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To update an early ‘90’s armoire or not.

Stephanie Wolfe
5 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

Hi lovely design folks,


are repurposing our old TV armoire. It now lives in our misty greenish grey master. There are white side tables and another dark dresser. i wonder if I should paint it chalk white and replace the hardware with brushed nickel or not. It is in perfect condition. It was uber cool back in the day but seems outdated now. But I also know that things come back so I don’t want to wreck it....

Id love to hear your thoughts


Comments (14)

  • woodteam5

    You have to ask yourself 'would you go out today and buy this piece for this location in your home?'

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  • partim

    If you have another dark dresser, I would leave it as it is.

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  • Fori

    It's fine as is (although the photo is too dark to be sure), but it would look great in white. Not chalk, though. Use a real enamel paint for a nice finish like on the trim and doors.

    Would you buy it today? Maybe not, but there is no shame in giving something a new purpose, and these TV armoires are easy to repurpose, especially when you have a good spot for them like you do.

    A nice piece of furniture is always a nice piece of furniture, and from what I can tell, yours isn't even out-of-date in style, just function.

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  • Stephanie Wolfe
    Thanks everyone. Yes we have a dark dresser from about the same time period. And yes I would buy a piece for this space. Maybe not this one if I were starting over but I’m glad we bought simple lines when we did purchase it. Perhaps just a change in hardware all around the room would give it all a more current feel.
  • tqtqtbw

    It looks like you could use the storage for books, media, or clothing with the right containers inside. You could paint the inside a nice color, maybe a green or white to tie with the room. I don't think they are coming back since TVs are getting bigger and flatter. We do have amoire that is part of of bedroom set that my husband uses for his folding clothes while I have the dresser.

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  • lyfia

    I think an armoire in a bedroom always has a place. I mean originally armories were used for wardrobes. I think it makes a great place to store extra linens such as blankets, extra pillows etc. in the space where the TV would go so very much functional for the bedroom too.

    As for the color. It certainly isn't tied to your bed/nightstands, but on the other hand I don't things need to match at all. If you feel you want to lighten it go ahead, but I also think if you have another dark piece that it works. Otherwise you may feel the other piece needs painting too.

  • Stephanie Wolfe

    Yes! Exactly. We are repurposing because of the new giant flat Tv and wall unit we are installing in the media room. I think they never go out of style, just maybe the finishes which is what I’m questioning.

  • woodteam5

    I think you have your answer, lol

    They are great for storage. I had one years ago that we retro fitted with a pull out bar (where the TV went) for dress shirts. Hubby loved it.

  • Fori

    I repurposed one as a puzzle and game cabinet for a while. It's amazing what you can fit in them. Then things changed and it's holding--get this--a TV, along with a bunch of console game accessories and still puzzles and games.

    I do have an antique armoire that I bought when I had no closets. I have a special fondness for case goods. I wish I liked salt spoons or something like that...

  • Helen

    I just remodeled and had my vintage bedroom suite refinished. Armoires were not invented to house television sets - they were intended as storage when homes weren't built with closets. When high fidelity stereo components became the 1950's high tech must have, my father repurposed a Chinese Art Deco chest to house the components - turntable; receiver and tuner for those who remember those :-).

    I would just leave it as is as it seems to fit well with the current mood of your bedroom.

    Depending on the interior configuration, you could add shelves at whatever height or heights makes the most sense. Convenient place for extra quilts and pillows.

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  • Stephanie Wolfe

    Thanks Helen...I am beginning to feel that keeping it as is works just fine for now. Yes they really are amazing pieces of furniture aren't they. And I remember well the turntable years... :)

  • litasart

    We have one and I am using it in our laundry room, for vases, batteries, light bulbs, etc. It really looks like it was made for this location.

    I think you should keep it dark.

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  • Fori

    I can't really see the hardware, but if you think new hardware might make it feel fresh for you, definitely go for it.

    Stephanie Wolfe thanked Fori
  • Bluebell66

    I think the black works with the other things in your room, so I would leave it as is. We also have a black armoire in our master, although it’s not as tall as yours. I have a small TV in it, and the rest of the space is used for spare bedding.

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