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March 13, 2019

I'm posting this in the regular roses and mini roses section since Kordana pops up in both. And I've been reading a lot, but still wanted to start a topic.

I've picked up a couple pots of these from my local Meijer over the last few months as particularly attractive ones to me have shown up. I've never container grown roses before, and think it's time for questions and asking advice from folks around here....

Got one after Christmas during clearance- Poor thing was overdry and losing it's leaves, but the blooms were nice. A pair each of small bloom whites and reds.. I didn't know much better weeks ago, so I repotted it whole from it's 4" pot to a 8" pot to give it a chance to pop back before trying to break them up. I figured it would be better to just get it in a bigger pot with some better soil around the outside at least and nurse it a bit to get it back on it's feet before busting them apart and damaging the roots too. So far 3 of the 4 plants are showing some new growth and not so sad. Did I figure right there? Should I just leave it along for a while yet to let it bounce back more foliage wise and to see if the last one pops? Or just go for it now and bust them up and repot them all in their own pots?

A few weeks ago, I picked up a pair of pots- 4" pots again, 4 per pot. All the same color per pot- one pot is a soft yellow with pink at the bottom, and the other is a more light peachy.. Anywho, didn't think to mark them as different, and since they have bloomed and I can't tell anymore. One of the pots I have successfully transplanted each rose into it's own 5" pot for almost 2 weeks. All looking healthy and showing new growth. The other one... well, it kind of barfed after I got it home and I'm nursing that one along, not sure if I should repot it whole like I did with the Christmas one, or just break them up now, repot, and hope for the best.

Picked up another one a couple days ago- this time in a 6" pot. Had one lovely plant blooming, a huge old pink cabbage looking thing. Didn't care that a couple others weren't in bloom yet and just budding enough to tell it was a different color than pink... but I wanted that pink one bad. Today I repotted them. Turned out the 3 of the plants budding are going to be a big white bloom, and 2 plants that were kind of small and probably overshadowed by the bigger ones that I do hope may be a couple more of those pink ones. I repotted the blooming pink in the original 6" pot, and all the others into 5" pots. One little one with a single tiny white bloom had a tiny root structure too. I ended up using a stick and a wire to do a support to keep it up right while it grows in- should I snip it's bud now to make it want to establish more, or no? Same goes for the other pots. The lovely pinks are getting to their end of lovely blooming now too.

To my understanding, these roses can grow to be kind of dwarfish sized plants- keeping the same size blooms, but generally can get to be much bigger plants than these dainty things I got right now.

I live in a borderline zone 5/6 area on the lake in SW Michigan. And I have a nice 3 seasons porch that bumps up to high zone 6/borderline zone 7 conditions.

I've read one can garden grow them or not, needs 5-10 gal pots... or no, much less or more.. I kind of just want to grow them out for at least a year or two on/around my front porch in pots if I can before anything else. They are way too small to survive in my regular gardens even if they can be planted out there. Can I grow them for a while in pots, moving them around as needed, for a while till I'm OK with testing out a plant or two overwinter outside in the regular gardens? I'm willing to haul all them in and out between the porches too- and keep them little and on my windowsill.

In a couple weeks the three seasons porch temps will stabilize into overnight temps enough to move them off valuable indoor growing space that will be needed for other seedlings. In 4-6 weeks after that, nice enough outside that I can start taking them out to harden up for living on the porch during the summer along with some other houseplants.

So.. any advice out of the roses folks to help keep my little roses growing?

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