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Any plants that almost glow, translucent? Very bright? Pic please)

5 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

Here is just one of mine and i don't even know the name of it! If you know please let me know)

This is a philodendron that will brighten any area. Love this one too.

Just a few bright colors for a colorful shelf)


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  • kcandmilo

    Just this one, Mike! I have a lovely lime and dark sansevieria too, but you know how that looks!


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  • Charline X

    The first one is Haworthia Cooperi.

    I have a few, too.

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  • nanzjade z5 MA
    SoCal, me too! He’s so darn cute especially with that awesome Haworthia hair, it even has highlighted streaks :)

    Mike, I love your little groot buddy! I’ll baby sit him anytime ;)
    Wowzers, look at your Hoya Lisa in bloom!!! What?!? (Mines not blooming) Ha I know it loves your greenhouse and you spoiling it, lol! I just watered mine today has some nice red new growth I should grab a pic, ok back with one. Hey what does it’s bloom smell like??
    Here’s a few of mine. I really love the transparency of the first haworthia. I hope they bring you some cheerfulness, hugs to you & your mom, talk soon.
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  • stupidlazydog

    Mike and nanzjade, love those Hoyas.

    Here's a variegated Euphorbia...

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  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    For succulent glow, (besides Haworthia cooperi) tough to beat Aeonium 'Jack Caitlin'.

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  • Meyermike

    Stupidlazydog, love that name.lol I'll bet you use to own one of them or still do, lol. What beautiful colors you have there,just about florescent. At first I thought it was a jade.

    Nancy, I forgot you had a Hoya Lisa. Wow, that is looking very nice. The flowers smell like a hint of chocolate and the spiced vanilla. I love this one. The colors are always changing and bright. Those same leaves are now a very dark burgundy. I will take a picture of it. Since this picture was taken, it has changed from the heat in there. I think I have a pup of that Aloe, no? I love it. Thank you and hugs right back at you. MOm lost her two best friends just a few days ago, my Aunt had a heart attack, I got real sick, and everyone has been quite sad lately, so thank you))) I have an even bigger groot coming real soon. lol

    SoCal, I got that or my mom. The only time she likes my plants or has anything to do with them is when they are in cute pots she can smile at. Crazy.

    Chris, yours,Nancy's and Charline sure do have plants that look almost see thru. I love them. I remember a member here posting one saying it wa sher favorite plant, and wanting one real bad.

    Charline, thank you very much.

    KC, absolutely stunning, what a nice set up. I am beginning to see you have a lot more plants than just citrus, ha. And those colors are so contrasting and bright. Very nice and thanks. I have a few Dracanea too, and in fact, the yellow one you have is one of my favorites. My Moms too. I bought her one. She loves it.

  • nanzjade z5 MA

    Mike, I think you know the nice young fellow that shared the H. Lisa with me, lol. Ohh nice! The flowers sound delicious, I hope mine blooms soon. I look forward to the new pic.

    Yes that's an aloe that I shared with you :) The var. momma aloe looks like she had a growth spurt from the sun getting stronger. Ohh another Groot?!? Ohh, I can't wait to see it!!

    I can't even imagine losing two close friends/family all at once, I'm so sorry and thinking of you & your family at this tough time. Perhaps you could plant a couple of trees in their memory? Hope you're feeling better now, crossing fingers for ya.

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  • ssk22 Ohio 5b

    Mike ,

    sorry about your loss.....hope you and your mom have better days ahead. Take care...


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  • kcandmilo

    Oh Mike, so sorry about your loss! I lost an aunt and two uncles this month, and it has made my dad so sad! Here are some cheery pics for you!

    My fringe flower that literally glows especially with the sun on it, and some protea that are fiery and luminous!


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  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    I just bought this beauty on clearance at Home Depot....$8! She’s beautiful and such vivid blooms!

    the way the sin was hitting makes the flowers look even brighter!

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  • Meyermike

    Laura, never in my life would I ever see anything like at my store.LUCKY you and it is bright and beautiful! I can't believe it. Those orchids in baskets like that go for more than 50 bucks on E-bay! Nice. Laura, is that dendrobium fragrant?

    KC, thank you so very much. I love how bright those colors stand out and never heard of a fringe tree that color. Just incredible. Thank you. Certainly cherry pics))))). So sorry about your loss too. It gets worst as we get older. Scary in fact. I'm grateful my mom is ok.

    Sharon, You are always so kind and knowing you all these years has been a blessing. Thank you.

