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foundation problems?

Eymi Perez
March 9, 2019
How bad do you think this is? We bought the house 2 years ago, it had some cracks inside the house but the inspector said it wasn’t problems with the foundation, just that houses in texas tend to move with the time so We got those 3 cracks fixed and now two years later this is happening. From the inside the crowd molding is moving and I spotted a door with a line that appears to be cracking also I notice the crown molding moves when rains.
This is our first house, what should I do? Do I request an estimate from people to fix that or how can I contact someone that can tell me What is going on with the house without trying to make money out of my pity

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  • PRO
    GN Builders L.L.C

    It looks like you have a foundation movement/ footing settlement. Do you see any cracks in the basement floor right under or near where foundation cracks appear?

    I would call a structural engineer just to come out and evaluate and they will suggest the best repair remedy based on their determination.

    Good luck

  • Izzy Mn

    I doubt there is a basement. It's in Texas, probably a slab home. It does look like the corner has dropped almost missing slightly at ground level, the slab.

    The slabs always bothered me in Texas but never purchased home there. A friend had a slab home and the slab developed a crack from the front door, cracking ceramic tiles in entry and kitchen, through middle of home all the way to and through back patio. All I remember is them having to move out for a month for repair of slab and redo of some plumbing. Luckily only a few years old and it had a warranty that hadn't run out.

    Yours may just need a footing in that one corner. I would call a repair place that specializes in slab repair and ask for a estimate. May not be that much at the earlyish stage. Don't wait for it to get worse.

  • Eymi Perez
    Thank you so much for your comments. I’ll post here when the structural engineer tell me what is happening
  • Eymi Perez
    So The. Structural engineer said our house doesn’t have foundation problems. What happened is that our house dont have gutters and all the water is accumulating on one side of the house and that is why the house is starting to acumulate water under one side so we have to get gutters and drain a round the house. Im so glad it hasn’t affect the foundation that much
  • millworkman

    " Im so glad it hasn’t affect the foundation that much"

    Good news, just get the drainage and the gutters taken care of before that changes.

  • sdello

    the house may be on some expansive clays. when they get wet they swell and cause some movement which can cause some cracking. Those cracks don't look too serious. it's always good practice to drain ruff away from the house.

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