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Door color hell, thats where I'm at.

Becky Randall
March 12, 2019

we recently bought a fixer upper and I’m having more trouble with door color than anything else. I can’t change the exterior color of my house right now, but want to paint my front door. My sister in law is in school for interior design and she said to paint it teal. I love teal, I’m not sure about it on my house.

Somone please help me. I’m not good at this stuff. Here are some pictures of the siding color, brick color and some samples I have tested. The siding is corundum from Olympic its more blue, than gray

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  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    Colors like teal, a dark purple, dark orange, or a red would work well with your home.

  • PRO

    The style of the door does not match the house, so I'd consider replacing it.

    I like the brighter teal.

  • remodeling1840
    It’s a quart of paint! Paint it and in two weeks when you drive up to your new home, if the color doesn’t make you happy, get a different color of paint and try again! ( I do love the teal)
  • groveraxle

    Ima paint your door, but first, can you get a new one? Because that Victorian thing is all wrong for this house.

  • PRO
    Filipe Custom Woodwork

    I would change the windows to match the architecture of the house as well as the door.

    The color of the door in teal or red would be great as well.

    I like bright colors so for me I would do 2 & 5.

  • Becky Randall

    Thanks everyone. Windows and doors will be replaced eventually. Just trying to do some easy things on the outside while we do the remodel inside first.

  • cat_ky

    I love the teal on the door. Give it a try. If you dont like it, its easy to paint over.

  • Kathy

    I like a more grayed teal, something between #1 and #5.

  • pink_peony

    I like 1 or 3. However I am confused by where the gray blue siding is? Is the brick still this color or did you paint it the blue/gray?

  • Becky Randall

    It’s still this color. The wood around the door and the windows is the blue gray color. All under the entryway by the door is blue-gray.

  • pink_peony

    Do the windows fit the interior? Why would they put tiny windows inside a larger rounded window alcove? When you can afford it is it possible to put larger windows in that actually fit the windows framed size?

    and replace the door with a rounded one as well when you can.

    and get some new lights

    Sea Gull Lighting 2-Light Outdoor Lantern, Black · More Info

  • Becky Randall

    The windows don’t fit the opening. They are tiny. No idea why they built it that way. House was built in the 70’s, we just bought it recently. We will change all of that eventually.

  • pink_peony

    That explains a lot. Besides a few architects the rest of the them were smoking something during the 70's ROTFLMAO! A whole decade of homes that need to be revamped!

  • groveraxle

    I completely ignored the samples you painted. My bad. Here they are in order from 1 - 5:

    Becky Randall thanked groveraxle
  • Becky Randall

    Thanks. That helps. 2-3 looks really dark

  • PRO
    RES 3d Sketches

    I hope the Victorian oval in a Roman arch isn't going to keep me from sleeping tonight.

  • Kate R

    Love the first one! That will add some fun brightness.

  • Becky Randall

    I’m sorry my door and windows are driving everyone crazy. Lol

    What style door would be better? I can change that a lot easier than the windows.

  • J Williams

    My mom’s house has the same colour brick, chartreuse and really dark piney greens look good with that brick colour as well, black acessories also suit it. If you could get just about any plain door without an oval window, like a plain frosted glass without extra doo dads it would look 1000x better, or maybe one that has just a window at the top...

  • roccouple

    I like the red idea Or the brightest blue. When you get a new door it would look awesome if the door was arched also. or at least contained an arched window. I think an arch in the arch would be very eye catching

  • J Williams




    It’s difficult to find other similar homes via my search engine.

    Landscaping could go a long way to improving the look of the house, consider purple/bronze foliage and purple/blue and yellow/orange flowers. If you like a blue/yellow combo, look for blue and grey foliage plants like lavender, sedum, jumiper, donkey tail, butterfly bush, and lamb’s ears.

  • Becky Randall

    Yes. Thanks so much. We had 40 year old shrubs in front of the house. We pulled everything up and will be adding new landscaping in a few weeks. It looked horrible and was really outgrown.

  • cat_ky

    The door doesnt bother me, although, I think there are better options for your house. I doubt that one is the original door. When was your house built? Those oval doors were very popular in the 90's and everyone seemed to want them. My son bought a house a year ago with 2 of them. He had them replaced immediately, although, I probably wouldnt have changed them out. I do like your windows. They seem to fit the style of your house.

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    I wonder if the brick could be powerwashed, and if that would change the appearance of its color.

