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What do I put over this sideboard in my foyer? Art? Mirror?

5 days ago

This just isn't looking good to me. The sideboard stays but the mirrors can go. What should I put over the sideboard? Should I do wallpaper behind whatever I put up? I want an entry with a bit of a wow factor. :) I know that the sideboard needs accessories too but not sure what to put there. Will also get a runner once I figure out what to do with the wall.

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  • Karen Rose
    Is there a reason you’re not centering it on the wall? Will the door not open? I love that piece, but yeah, the mirrors aren’t working. I think those mirrors would be better somewhere else, like a short wall at the end of a hallway, and hung vertically not horizontally. You could put a large mirror over it though. As for what to place on top, I always like a bowl or tray of some kind at the entry for people to put their keys in. My table is glass and chrome and has shelving, but just to give you an idea of the types of knick knack type items to put on an entry table. :)) A lamp is good too if you need some lighting, maybe even 1 on each side.
  • PRO
    Miranda White Studio

    I would go with a piece of art to bring in color to the space. Putting lamps on either side can add a symmetry that is pleasing to the eye.

  • chloebud

    I also like the idea of art there, and it needs to be lower than the mirrors.

  • groveraxle

    Center the sideboard between the door and the corner. Hang big art 5 - 8" above the sideboard. If you only want one lamp, you'll need to balance it with something else.

    If this is your dining room, your chandelier is going to be too high. It should end up about 32" above your table, a little higher if the ceilings are high. Speaking of tables, yours seems to be invisible...

  • 80sgirlatheart

    I was trying to make it such that the door didn't hit it when it opened. Maybe not such a good idea.

    This isn't the dining room. It is the foyer/entry. It leads int the dining area that is being used as a sitting room/piano room.

    Any suggestions for places for big art? Is Pier One or World Market any good? That way I can try and return if I don't like it.

  • Kathi Steele

    Art should really be something that speaks to you. An art show would be the best place. Pier One and World Market have run of the mill copies of stuff.

    What do you like? When you see a room that has art in it, what is your reaction? What picture or style do you like? Art does not have to "go" with decor because it is art!!!

    At worst, I would get a poster and frame it and see what you think.

    At best, find a local artist that does work that makes you smile when ever you see it. This will be in your entryway and you will see it every day. It needs to evoke a pleasing response. Something from Pier One or World Market will probably not do that.

    Also, there are stoppers you can put on the door hinges to keep them from flying open all the way.

  • groveraxle

    Ah, it's your foyer...which explains why the dining table is missing and the chandelier is so high. ;-)

    You might do better moving the sideboard into the dining room and getting a narrower console table to this spot.

  • jmm1837
    I'd put a big piece of art there. No wallpaper, no runner, and minimal stuff on the sideboard. Oh, and I think the art should be a bit lower than the mirror arrangement.
  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    Paint the interior side of the door black.

  • barebay57

    My eye has a problem with the mirrors having a large gap between them and the sideboard. If they were lowered or turned vertically, they would look better, I feel.

  • 80sgirlatheart

    @groveraxle-Where did you find the pieces you put in the picture? I think what you did looks great! We actually do not have a dining room. We just have a big kitchen table that we use. We wanted a big piece with a lot of storage in the entry. Maybe in retrospect, that wasn't such a good idea.

  • groveraxle

    80sgirl, the art is from art.com, the console table is from Crate & Barrel and the teal sideboard is from Anthropologie.

  • 80sgirlatheart

    @groveraxle- Going to keep our current sideboard. Any more suggestions for art pieces over the top? Think one big piece or a grouping of two or more would work? The room that is next to it has a lot of circle themes if that helps. TIA!

  • 80sgirlatheart

    @groveraxle- Where is the piece from that you have hanging from the ceiling in your first pic?

  • groveraxle

    80sgirl, do you mean the chandelier? That's called the Briggs, but it seems not to be available anymore. However, I have found a bunch of them on eBay, from China, naturally. They're not expensive pieces, but kind of a knock off of this very expensive light from DWR:

  • celerygirl

    Another idea beside a wall art is mirror. Entry is appropriate space for it. You also can go with nice mirror and side lamps or mirror and wall art.

  • 80sgirlatheart

    @celerygirl-Thanks for all of the ideas. I need to show my husband to see what he thinks. It is so helpful to see what things will look like before you buy/redo things. What program do you use to do this?

  • celerygirl

    i use Photoshop

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