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What experience do you have using wall peel art?

March 9, 2019

I am interested in a large format piece of art for my (very small) laundry room. It will be on the wall opposite the entry and will be used to hide the small plate that covers the cable entry point as well as the very large electric panel. While I can get a framed piece, the cabinet doors on the 2 connecting walls will bump the art every time they're opened. The art site Great Big Canvas says " Wall peels are printed on a reusable vinyl with a special adhesive that sticks to walls without harming them." Do you know whether the peels will stick after removal multiple times when the electric panel has to be accessed?

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  • arcy_gw

    No way would I believe/trust that it is reusable. I have never seen it removed, have minimal experience applying it for MIL, at work. I am not even sure I believe it comes off paint clean w/o nicking the paint. Nothing about applying it makes me think it comes off cleanly.

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  • graywings123

    You also want your electrical panel to be available immediately when you need it.

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  • maddielee

    I wonder if the electric panel would ‘show through’ the material?

    I’m not sure if it was the same brand available now but a couple years ago we put a vinyl type decoration up in a friend’s hallway hoping to hide some cracks. Every bump and imperfection was highlighted.

    She ended up hanging a pretty banner/outdoor flag with the dowel at the top.

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  • alex9179

    Yes, the plate and panel will show through as a relief. What about a textile, similar to Maddielee's friend's solution? A rug or tapestry.

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  • arcy_gw

    How about a framed picture on hinges, just swing it open when needed?

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  • Joaniepoanie

    A simple wrapped canvas with no backing would also work...lightweight, easy to remove, available everywhere....Target, Home Goods, BBB, Wayfair.

    Watch out for Great Big Canvas' shipping charges.....total rip-off IMO......$50-$100 to ship a larger piece even if it's under 10lbs. How come Wayfair can ship end tables or a chest of drawers for free? I had a gift card from GBC I had to use but I really resented that $50 of it went towards shipping. I won't buy from them again until their shipping charges are free or at least reasonable.

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  • Delilah66

    The wrapped canvas is 1.5" thick, which results in bumping. I also have a theme and size requirements that haven't been met other than with the Great Big Canvas selection. With the wall peel the electric panel will be immediately available, so I'm not worried about that. I can do a test of its stickiness (too much/too little). I had not thought of whether it is thick enough to hide the panel outline. Hmmmm...I may have to resort to affixing lath (or my go-to: a wood yardstick) to the top (and bottom?) from which it could hang if the peel is too thin. The 35"x48" ships for free, so that's a plus.

    Here's the peel I'm considering to coordinate with a framed print and material that will hide the electric and water hookups:

    Thank you for all the help in identifying potential pitfalls.

  • sheesh

    Wall peels most definitely peel off easily leaving nothing behind, and are certainly reusable and repositionable. They look great on smooth walls, but the electric panel will definitely show through.

  • nosoccermom

    My only experience with "removable" wall decals, was that not only did it remove the paint but also took a lot of the drywall paper.

    Not sure how to fix this properly.... the patches are still visible after drywall joint compound and sanding, painting.

  • graywings123

    nosoccermom, 1) between the sanding and the painting, did you use a sealing primer to seal it?

    2) After sanding, did you close your eyes and run your hand over the patch to make sure it was smooth and you could not feel it? If you can feel it with your hand, you will see it.

  • nosoccermom

    Yes, I used primer after sanding. and yes, I still felt it with my hands, but was fed up after multiple compound, sanding, and repeat.

    Maybe next time. There are actually lots of spots/streaks where the paper came off the drywall.

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