  • jerzeegirl

    I think the Blueprint color that Kathy posted would look nice. Teal is not the right color - too tropical.

  • suedonim75

    I'm sure the original windows were arched and down the line someone decided to use those windows and fill in the gaps with siding. You see it all the time on brick buildings and houses.

  • Becky Randall

    We have washed it with a pressure washer. We will probably paint it st some point. I have a lot to do on the inside before I start that though.

  • suedonim75

    The joys of a fixer-upper. I went through this too, the inside took higher priority, but the outside drove me insane.

  • Kim

    I like # 1.

    Becky Randall thanked Kim
  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    Of your choices, I do like #1 best. The others seem not right for the rest of the tones of the house. I also like the 1st and last 2 of the colors groveraxle suggested.

    Becky Randall thanked raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio
  • Kathleen Kirchoff
    I have that same brick color and we repainted our ugly chocolate brown with a sage green Valspar Green Tea Leaves. I picked a deep plum/eggplant for the door and shutters. Sounds crazy but it works well with my purple leafed plants. I think your #1 teal works best with your grey.
    You might consider color matching your brick with a creamy white to paint inside the arches around the windows. It would be a quick fix until you can afford real arched windows.
    Keep the brick unpainted and it will go with any color you pick for repainting.
    Becky Randall thanked Kathleen Kirchoff
  • Kathleen Kirchoff
    Pink peony you are so right about these vintage 70s fixer uppers. Chocolate faux marble and flower power mylar wall paper?
    But I cringe at all the neighbors painting good brick grey then adding rustic shutters to follow Joaana Gaines.
  • PRO
    Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

    Since the door is recessed a bit, I think a brighter color would be best--try red or orange!

  • pink_peony

    When the time comes black or wood will be your best bet With that brick. Which i know sounds boring but it will look sharp. When you replace the windows to the correct ones as well as the door rely on the architectural design more than the color like the shapes i posted above. Then landscape with large leafy green plants.

    Becky Randall thanked pink_peony
  • kulrn

    Have you thought about red or orange?

  • Becky Randall

    I have. The back door was a brick sorta color and we replaced it with a door with blinds in it. This is what it looked like.

  • Becky Randall

    Would this door look better?

    t’s cheap and simple. I could probably change that now. I can’t change the arch stuff at this time.

  • tatts

    If you are going to paint the door a bright color, paint the entire wall surrounding it the same color. A teal (or red or lime or puce or...) rectangular door with dark surround framed by a tan arch looks awful (like the current white. It all clashes--like the little rectangular windows in the arched openings.

    You need a new door, but not Craftsman style; that clashes as badly as the faux Victorian that's already there. You need plain, simple, subtle.

  • Becky Randall

    What about this one? I need something with a window to let in some light.

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    It would look better. But, see if there is an affordable door that runs a bit more modern (more like the orange door examples). Even with the arches, the house overall gives me something of a 1960s modern vibe. So something plain with square or rectangular window(s).

    ETA I was writing my post before your last showed. Hmm, I like the last door but I'm not sure about it. The way it echoes the arch is good but the other details not so much.

    Becky Randall thanked raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio
  • Becky Randall

    They don’t have anything like that. It’s 6 panels squares, oval like I have or craftsman type. Unfortunately.

  • J Williams

    Personally, I don’t mind the square window with panels, it’s simple at least. If you paint the whole door area one colour it might help too, I think someone mentioned that. The oval just looks awkward and wrong, you’ve already got all those arches happening.

  • Kim

    Becky, I don't think that door with a small window will add much light. The orange door I mentioned that we have is almost identical to the 2nd orange one posted by kulrn.

  • Becky Randall

    Thanks. I like the 3 windows better than the one rectangle window. But, I don’t want to get something all wrong. It’s very dark in the front of the house because of the little windows. The door we have now let’s in lots of light.

  • wsea

    Maybe paint the alcove a color similar to the brick and then paint the door a brighter color.

    Becky Randall thanked wsea
  • houssaon

    I love the color Kathy posted, close to your #3, but a bit brighter!

    Gutters will help keep the dirt from splashing up on your brick.

    Becky Randall thanked houssaon
  • hazelcraddock

    Not a Pro but as wsea suggested, painting the area around the door the color of the brick and painting the oval door (I like #1) will direct attention to the door. That gives you time to decide on a door replacement style. The front of the house looks a bit featureless. How would arched shutters in a softer grey look next to the windows? Or upright evergreens.

    Becky Randall thanked hazelcraddock

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