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Empty Blank walls

March 10, 2019

Looking for ideas what to do with these two blank walls. Im struggling as they are right next to each other so the decor should be complementary. Any ideas is appreciated. The other two walls not shown are a bay window and a very small wall that opens to the foyer.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Choose art you love and no they do not have to”go” together.

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  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    the first thing that should happen in this formal sitting room is to put the chairs across from the sofa and bring the sofa off the back wall. It's disconnected right now and making it hard to see complete. also burn the fake tree. it looks very cheap in your space. then I would do a large piece on the back wall and two prints on the window wall.

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  • PRO
    Sabrina Alfin Interiors

    Do two groupings of framed prints. I'd do them in gold tone frames for that space. Botanicals or Audubon-style insect or animal illustrations are lovely.

    Green Floral Botanical Study Prints, Set of 6 Designed by Grace Feyock · More Info
    Dragonfly Print, Set of 2 · More Info

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  • Val B
    I may switch the location of the chairs and sofa, but it’s hard to tell without seeing pictures of all sides. Everything is pretty neutral, so you can start looking for whatever art you like. It took me a couple years to find something for the large,blank wall in my dining room.
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  • PRO
    Restoration Decor and Consulting

    Are you adding window treatments of any kind? If so, I would do that first. When you are ready to hang pictures on the wall, take a look at #2 on thisarticle about decorating mistakes to avoid for tips and suggestions. For the mechanical aspects of hanging things on wall, see "How to Hang Pictures (and other stuff) on your walls". I agree with changing the seating arrangement, although it would help if you posted photos of the rest of the room.

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  • okibujp

    Switch the sofa and two chairs. place one large piece of artwork above the chairs and a triptych above the sofa. Acessorize with a tray on top of the ottoman.

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  • celerygirl

    I would leave the sofa by the larger wall.

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  • celerygirl

    Yes okibujp ! Better solution is to eliminate fake tree, center chairs with side table with the wall.

  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC
    Put the chairs across from the sofa
  • nettyp

    Thanks everyone! Love the visuals you provided! I am going to do curtains but was waiting to see what I would do via artwork first. Also open to changing the furniture arrangement as that’s a easy fix. Interesting that no one suggested a mirror. Would a mirror on one of the walls be ok?

  • celerygirl

    I vote for no mirror. Nice idea to move chairs across from the sofa.

  • groveraxle

    Mirrors belong in bathrooms and bedrooms and maybe at entries. No mirror unless it will reflect something you want to see twice.

  • cpartist

    Chairs across from sofa and console table on wall with window with pictures above. Large art above sofa

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  • groveraxle

    I pulled your sofa out from the wall, added a sofa table and lamps, then a console on the other wall. Large canvas over the sofa, framed prints over the console. I couldn't turn your chairs, so I added one I had on hand. This puts everything closer to the ottoman and eliminates the waiting-room look.

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  • Delilah66

    Position your chairs as groveraxle shows but with a table/lamp between them. If you want to keep the ottoman it has to be closer to the sofa to make any sense. Otherwise, it's just something to walk around.

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  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    Thanks, grover!

  • decoenthusiaste

    Try this for the bay and just the shades for the single windows. The drapes can draw closed or simply stack as stationary panels outside the bay area. Pull the rug under the front 1/3 of the sofa. Bring the hassock within 18" or less of all the seating pieces. The chairs will look more inviting if angled with that round table and lamp between them. Add some floor lamps for better lighting.

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  • cpartist

    Grover nailed what I was trying to say.

  • PRO
    Poonam Choudhary Artist

    Maybe one of these original artworks would add some texture and contrast to your wall. Here are some ideas to ponder. Good luck and enjoy decor !

    To check more unique collections please visit my shop -


    new abstract art · More Info

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  • okibujp

    Celerygirl, great job. I like your rendition more than i do mine!!! :-)

  • celerygirl

    Your rendering is nice too, brought great idea! I also like Grover' one.

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