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No way to get into the discussions now from houzz.com?

March 13, 2019
last modified: March 14, 2019

I went to houzz.com to come here to GW like I always do through www.houzz.com. However it used to have a link to forums and they've now taken it down. Good going houzz as usual you're screwing things up. Now at the top your choices are only the following in bold:

Get Ideas

which takes you to pictures and the following list (note you can't click on the last two and to get to this you have to click on the Get Ideas at the top of the page instead of having the pull down menu:

Browse Photos

Shop Products

Read Guides

Find a Professional

Join a Discussion

Shop by Department

Which takes you to everything you can buy from houzz. (I will NEVER buy from overpriced houzz!)

Find Professionals

Meaning once again use our people who pay to be in our system

And finally: Sale

Meaning more things to buy.

Looks like GW is being phased out or made too difficult to find!

Comments (16)

  • Emily H

    Hi there, The top menu has indeed changed recently for some users. I believe it is still being tested.

    If you click Get Ideas, you should see the following menu. From there, you can click to the discussions page (or the editorial ideabooks, or take the link to gardenweb directly, etc)

  • cpartist

    Well once again you're now making extra steps to get into the discussion forums instead of making it easy. Why make an extra step even after you tried that a year ago and got flack for it?

    What is the purpose of making it harder? You just changed it 8 months or so ago and got a lot of pushback and now once again you're trying to make it harder for those of us who are ONLY INTERESTED IN GW?


  • saccharum

    I just type in www.houzz.com/discussions and it takes me right there.

    cpartist thanked saccharum
  • Kristin S

    I got the same menu update yesterday too, and I also find it to be a downgrade rather than upgrade. It seems Houzz is, more and more, focusing on promoting only the e-commerce side of its business. I really wish the site had chosen that path *before* buying and swallowing up GardenWeb.

    cpartist thanked Kristin S
  • beanish

    I just go straight to gardenweb.com

    cpartist thanked beanish
  • bpath Oh Sophie

    I can't stand all the changes, so I always start out IN a forum, and move around GardenWeb from there. Oh, and of course it is different on every device I use. I don't use the app.

    cpartist thanked bpath Oh Sophie
  • cpartist

    And now they have this awful RELATED DISCUSSIONS in the middle of the thread. How annoying. And all 4 of the "related discussions" have nothing to do with this thread!!!

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Exactly. I used to see them at the bottom of the thread, and there were pictures, but they were oooooollllllldddddd.

    cpartist thanked bpath Oh Sophie
  • Susan Davis

    I am so glad I found this site....I put a question to the forum about changes and got my head bitten off by someone name Toats? she told me to get a hobby.

    Thank you for the answers which I am slowly figuring out.....the old way was easier I think and more enjoyable......easy for me not to come to the forum......I suppose the forum was not making its profit so they are easing it out.....why?

  • artemis_ma

    I always come in through www.gardenweb.com/discussions/ Even when I recently needed to look up landscaping ideas for my landscaping contractor on Houzz, I entered via GardenWeb.

    I don't use the app. (I don't use the apps for most sites I visit, phone, kindle or otherwise, as I generally find those interfaces to be dummied down.)

  • sushipup1

    I have a lot of the forums bookmarked, and only use my computer to access the site. Honestly, I'm sure they would be perfectly happy to kill off GW, and only have "discussions" with lots of advertising.

  • Sheeisback GW

    Oh I see the pro deleted their comment. Probably a good idea from a business point of view. I was going to comment with ‘and the people here are the potential paying customers.‘

  • Karen S. (7b, NYC)

    I don't get the fuss over GW vs. Houzz, when as far as I can see, the content is the same. Same plant forums as on GW as I've always visited, I don't do any Houzz stuff, just look at Hot Topics.

  • Tilly Teabag

    Susan Davis, that sounds more like Tatts than Toats style of commenting. Eg here: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/1141620/i-need-a-reasonably-priced-dc-interior-designer-any-recommendations

    Are you sure?

    cpartist thanked Tilly Teabag
  • dsnine

    The related discussions blip in-line of the thread is annoying. I just keep this bookmarked, but it bothers me that houzz is shuffling this further into obscurity via menu options. Too many good forums are being trashed these days for media/image content, as though comments and pictures take the place of actual dialogue.

    bah humbug.

    cpartist thanked dsnine
  • tartanmeup

    This change is very annoying, Emily. Why is Houzz burying GW forums?

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