day on the town with your gardening friend. I hope you stop for something chocolatey and decadent to keep your energy up for all that garden shopping.

    Jim, I feel for you, getting winter thrown back at you again. It'll happen here, too, in a few weeks. It always does. Today's 48˚F feels positively summery.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Flowers, I think I mentioned that my son in law's sister lives and works in a lodge in Stanley year round. She seems to love it, and wears Birkenstock's all year, too. I'm surprised she has any feet left. I'm sure no roses are grown in Stanley. The town is stunning in its setting near the base of the Sawtooth Mountains. Well, I got more fertilizer, Lily-Miller this time, and more gardening gloves. Edwards had all kinds of stuff I could have purchased, but no planting for me just yet. Their massive rose collection was on display. There were hundreds of peonies and clematis out and on sale. Their clematis collection is eyepopping in its size. My Quick Silver rose is being pampered and kept in a greenhouse for the roses already purchased. I won't pick it up until around the first week in May. By then, it will be probably be blooming. They had delphs ready to sell and thousands of other perennials. I was disappointed in the penstemon selection--all I could see were a zillion of this new penstemon that was coral in color. I do not want a coral penstemon. It sounds like things are warming up for you, and 48F should melt a lot of that snow you have. Tomorrow, i hope to continue the fertilizing. It's going to be gorgeous outside. I actually got too warm in my sweater today--the greenhouses were especially bad--so off it came. What a feeling to be in short sleeves and no coat or sweater. Diane

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    Ah, yes. I do remember you saying your s-i-l's sister lives in Stanley. I bet it is beautiful in it's own cold way. Not everyone likes to grow things, as hard as that is to believe.

    Edwards sounds like a gardener's candy store. I would love to have seen all those plants. They always look so neat at the beginning of the season. We don't have anything even close to that. There are a couple small, independent ones and a larger one that is horribly expensive. I don't know how they stay in business with their prices. Good penstemons must be hard to find. I see the same ones year after year here. Are they hard to grow from seed? Glad you got your fertilizer and rose food. Better than jewelry for people like us.

    Well, it's gotten up to 51˚. After being so cold, it feels uncomfortably warm.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Looks like colder weather for a few days then it warms back up into the 50's-60's...

    Looking at our extended weather forecast I'll probably chop our rose bushes to the ground this coming week sometime...chop chop...lol...All roses will be chopped to the ground except Earthsong...So actually a easy pruning season...lol...I'll put the rose canes into large trash cans and haul 2 blocks to dump...

    I ordered a Camp Fire Rose to be delivered mid May which is our rose planting time...It's a 3 gallon own root plant...big un...lol

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Diane, I feel your aches and pain. It has been in the upper sixties so I have been hitting it pretty hard.

    I spent waaayyy too much time dealing with the one neighbors trailing Vinca and the other neighbors ivy . What a pain!

    Today is another good day so I need to fertalize and Preen and more iweeding .

    I have a few more bulbs to plant and a couple of Columbine to plant. Yesterday after 3 hours I was so sore, it does take time to get back in to the groove.

    Oh yes, I spent a ton of time trying to dig out a type of lily. It is one with big white flowers

    Anyway, I filled 3. 5 gallon buckets with pieces of roots and bulbs

    But it will never be gone. There is no way to get all of the pieces of bulb out of there.

    Jim, If I had all of the issues with my roses that you have had I think I would bag it too. I hope that you can find at least one that works for you.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Well Kristine I'll be pruning entirely to ground this year...No stubs left like I got away with last year... But last year we had a great season in the backyard! So this year hopefully will be a good one! :-)

    I'd just like to find a couple more NON-KO roses that work well here no spray...I'm hoping Miracle on the Hudson rose comes back good this year after its Downy Mildew assult last year...MOTH has been a solid performer so I'm hoping its going to be ok...Earthsong rose has been solid also...I'm watching the neighbors "Sparkle and Shine" yellow rose to see how it does...I'd like to add a yellow since Julia Child rose failed...

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Jim, have you considered the Oso Easy Roses from Proven Winners? I just checked them out last night, and there is one (darn--can't remember the name) that is extra beautiful and gets top reviews. I'll go back to their website and get better info. Also, the rose At Last is one of theirs, I think. Weren't you going to get that one? I love the look of it. There are quite a few pics on HMF.

