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"Related Discussions" Popping up in the Middle of a Post???

Has this happened to anyone else? As I scroll down to read people's comments there's suddenly a pop-up of Related Discussions with about four items, with pictures, showing up in the middle of the screen. That is beyond irritating, and I hate that Houzz is doing this. Stop the weirdness already, people!!!!

Comments (22)

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Poor houzz. Makes one wonder if they know what they are doing. Doesn't seem so.

  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    Ingrid, I think you are using the Mozilla Firefox web browser.... I only get it on this... when I use other web browsers such as google chrome or microsoft edge, I do not see it...

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    I've been getting it too....and they are not even related to the topic I'm currently

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Its so annoying, I hate it! Why can't it be at the bottom or not at all? I kept accidently clicking on it at first because I mainly use my phone and everything is condensed. I'm on google chrome rn and I see it.

  • vaporvac

    Thank goodness, I only get it on my phone and that is after the latest Chrome update. I use Firefox for my laptops.

  • Perma n’ Posies/9A FL

    Yes, I’ve got it too on my phone and yes it is very annoying. Rather than making me want to browse other topics, it’s making me very aggravated with Houzz when I click on one of them by mistake.

  • stillanntn6b

    I have it here, on this thread, right after Malorena's comment: two, make that three things with "pop" (one needs color to pop and the others are problem with a popping noise and something about budgeting something. The fourth is a kitchen wall.

    I use Chrome on a PC.

    Earlier today I almost stopped reading because I hit the pictures on another thread and only when I saw the number of responses did I realize I had only read four.

    I wish I were computer savy and could do something equally irritating (untraceable, of course, ) to whoever thought they were improving Gardenweb.

  • stillanntn6b

    Oh, hell, the popups keyed on the word "Popping" in Ingrid's headline.

    Their artificial intelligence isn't.

  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    Strange how it's different experiences using the same browser... I'm on Chrome at the moment and not getting those interruptions, however the pages take some time to load lately I've noticed on chrome, about 10 seconds for each page to load, so I use other browsers usually...

  • Perma n’ Posies/9A FL

    The Cloud 10 thread was the funniest...it keyed in on “10” and has these random posts with the number 10 in them. Not very inpressive.

  • K S 8b Seattle

    Yeah, I agree that it is super annoying and not helpful. It makes me think I'm at the end of a thread, when there are actually still responses below. Not a great design move.

  • Dingo2001 - Z5 Chicagoland

    I’m on Safari on my iPad and I don’t see any of this stuff. Give it a try!

  • maryc_gwSoCA/USDA10

    it happens occasionally to me. When I first read this thread on my desktop, 'more discussions' was over on the right hand site where it usually is. But I just got a notice about a posting to an old thread and when I accessed the forum by clicking on the email link, it was inserted into the main thread a post or two down from the top.

    On the one hand, they annoyingly seem to have trouble with consistency across platforms. On the other hand, they could have total consistency with all the attributes we hate. Looking on the bright side, Mary

  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)
    I have not had that yet but I won't be surprised.
    I am encountering different experience. As I click in Houzz antique roses it won't take me there instead I end up in Houzz itself with decorations and home improvements threads. So in second try then I get roses....have anyone got that. I kept quite thinking that it is only me. It is auto customer click on chrome that I have that link. Antique roses and that is on my phone.

  • Sylvia Wendel

    I’m with Dingo2001. I use Safari on my iPad, and I get none of this.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    I get it all the time. At first I kept thinking there were no more comments and it was super annoying but now I just ignore it.

  • Paul Barden

    Yet another thing to hate about what Houzz has done to this community.

    I see this even though im currently using Safari on an iPad.

  • Dingo2001 - Z5 Chicagoland

    Check your settings. I'm on Chrome on my laptop now, still no weirdness. Enable your pop up blockers, etc.

  • debbym

    I've been getting it for a couple weeks on Chrome. Very annoying.

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    I'm on Firefox on my laptop and have my popup blocker on and am seeing it. I'll switch over to Chrome and see what happens.

    Edited: I couldn't get into this forum on Chrome. Additionally, when I went back to my usual Firefox and tried to post photos on the Home Decorating forum the pictures were nice and large until I submitted them and then they shrank down to less than half their size and put very wide spaces between the pictures. All this makes me want to scream!

  • seil zone 6b MI

    I use Opera on my laptop and I get them too. They're most annoying! At first I thought they were thread posts until I clicked on them and they took me all over the place. Now I just ignore them and scroll past them. Just another little gift from Houzz that nobody wants. They can't or never bother to fix the things that are broken but they can sure add new ones!

  • vaporvac

    I for one would just like to write on my phone without it being erased. I can only use voice recognition and as many times as I write them they never do anything about it except ask me to fill out satisfaction form.

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