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Front Door color options

March 13, 2019
We are at the point in our build where it is time to decide on front door and garage door colors.
The main body of the house is SW Rainstorm.
Trim is white.
We are unsure what to do with the front door color....
stained wood? Painted red?

Would love to get some opinions....

*note, we cannot change any structural features.

Comments (16)

  • Missi Smith

    I think an apple green or yellow front door would look great!

  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    Hunter orange, so it is highly visible for anyone attempting to back out of the garages.

  • PRO

    Garage should be the same as the house - it’s not a feature. I think yellow might be nice. Your door is somewhat hidden - this will draw the eye to it as it should.

  • damiarain

    I like the apple green or yellow suggestion!

    Also, coral is a great color for a front door on a blue house

  • PRO
    Virgil Carter Fine Art

    Common question, but easy answer:

    1. Front door: a color and temperature which harmonizes with the siding color. Complementary colors, as well as analogous colors, are always harmonious. Thus with a warm blue siding, a complementary warm orange will always be harmonious.

    2. Garage doors: garage doors are seldom the most important element of a house, thus they should blend, not contrast, with the siding color. Thus make the garage doors match the siding color.

    Good luck with your project.

  • One Devoted Dame

    As others have suggested, I'd blend the garage with the main body of the house.

    For the entry, my first thought was, "Cranberry!" lol But what I'd do is, pick a color that plays well with some favorite flowering plants that grow best in your zone/soil.

  • functionthenlook

    My vote is yellow for the front door and the garage door the same color as the siding. The red also would look nice for the front door if you want to go with an American theme. You could do hanging basket on the porch of red and white flowers. Really red/white/blue homes look very nice.

  • nini804

    I’d do stained wood garage doors and front door.

  • cpartist

    Beautiful color. However I would paint the white gables so they don't stick out. Light colors on dark bring your attention to the lightest area and you really want the front door to be your focal point.

    I would also paint the garage doors the same color as the house so they recede.

    Here is your house with the gables painted the same blue.

    First rendering is with a yellow door

    Red door:

    Lime green door

  • Missi Smith

    I like CP’s renderings. My vote is still for the green! :)

  • jsnyder56
    Lots of choices but I vote yellow. I painted mine Benjamin Moore Hawthorne yellow & I love it.
  • CLC

    Another vote for Yellow!

  • PRO
    Filipe Custom Woodwork

    I love the apple green idea, the yellow, or the rain with blue undertones.

  • chicagoans

    I also love the apple green, as well as the coral. Since the door will be in shadow on the porch and since it looks like most of it is window rather than the surface you'll paint, I'd go bright!

    Test it out with a few of your top choices painted on wallboard and propped on the porch; take a look at different times of day.

    Lovely home and I think you can have some fun with the door color, incorporating it into plants and planters that lead the eye to your front door. Lovely home! The blue is stunning. (And I like cp's idea to paint the gables.)

  • wysmama
    Chicagoans- the front door was open on the earlier pic. Our front door looks like this...

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