    Kristine, you are outshining me with your work habits. So many awful, neverending chores-- but you will prevail. I spent the day yesterday having fun with my friend, so today it will be back to work, but I'm not overdoing it. I'm waiting for it to warm up some, and I'll go out in an hour or so. I sympathize with you about neighbors' pest plants. Our biggest "pests" are THREE Colorado Blue Spruce trees approaching gigantic proportions that were planted near the property line by a previous neighbor. They block the sun, erase our view on one entire side, and are coming over with branches onto our property. They ruined my entire veggie garden space. The current neighbors don't seem to want to do anything about them, even though they've spent the entire last two years remodeling and re-landscaping to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars--yes, you read that right. And the noise and uproar connected to all that is a whole other story.

    On a more pleasant note, it should be a beautiful day, and I hope all of you day have a beautiful one, too. Diane

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    A glorious day for sure. I got in another 4 hours and I have made good progress, ON ONE BED! Ha ha ha

    I had my yard boy ( my linear husband ) helping me prune photinia and making a Carls Jr run

    Best kind of help.help.

    A few things got fertilized then I ran out of fertilizer and energy.

    Being light so late I may get in another hour later, after my nap.

    I work the next two days and Wed it is suppossed to rain so today I wanted to accomplish something.

    I hope everyone is having a stellar day whether enjoying the sun or cuddled up by the fire. Be well.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Oh, my goodness--4 hours!! I am so jealous, Kristine. It sounds like you got a lot accomplished. I improved to 1 hour and 15 minutes. I'm almost done with the granular fertilizer thing. Luckily, I kept buying the stuff, or I would have run out of fertilizer, too. I just got back from the Black Bear Diner. I went with my granddaughter, Clare. Rest of my family is in Bend, Or, for a four day mini vacation. Schools are on spring break. It was a gorgeous (still is) day here, too. Now to finish off the Sunday paper. What a rough life. Diane

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Jim, I forgot to mention that outstanding Oso Easy rose by Proven Winners is called Italian Ice. I may get one instead of any more Drift roses. There are lots of images on the PW website. I saw more photos of At Last rose on the PW website, too, and I love that one. Diane

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    I tried "AT LAST" rose last year Nanadoll but the plant turned black and died before it even got going! lol

    I post lots of photos on here so when I need them I can copy and paste to wherever...I just discovered that's USELESS now cause I can no longer copy and paste my pics...:-(

    I'll try a OSO Easyrose and a Ping Lim sometime...Thanks for the suggestions!

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    OSO nice of you to give OSO Easy roses a mention, Diane. I love my OSO Easy Strawberry Crush and OSO Easy Fragrant Spreader. They're indestructible.

    Kristine, when I spend 4 hours in the garden, 3 of them are sitting in a lawn chair and I'm still sore the next day.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Lol, I think I am on a mission to get the lions share done befoe we get the baby. Then it will be much less time to spend in the yard. But I am pooped and dreaming of a small bowl of ice cream, maybe not that small.

    Diane, you have had surgery. I think an hour and a half of yard work puts you in Warrior status. Don't over do it.

    Less yard work, more feet up eating ice cream.

  • Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

    Jim .. you may like the brindabella series I found . The owner of the nursery said they are like knockouts but with fragrance. They seem new to the market but maybe you’ll see them up north ?

    Give them a google !

    love hearing all the work getting done! Sooo exciting!! I hope Kristine if you are comfortable with sharing photos of the baby you will when she’s helping you in the garden !

    I planted 14 roses in pots and one clematis. Today my garden helper came to try and rip out my beloved flamenco rosita . It got the dreaded rrd :(. So many tears over that !! His John deer tractor couldn’t pull it out ! And his wheel got stuck spinning so now I need dirt and grass seed to repair the spot . He’ll come tomorrow to dig it out by hand . It was my best and biggest rose .

    Here’s my sweet pea on our walk today

    Cows in the hood , we just love them!

    Saw this on Instagram. Who can’t relate ?! Lol

  • dianela7bnorthal

    Diane, Kristine you all are kicking some major butt with your gardening already. I spent the day planting day lilies and my out of shape back needed some ibuprofen by the end of it, so I consider you both my heroes. I hope your weather stays warm and easy and you get some major blooms very soon.

    Jim sending my prayers for good warm weather your way.

    Flowers 50s sounds like a good day for your zone right now =). I hope you got your shorts on and started working on a sun tan. It was 60s here today and very sunny. I never burn being Cuban and all, but after being all winter pale I have a bit of a sun burn on my arms and back where my shirt didn’t cover me. ( good problems to have)

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    I went ahead and pruned all our roses to the ground today...Well all except Earthsong...

    Since there will not be any new growth until the next 10-14+ days I just went ahead and got started...lol...I'll cover new growth if needed in the future... I'll prune Earthsong at a later date....