    Nancy, I didn't realize it was that big when I did. WOW . You did such an amazing job. Those Hoya Lisa are quite expensive and yet worth every cent if one was to buy one. The fragrance is too die for. Thank you)

  • jenny_in_se_pa

    I have a variegated philo on a table near a reading lamp and I occasionally let it ramble a bit before gathering the vines back closer to the pot. lol

  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    Thanks so much Mike! I loved seeing yours and everyone’s photos. I just love all kinds of plants lol! That orchid was such a lucky find, I agree. It was marked $30, but for some reason they wanted them out. I ended up having to go back to HD for something else a few hours later and was determined to buy another one, but they were all gone! Probably for the best (for me anyways ;)

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  • stupidlazydog

    A couple of jades with the light shining through their leaves...

    And a Hoya I grew from a cutting from my mother's plant...

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  • Chris (6a in MA)

    This was from last summer. NOID echeveria‘s edges glow red with The backlightin.

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  • nanzjade z5 MA
    Mike, thank you) speaking of chocolate, here’s my new Oncidium in bloom it’s heavenly delicious. Hey did ya see some trees are budding? It’s a great sign, hopefully Spring will be here in a blink!!!! I need it yesterday bet you do too. Hope you’re well.
    Great pics everyone, they are lots of fun to see (through)!
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  • tropicofcancer (6b SW-PA)

    Jenny: I noticed you still have cassette tape player with shortwave radio. Hope it still works properly. I have one too and once in a while fire it up for fun. I also have a really old giant spool tape player. But my favorite is a Grundig FM/SW radio that I keep on my desk.

    In keeping with the subject of this post here is my raspberry ice bougie. Supposed to have a pink tinge at the edges but probably not bright enough on the window sill. One bract does have it.

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  • Meyermike

    Tropico, wow that is a nice looking like a delicate plant flowers. It's very nice. I have no idea what kind of plant this one is but I am looking that up. Ha

    Nancy, thank you, that means a lot~ ! I can't believe you still have some chocolate flowers flowering for you. I know it smells heavenly for sure. Look at the very bright and vivid colors of your other plants. Amazing. Love that tips on that new growth. beautiful.

    Chris, looks like your plant is on fire. That is so unusual. I'll bet you treasure that one for sure. Wait until it gets even bigger. And it's not even summer yet. Probably brighter than that with the intense sun.

    Stupidlazydog, you have quite a few nice plants up your sleeves! All kinds of stuff. You sure you don't have a greenhouse like I wish I had? lol Those are amazing and feel good plants to look at. I had NO idea you even had a variegated gollum. I see it there between all the others popping up lie flames. Thank you.

    Laura, you would not believe what I did once you posted that? lol And would you believe not an orchid to even look at? I hate my local HD. They never get anything in that would be unusual. There choise of succulents even is so limited. Limited selection of citrus and every other darn thing. You have a nice one there my friend. Just wow. I'll bet you are loving that one. I know it will be good in your hands for sure.)

  • tropicofcancer (6b SW-PA)

    Thanks Mike. It is a bougainvillia (bougie for short). It likes to climb like a vine but can be kept bushy and short. There are many hybrids and they are all pretty showy. Very common in the tropics.

    This is the most delicate flowering plant I have - powder puff - Calliandra tweedii. I will have to take a pic against the Sun to see how it looks like.

  • stupidlazydog

    Thanks, Mike. I do have a small greenhouse (8' x 13'), but these are in the house. The variegated gollum I got a couple of years ago. It's still really small, but if all goes well I should eventually have some cuttings to share. Here's a pic of it when I first got it...

    I'll take a current photo of it when I get home (up in VT now, going to ski tomorrow, yay!).

  • Meyermike

    Stupidlazydog, did you take your dog with you? I once saw an owner with his dogs on skis! That sounds like a blast. I use to snow board and ski up until I broke my heel 5 years ago. I miss it, especially when it was March when the snow was great and sun warm. Ugh. By the way, what a beautiful plant. It is perfect in shape and I wonder if it the same exact kind as what I have. Actually, I have two different kinds, maybe we can trade in a wile. I also owe Stush a cutting. It is so nice and great job growing that one))) So creamy looking. Have a blast upi there. Go for the back diamonds..Ha

    Tropico, that is a cutie. Look at that little hair, lol. I love it. I think that would look good on the top part of my pot the 'groot'..lol Nice. Thank you for the name of the other one too. I shall have to take a peek somewhere see if I can find a small one.))


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