    I found alot of white cocoons on our rose branches...Large white cocoons! Not sure whats in them so I'll just discard branches with the cocoons intact I guess...

    Today was 45 degrees but we had a nice sunny day! Next 2 days will be about the same...(40's)

    Thanks Lilyfinch! Great pics! Funny book...lol

  • Deborah (10a or 9b - Sunset 24)

    So good to find you all again! I've been so busy and then so tired...I hate to say "I've been busy." But it's true! No rest for the wicked. Thomas a Beckett will be first rose to bloom, I think. Seeing all the roses getting ready to put on a show makes me so happy. And impatient. I took some photos of my wildflowers today -- but the weeds are getting me down. I may have to mow and sacrifice the wildflowers -- I can't stomach the idea of letting all the weeds set seed.

    Diane -- I'm halfway through my first Flavia de Luce - thanks to you! I'd ordered it and got it for my Kindle in iPad/iPhone months ago. Today, while waiting for a food order, I pulled it open and started reading. And now I'm hooked. YOu are like a dealer..."eh...you like stories, kid?"

  • vaporvac

    Lilyfinch, when did you notice the RRD on Flamenco Rosita? : ( I hope you guys aren't working too hard. We've been at it over in my neck of the woods, but there always seems to be something unexpected that needs immediate attention. The potted roses that i already took outside seem really happy. )

  • dianela7bnorthal

    Wow Houzz is killing me. When I wrote my post Lylifinch's post wasn't there and now I logged in and saw it. Lilyfinch I am so sorry to hear about your Famenco rosita, it was a spectacular rose in your garden. I was not aware they could get it an any point in their life cycle?

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Sorry to hear about your rose Lilyfinch !

    Hello Deborah!

    Anybody hear from Carol or Cori Ann??? I sure miss them posting!

    Here's a pic of cocoon and canker...Found alot of these cocoons...

    Grass looks rough this time of the year...Had snow laying on it most of the season... April, May, rains and will green right up...

    Earthsong rose

    Piles of pruned out rose canes in background...Going to put them in garbage cans today and haul away this week sometime...

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Lily, your Flamenco Rosita !! Nooo!

    I am so sorry, what a loss.

    Here is Azalea

    We are still waiting to get her. The process takes soooo long

    Hopefully soon.

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    What a doll, Kristine! Good luck with everything.

  • vaporvac

    Lilyfinch, that's the sweetest picture and Azalea is gorgeous. Good thing it's roses we're talking here because few things would have a chance!

  • flowersaremusic z5 Inland NW

    Oooh, Kristine, I'd just want to sit and hold that precious baby all day. You grow 'em real pretty in your family. She's going to flourish and blossom in your care.

    Lilyfinch, I'm so, so sorry about your gorgeous Flamenco Rosita! On the brighter side, she's a very fast grower and it would have been hard to take that giant with you if you move.

    Jim, you're w-a-y ahead of me. I'm still completely covered in a foot+ of hard packed crusty snow. Most should melt this week, though.

    Dianela, my daughter said almost the same thing - are you and Dad out sunbathing? I told her we were laying out on our beach towels but had sunk about a foot in the snow soaking up those rays.

    Deborah, I'm sure you've already fallen in love with Flavia and will have to read the entire series. I was in a reading slump when Diane got me hooked again.

    I hope everyone of you are having a warm, sunny day. Spring is almost officially here.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    A foot of hard packed crusty snow flowersaremusic! yeeeeeee! Hope it melts soon!

  • Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

    Vapor .. the rrd was seen late winter . With all the leaves gone it was underneath some branches and seemed like it would have been hidden. It was only one branch , not terrible looking but recognizable . I wish I knew when it happened but no way to know! I will say all my potted cuttings were kept by my home , and flamenco is at the far corner of my 1.20 acres. I don’t want you to worry about contamination! Yours was shipped long before mine got rrd I would imagine.

    My neighbor came and hand dug it out for me today . God bless him for that! It looks like a missing tooth now.. well it’s just a big empty bed now . I really could redo the whole thing now ! Not sure what I’ll do . I already ordered another flamenco for it . But then I was thinking how nice that space would be for my white fancy chairs . Thinking thinking ..

    dianela .. rrd didn’t care how old the plant is or if it was the superstar of the garden ! Such a bummer !!

    Kristine .. baby azelea is absolutely beautiful!! How sweet . I hope it all works out for you . Thanks for the cute picture!!

    Flowers I hope you can get things done in the garden soon!

    Jim your yard is looking good ! Nice to see no snow !

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